The New Help: Revenge

Tweeting your receipt and other modern ways servers get back at the served.
4:51 | 06/07/13

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Transcript for The New Help: Revenge
During most of tonight's program we've talked about the help. But now the final and juiciest chapter what happens when the help gets revenge. Once again here's -- want. Recently I went for a luncheon at Texas burger -- Just listen to what they said behind my back when the -- laser which. -- that is. Imagine a week old news -- servers socialists. I will have. The classic repeats of without all the good behavior like this and equipment and aren't a good lesson. Might become a thing of the possible no more finger clicking and you that's how much different it -- General -- staggering plastic -- and hopefully -- for extra hours. Sending year owned trade -- six times no more leaving a one point 5% at and giving -- When he was blue because these days you might be legit online by that -- The receipt is -- the arena of honest exchange of -- most animosity between the service. And necessary. And it -- and uploaded by that server for the world to see gators as zero tip and yes. You could stand to lose a few. Otis Parsons melody is -- who wrote I give god 10% what do you get eighteen. It's a server thinks that he or she can get revenge. -- customer they might not only be tempted to do it in the moment but -- to become a social media darling for having them. And finally after getting stiffed and insulted a Seattle bartender is turning to the relentless power of social media. But it cuts both ways often as servers used the receipt -- To vent some righteous frustration. -- -- this little love note left domino ordered. This guy's a jerk. Feel free to speak to. It becomes -- that there -- -- in -- web sites devoted to collecting these are loaded receipts could stand of the world as an hour. But this also gets malicious racist and -- right -- wrong sometimes the server is way way in the wrong. A Korean American customer about something he did not expect at a restaurant in Queens. A racial slur written on his receipt. These three LA ladies were labeled fat girls by their -- to -- -- -- -- Getting your walking papers isn't the only consequence the costs can be very high gin Lee was cold Ching Chong. On the CBS receipt that was my name lawyers and that involved and you -- -- for a million books. And new sense excessive it sounds excessive but since they're making 300 billion dollars a year a million dollars -- -- not that much. CBS told us in a statement while we believe this was an isolated incident that is not in keeping with our values we have reinforced with store employees are strict. Nondiscrimination policy. -- check been sacked best bought from a Texas burger joint holy -- the owner of that but must be lit bit. Or not parents compliment when ridiculously viral while at my front page Friday five -- -- -- interest while some of the other examples we've showed -- have been militias and under the tables. At the twisted rooted in Dallas didn't take place of punishment laser. I'd say is that. It is exactly the opposite situation to help here is encouraged instructed. To openly fight risque. Ego boosting remarks about customers. -- -- -- -- -- -- And turning. And tomorrow you can go and we used our hidden cameras to capture his customers almost reactions. To the -- -- didn't. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- This certainly have their fun with the Atlanta. Can receive received best hair. Can you get offended. That's about the sexiest person trying to -- them and how they think it's -- -- equipment. And even if a customer is offended this stuff doesn't given armadillos -- if -- -- -- twisters took place. The customer -- always right and the twisted route most people they seem to love it I yeah. You feel good today. Take away from -- retail but that again not from my -- then we'd Jew receipt against. -- -- -- Or come -- Getting -- and get bitten it but it.

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{"id":19352948,"title":"The New Help: Revenge","duration":"4:51","description":"Tweeting your receipt and other modern ways servers get back at the served.","url":"/2020/video/revenge--19352948","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}