Rodney Alcala kills 12-year-old Robin Samsoe, his final murder: Part 7

Alcala spoke with Samsoe and was chased away by her friend and an adult nearby. Samsoe disappeared on a bike ride later that afternoon. A month later, Alcala was arrested for her killing.
7:58 | 01/09/21

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Transcript for Rodney Alcala kills 12-year-old Robin Samsoe, his final murder: Part 7
Offer ends January eleventh! In 1979 Rodney was living at his mother's house where he had a separate entrance, and perhaps he lived there because he didn't have to pay any rent. He had taken a lot of nude photos, and he would send these photos to New York and get paid for them. They would go into pornography magazines. That's what he did. Not only was Rodney on the lam for three years, 10 most wanted, 34 months in prison for tali, two and a half years in prison for a felony of giving drugs to a minor. He's out. He's free. He's on the prowl again. On June 20, 1979, Rodney Alcala leaves his mother's house and drives to Huntington Beach. And he starts in a place called sunset beach, which is a little bit north on the pacific coast highway. And he runs into a 17-year-old girl on roller skates named Lori Wertz. I was with my friend Patty, and we decided to go to sunset beach. And we were approached by Alcala. And he says, I'm a photographer. And, hey, if you could just, you know, skate this way, I'll take some photos. And I said, oh, that's okay, I'll just help him out. And there's a series of these photographs that are taken by Rodney Alcala. He was a formally trained photographer, which really played into his method of luring these women and young girls into vulnerable positions. It's my opinion with regard to Rodney that deviant behavior is always preceded by deviant fantasy. The taking the pictures, going around looking for little girls, sizing people up. It's a part of the constellation of the Rodney Alcala killing machine. The encounter with Lori Wertz is important for two different reasons. Number one, it shows that he's actually down in Huntington Beach that day, which he later denies. And it also shows that he's actively hunting for his next victim. He was asking me all kinds of questions like where I'm from, my name, my age. He tried really hard to get me in the car. He tried to get me in the car and leave my friend on the beach. She doesn't bite, won't get in his car. He started to drive away and I did see that he was driving toward Huntington Beach. Huntington Beach in 1979 in June was chockful of kids and sunbathers and rollerbladers and people walking on the boardwalks and just having fun. The vibe in Huntington Beach back in the '70s was pretty easygoing. You felt safe. Robin samsoe was a 12-year-old blonde, blue-eyed poster child for athleticism and healthy lifestyle. I am robin's older sister. We are two of four children, two boys and two girls. Robin was the baby of the family. Her brothers, sisters, mother all doted over robin. Always had a spirit about her. I mean, everybody that met her fell in love with her. Rodney Alcala winds up on the beach talking to Bridget wilvert and robin samsoe. When robin and I crossed 14th street is when I believe he spotted us. And what he's doing is say, hey, I'm a photographer. You're beautiful. You could be a model. How about you let me take pictures? And I was having none of it, I was like, no, no. And he reached out and put his hand on robin's leg. That's when I grabbed her and I said, like, no, this isn't So, one of the mom's comes over and was like, who are you? Why are you talking to them? And he scurries off like a cockroach. Robin had to be at a dance class at 4:00, so she and Bridget went back to Bridget's house. It was time for robin to be going. Because she needed to be in the ballet studio to answer phones. That was how she paid for her ballet. Robin was running late, so Bridget let her use her bike. Go get my bike. I said, and don't stop. It was very important to me to say that. He's in his car. He had maps to southern California. He had blacked-outindows. He had this rolling trap to try to get people in it. And then my house phone rang and it was one of robin's brothers and he said, is robin still with you? Has she left? Because she hasn't shown up to ballet. And there's not a sign of anything -- no bike, no person on the side of the road, nothing. Mom began to worry and still an hour or so later when robin still hadn't returned, she called the police to file a missing person's report. That was my mom's baby. And she -- my mom cried every day. Bridget was later introduced to a sketch artist to compile a composite of the individual they'd been talking to on the beach. And when I was done, I was like that's hichl him. That is him. It's Rodney Alcala. I mean, you look at that, and it is Rodney Alcala. Approximately 12 days after robin went missing, a park ranger in the Sierra madres at a location called chantry flats located some human remains. But she's been scavenged. And what that means is animals have eaten her. During their search of the area they also found a shoe that was identified as belonging to robin and a beach towel. And that's how they found this beautiful 12-year-old girl. I remember I was laying on the couch. And the doorbell rang. And I answered the door. And it was the police. They came in and they told us that they had found robin. And my mom broke down, as well as everybody else, my brothers and I. It was devastating. Her mother, you know, wanted to see her daughter's body. And they had to explain to her that there is no body. There's a skull, and there's bones. My mom just -- she was never the same. It's like her life just had this big empty hole and everybody else was just on the outside looking in. They arrest Rodney Alcala at his mother's house in Monterey park. After that, they obtained a search warrant for his mother's residence where he was living. They get inside Rodney Alcala's residence, and they see a receipt for a self-storage facility in the city of Seattle. So, in really good, heads-up police work, paperwork is not a part of the search warrant, so they cannot collect it. But it's in plain sight, so they write down the information. One of his sisters went to visit Alcala in jail and they started talking about the storage locker. And Rodney Alcala is overheard saying words to the effect of, well, it's good that they don't know about the storage locker. The cops actually overheard the conversation. And they get inside. And they find a treasure trove of evidence. And it breaks the case.

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{"duration":"7:58","description":"Alcala spoke with Samsoe and was chased away by her friend and an adult nearby. Samsoe disappeared on a bike ride later that afternoon. A month later, Alcala was arrested for her killing.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"75144584","title":"Rodney Alcala kills 12-year-old Robin Samsoe, his final murder: Part 7","url":"/2020/video/rodney-alcala-kills-12-year-robin-samsoe-final-75144584"}