Tracy Morgan Tells Barbara Walters What Star Jones Told Him in an Elevator

The comedian cracks wise -- and traces his path from drugs and drink to showbiz fame.
6:57 | 05/19/13

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Transcript for Tracy Morgan Tells Barbara Walters What Star Jones Told Him in an Elevator
By seven is comedian Tracy Morgan walked the house on the hit series 30 Rock. Center -- I saw me shaking up things as host of the billboard awards so get ready. It's time to turn away when -- -- is in the room. As I've recently found out. And he -- the wild -- and Jim Edmonds Tracey Morgan. If you're looking from -- and dignified he is not. -- yeah ruse for funding. The red carpet and on the road when he's -- -- his -- in the mood to have called excuse my French. We're back on stage doing standup comedy what shall I gotta get up on that -- in. Be doing something they haven't done I hope -- feels good to him home voice again. -- my voice not readings. -- someone else's lines what -- -- stays like that let people know where I come from. He comes from has made him a complex and more solemn than his fans and I suspect yeah. And born in the projects of New York City his life was anything but funny. Casey's father and Vietnam veteran. Pat on how to and addiction his mother struck out alone to raise -- and as far as siblings like he sensed it was not easy. Roanoke V nor had a tough but we managed we had we had a lot of love announced when did you dress now that you're finally -- -- hands keep the bullies -- mind my behind. And a third grade you know make them laugh and -- -- -- in an environment. -- -- -- Most people have a hundred dollars a little -- square garden -- see any Murphy so I was there Eddie Murphy so they will protect me but. Getting laughs didn't pay the bills and buy has only twenty Tracy was on welfare and raising three children. -- -- should be hit even turned to dealing drugs to make money. You -- I dragged there -- I was just doing what every other all the other kids -- -- -- we use and then he was -- -- your not a good time do not wasn't not wasn't I wasn't won a gold cross that line. Of murder and all the things that came with it. When he was 23 to Tracy decided to tissue comedy as a career the odds were against him -- -- high school drop out. You're on -- -- had three children to support. What made a guy and that situation think I can make money being funny. Martin -- was much inspiration. I'm and -- and riches and Jackie Gleason watching the honeymoon is and then on top and our Carol Burnett. How come you never made it talking pictures. -- me faces when she -- comedy and I loved it. Like much coming from you know -- he's doubt about it don't read if -- yeah. -- those things like that. That's funny things to -- Tyson's -- to things. From the Apollo I think there's a -- when Lawrence -- -- -- one that I got to find -- did some good -- to insert bullet. The fate of a lifetime. My name is Tracy Morgan an additional 2% of the Nightline in the name mark Christmas damaged. Does is -- Christmas -- How did you get through that -- We are terrified I was scared. I know the Minnesota white people in my life and Eric comes from the world flat when you get standout and a black marble back -- -- Def -- I come from uptown comedy club hall well what's the difference between doing. A black audience as a comedy routine and a white audience -- -- -- -- and funny is funny to me I'll kill if you green. He illicit -- that you understand the words that are coming out of my mouth you little. And -- thinking. George W. Bush. On Saturday Night Live patient became well known for his impressions of Mya Angelou as always you have events -- sweet -- -- woman in full bloom. That's yet oh -- And Mike Tyson finds time who always made fun of us on then yeah. Katic -- Chelsea today right -- Can wind turbines are great compliment at least three cents a and you did a wonderful impression -- -- -- yes I -- Star Jones now and. A new lawyer yes I am a lawyer Steve that's -- I think no kids and me. -- we all know I don't have mommy yeah. Among Obama Loria and I do not remember when -- and Obi -- also there is this sentence funny keep doing it. But the pressure on Saturday Night Live took its total. With the -- came partying and drinking. -- -- by the Tina Fey cast Tracy Morgan and that he brought. Has the outrageous and out of control character Tracy Jordan Donna. To embrace -- made for big collapse on screen but in real life case she's drinking problems was spiraling out of control. Ending his -- and marriage and destroying his life. So when you could on 30 Rock -- this fund names hanging. Don't -- -- -- first two years what was the wake up -- Tools and her family wife wanted to divorce put out corn down ten months. Wolf -- won't get it didn't go into rehab now and that's what discipline when I really. -- got up that morning and said what does -- -- adults and nine you don't think that are upset he is -- you attempted every day. We all. -- all around us went -- right. It's a fight that's led to a new life. Big news weeks and soon a new family. Tracy and his fiancee Megan F -- model expecting a baby girl this summit. What's it going to be like they're changing diapers after I'm anxious I'm excited about it she is going to be the most spoiled little princess you know it. -- bring -- forty foreigner. Can get I think that you would be this popular when you're a little scared that you had. Do you realize I interviewed by Barbara Walters yeah. Not only right that -- hey come on man this is this is also real to me now holds the billboard awards -- -- say this get out of here this. -- got no business in -- an interview Bob bottled water. -- -- There was a time and I thought that I would have no business interviewing someone like you I was doing very serious heads of state I didn't think -- -- and you -- -- thank you.

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{"duration":"6:57","description":"The comedian cracks wise -- and traces his path from drugs and drink to showbiz fame.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"19210300","title":"Tracy Morgan Tells Barbara Walters What Star Jones Told Him in an Elevator","url":"/2020/video/tracy-morgan-tells-barbara-walters-star-jones-told-19210300"}