Robin Williams' Hometown San Francisco Mourns

Part 5: Williams was an active presence around the California city, where "Mrs. Doubtfire" was filmed.
3:43 | 08/13/14

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Transcript for Robin Williams' Hometown San Francisco Mourns
And now we go to San Francisco. Robin Williams moved there as a teenager from Chicago and never left, calling the bay area his home. He honed his stand-up chops there and he was a friend to all, giving out money and candy bars with toothbrushes on Halloween. Cecilia Vega calls the bay area home, too and she's with the fans who have left so many flowers tonight. Reporter: David, good evening. I am standing outside that house made famous in the blockbuster, "Mrs. Doubtfire." People have been coming here to leave flowers, candles. You can see them on these famous stairs behind. This is a gathering spot for San Francisco to remember its favorite son. With the passing of robin Williams, the world lost a great com comic, entertainer, and icon. But for those who live here in San Francisco, the death of the actor, a local resident giants fan celebrity for the people, was more like losing a close friend. One of the greatest friends to this former mayor. San Francisco is made up of characters, and he was one of the best in every sense of the word, the most positive sense of the word. Reporter: As the bay area today mourns along with the rest of us, we are reminded, this was his city, his home, a refuge where he could be himself. While most stars of his ilk bask in the glow of Hollywood's white hot glare, robin retreated to the cool great city of love, mill valley just north of downtown San Francisco was his local neighborhood. Despite the blockbuster films and international recognition, there was no ego, no Mork or "Mrs. Doubtfire." Here he was just robin. He told a reporter once, I can go anywhere and no one cares. I grew up there. They just go, oh, it's you. Robin shopped here for years. I knew robin for, I don't know, 35-plus years. You did? Yeah. Friend? Friend. He was a brilliant guy and cool and generous and gave so much of himself. Reporter: At his local coffee hangout, we met Hillary, one of the last people to see him alive. He was actually in here on Sunday. He was someone that everyone in this community sort of thought of as their neighbor. He performed at the comedy club. He went to the bike store. I think everyone is in disbelief because you do feel like, I just saw him. Like, how can that be? Reporter: His impact resonated throughout the area, whether it was joking with local reporters at a bike race -- You're going to take part in the celebrity chase. I guess that's one mile? My expectations are one mile. Reporter: Or test zoo where this long time supporter even had a howler monkey named after him. This was robin's city and while they may have lost perhaps their greatest son, his impact, his legacy, is all around. Now, I grew up in San Francisco and I can tell you that robin Williams is a -- was a fixture in the bay area. I've seen him riding his bike all around town. He would pop into city hall unannounced and show up at comedy clubs unexpectedly. He was just a regular neighbor. And David, I can tell you tonight he is one we all very much miss. So true. Sounds like the same guy we all came to love in his roles. When we come back here tonight, the other breaking news, the loss of another

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{"duration":"3:43","description":"Part 5: Williams was an active presence around the California city, where \"Mrs. Doubtfire\" was filmed.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"24956268","title":"Robin Williams' Hometown San Francisco Mourns","url":"/2020/video/robin-williams-hometown-san-francisco-mourns-24956268"}