Survivor of Murder-for-Hire Plot: 'I'm Scared Every Day'

While the woman who tried to have her killed is behind bars, Jennifer is still worried.
5:51 | 05/31/14

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Transcript for Survivor of Murder-for-Hire Plot: 'I'm Scared Every Day'
Reporter: Murder can be hard on a relationship. The plot to kill Jennifer, when her boyfriend's ex-girlfriend Nicole faccenda hired a hitman. That's hard to get past. You almost paid for this with your life, this guy's got to be some incredible guy. Is Howie like the best thing going? Howie's a good guy. He's a good father. He's very caring. You know, unfortunately he got involved with Nicole, and it all came down to this. Reporter: As it turns out, even from behind bars, Nicole may have gotten some of what she wanted. Howie and Jennifer? They're on the rocks. So, you and Howie are still together? We are working through things for our children, for us, for our families. So you can't say for sure whether there's a future or not? I'm not sure. We're working it out. And was it the death threat when you finally said, you know, I'm not sure this is gonna work? It was a lot of things. Too many things have happened. Yes. Yes. And now you feel like you can't erase it? I don't know. Reporter: But one thing Jennifer does not blame on Howie is the murder plot. Howie didn't do this. Howie didn't tell Nicole to hire somebody to kill his family. It was all her. And I can't hold Howie accountable for that. Reporter: Howie turned down our invitation to do an interview. But he told us in a phone call, he still loves Jennifer immensely and wants to stay with her forever. 100%, he told us. Jennifer, meanwhile, is still looking over her shoulder. There's a moment when they're in the car and they're talking about the ways they can kill you. Yes. And she says, "I don't care if she's in a horrible, horrible car accident." I wouldn't care if she was in a horrible, horrible car accident. Do those words still play out in your mind? All the time. All the time. Everywhere I go, I have to be worried or concerned that somebody is gonna drive me off the road. Or somebody is going to come to my door with a silencer, as she said she wanted to. I'm scared every day. Because you think she's still determined. Yes. I do. Reporter: And Jennifer says she has cause for concern. Nicole denies it, but agents say even after she was arrested, and in jail waiting for her trial, a cellmate informed them Nicole was plotting another hit on Jennifer. She even said at one point that she knew her life was over, and that now she was really determined to make sure that the victim didn't get to live. And she went as far as to make arrangements with her so the cellmate's husband's himself could, in fact, commit the murder. Reporter: And then our drive with the woman who was supposed to be killed. We reach the spot where that plot was hatched. The suburban New Jersey supermarket. It was a day like this, and she's sitting here in the parking lot plotting your murder. Coming here just makes me very emotional, upset. That this is where it all started, that my life was gonna end. And you've driven past this store before. I have. I have, yes. Never in your wildest imagination thinking there'd be a plot for your life here. No. And when you pulled in the parking lot? Just a lot of emotions. Just the thought that two and half years ago, almost, that I could not be here, that my children would be motherless. And this is where it all started. Reporter: For that undercover killer, the hitman we call Jose, the hits keep coming. You could be on a new case tomorrow. Yes, I can. Or today. Or today. Or after this. Who knows? Yeah, wherever the job takes me. And when you look back on that, that rookie case, are you relieved it's over? Yeah, I'm glad it's over. I mean, she, she got honestly what she deserves. Ten years. Ten years is a long time. But if she actually went through with the crime, you know, she could have gotten more. I want to go to the funeral. Do you think what could have happened if those two ATF agents didn't pull you over that day? I owe them. I owe them my life. So what would you say to them? They're standing right here. Oh, my god. Hi. What's going on? Hi. Thank you so much. I'm shaking right now. You doing okay? Reporter: Jennifer has had a lot of surprises through this ordeal. But we had arranged one last one. A much happier surprise. ATF agents Mike Alongi and Angela Mullins. Right there in that parking lot. They're the ones who pulled her over that day and saved her. Thank you so much, guys. Oh, my god. I just -- I wouldn't be here without the two of you. And I remember that day like it was yesterday. Oh, my god. Well, we're just happy that we could help out. Thank you. You're here. I am. As we stand here today, back on the supermarket parking lot, you're convinced these two saved your life? Yes, definitely. Definitely. We're so happy to hear that, because, you know, most of the time you -- you know, we take guns off the street and we go after criminal but, you know, to have someone standing right before you that, you know, lets you really feel like you did make the difference. Reporter: The murder for hire plot with an unexpected ending. A world of hurt. Ending with a hug. We're just glad that we were there to -- to help you. Thank you. Thank you. I can't thank you guys enough, really. You being here is the best thing. The best thing for us.

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{"id":23939630,"title":"Survivor of Murder-for-Hire Plot: 'I'm Scared Every Day'","duration":"5:51","description":"While the woman who tried to have her killed is behind bars, Jennifer is still worried.","url":"/2020/video/survivor-murder-hire-plot-im-scared-day-23939630","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}