Reporter’s notebook: Returning to Hinkley, California, with Erin Brockovich

ABC News producers and crew detail remote production and managing the desert heat while finding creative ways to speak with residents in a town where most homes and buildings no longer exist.
0:08 | 06/07/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Reporter’s notebook: Returning to Hinkley, California, with Erin Brockovich
We are out on the edge of the Mojave and California. About two and a half hours outside of LA it's going to be somewhere near a hundred entries today. We're in Hinckley or good worries Hinckley. There was a strange quiet there were of course birds flying. But really nothing else. Still has beauty. But now it's so partially contaminated because chemical chromium six seeped into the water table. I was out here when I was hurting him. Sixty today were still. Talking about this and what's happening here continues to happen everywhere. Look at people who live around here didn't know is that the water they were drinking bathing and then letting their children play and was contaminated with the dangerous chemical. Chromium six. Each. Even. In those days Brockovich with the file clerk of the law firm who found herself piecing together the stories of residents who were sick Brockovich. It ended up helping them make the case against giant utility Pacific gas and electric. Who they claim to poison their water supplies and covered up for decades. PG Younis settled with the Heatley residents and 333. Million dollars. The largest such direct action lawsuit in history though the company never acknowledged making anyone's sex. To come back it's frustrating. Like happy memories here. Guy. Account is gone. People a disc flakes. This is an important story because at the end of the day it's about. Clean water. It's about taking care of people it's about corporate responsibility. Jim Martin your vote but it Gary. We contacted Aaron and decided to take a ride back taking things to really get a sense from close in. After that settlement what's happened the town of Hinckley. Just want yup you got. OK you know Aaron Brockovich comes with her own energy. There and. We're doing drone aerial right now Aaron driving. Rain world. My name Blake model and I'm the director of photography. Getting in rare moment of days. Be honest we don't want any other vehicles in the shot. I have been huge being investigated interviews for. 35 years electric. And the interview that we did with Roberta it's absolutely killing. I've had five stomach surgeries be a floor wrist surgeries and most of my daughter Santana. Hysterectomies fibromyalgia. My one daughter has lupus when my husband hadn't prostate cancer. And we all have asthma. I was really struck by Roberta walker kissed her courage. And the way she I think was the original sort of water warrior she's the one who initially reached out to. The law firm that Erin Brockovich worked weren't connecting the dots and how citizens were getting sick. We have his union thing issue. There is different cars made in out yeah. Roberta. Showed us where her house used to be the key Jeannie bought the house and bulldozer whole neighborhood. Nightmare is still that was still. It's amazing to see their pond. Has lasted for all of these heaters it's not like parents sort of did her thing in this community to help these people and then just moved on she is so still connected with. The residents who were still there and many of them moved to other places. We're outside all people. So we're putting your fill the driver's seat who. All other. A lot of lot of dirt. Farewell I think sort of the room. You had to bring everything would be completely self contained met him water food we've rented an ardent. That had been resting on board along with running water and power have a math. Life white. The nature of production and being in the field you're always going to be kind of on your colleagues and sometimes when I'm Susan train. Earlier it. We have an opportunity to meet and actually interview a long time resident by the name of penny harbor one of the interesting things that pennies shared with us was a sweet little dog rescue. May Mars. Because they're not thanked her. Since he Aaron. My best guess there's been this means the doors to move did come from the well water that chromium six this will also has abnormally high levels of arsenic and uranium and pitching inside response. So dementia does Mike turn corners save I have been reverse osmosis unit. Under my sinks. And or run it through distilling mission in. After we interviewed you we actually invited Erin. To join us and the two really found common ground of what they've both seen and experienced over the years. And it was actually quite poignant. We've spent the better part to. Three or four days now immersed in the story and it was just so hard to hear the stories. What these people who live there had endured. They're seems to BA com and scheme between the people that we've been in you hearing that not much has changed. I think about all the time when these changing people exchanged between lying on. On ability to destroy them because his. Gonna happen teens not used to anything happen to somebody close to you.

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{"duration":"0:08","description":"ABC News producers and crew detail remote production and managing the desert heat while finding creative ways to speak with residents in a town where most homes and buildings no longer exist.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"78139055","title":"Reporter’s notebook: Returning to Hinkley, California, with Erin Brockovich","url":"/2020/video/reporters-notebook-returning-hinkley-california-erin-brockovich-78139055"}