Transgender at 11: Jazz's Story

Barbara Walters talks with a young girl who says she was born in the wrong body.
3:00 | 02/13/14

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Transcript for Transgender at 11: Jazz's Story
Good evening they have a warranted any parent could want to hear about their daughter she is -- Jerome -- little girl. For a girl named Jack has the woods the remarkable. Doesn't begin to cover it. At just eleven years old she is taken but most children and their families would be god is a terrible secret and brought it smashing. Into the -- She is the brave and beautiful new face of a child -- in the wrong body. -- yeah. Yeah. Stratocaster this virus. Happy and full of life and self confident and beautiful. Glowing. Feminine self and she wears pink cleats on the soccer field. Zero and handed to us she not only dreams -- minimum age she swims like one. If you didn't know -- would you believe this eleven year old girl was biologically. A boy. Let's get this straight jazz you -- -- I am definitely a girl like that's all I consider myself as -- are really do any. -- -- transgender. Boy living as a girl and yeah. -- The only freshman -- in 2007. She was only six years old. -- one of the youngest documented cases of an early transition and nail to female. We're -- let -- special because there aren't very many little -- -- there. -- -- -- -- At age five her parents -- net and -- made an extraordinary decision. They allow -- to openly identify in the opposite gender. Because today and -- doctor would convinced this was not -- face but -- condition now code agenda this for any act of. -- called the -- because it is just that it ends. And this is not ending this is just getting stronger. As -- count as a -- people to understand. You only had to walk into jazz his bedroom as I did. To know this was not a passing fad. It was filled with -- things dresses in dollars but it was a picture she drew that may jazz is world to crystal clear. Tell me about this picture warnings. -- will -- Wish you were still there -- just -- -- And -- were rotten and that now does money if you let the little girl were dressed. It's a little girl you. Five in his latest jazz is still -- As gas soon and move designed to change and go back to being a boy and never. And age as his bedroom is lined with photos from cheerleading and -- -- she donation shows. Can't believe -- -- together her own minute maid outfit. Like -- -- emotion -- he feel like you're an actual retirement. In fact many young male -- -- -- kids obsessed with -- I believe it's because they and -- -- genitalia. There's nothing blown away at a -- -- how killing of math for somebody who doesn't like what's down there are plenty and no one knows why thousands of children like. -- and transgender there -- only theories. -- -- -- Despite growing awareness but many still face unthinkable -- -- from -- world sees them as freaks of nature. Do people treat you differently. And -- -- that transgender. Yes they do. They don't understand what the constant means and taking an and we -- and that. I age shouldn't have the same rights -- them just because of -- between -- -- You know that there are people who think you could have prevented it why did you allow it to happen. -- there's people definitely think how much -- -- I don't really care what they think. Jazz is fortunate. Expansion three siblings six sector and is much as they can keep this safe. Which is why they asked us not to use their last name and location. I think the families -- very supportive of -- we've tried to make things as normal and ordinary American family as we can. Older twins -- -- for jazz. -- the older sister and her friends hang out with jazz they treat jazz played a little sisters. What do you explain to people who voucher system. Until -- know that it's a disorder and that it was it it's not by choice how do you feel jazz and your sister says it to disorder. Com personally I don't like that -- on that much I prefer special bringing me because that's when I think being changing hands. But others have different words to describe -- -- -- As they discovered after posting this video on YouTube and. -- I was. -- -- Sharing Janice's story has come at a price -- you'll -- worried about your safety means is anybody -- you. Yeah I'm on the YouTube -- some people who. Our less understanding actually saying very nasty rude comments eight -- definitely hurts -- hearing them say that they would wanna kill me here's something like that. They can't wrap their mind around which can give attention her kid and I wanted to tell everybody the wrong and show them -- when people need her they start to get it -- It's -- Jazz has a handful of girlfriends. It all started middle school. It's challenging and precarious time but especially for -- transgender between. He's an -- -- school as a good thanks to her parents lobbying and her passport even shows that -- female. The packaging and some students know about her special situations she uses the -- bathroom. And even plays on the girls' soccer team and he loved to play soccer. And you're pretty got to act yeah yeah. But at the age of -- She was banned from Osaka by league officials what do you say to people who say why she's biologically a boy therefore -- stronger and she shouldn't be and that. I do not agree -- -- because. I am laying -- of the smallest people in nineteen compared to the other girls there all. Very tall lean more mass killing nine sort of smaller but and could -- Just jazz fought back. And after two and a half year legal battle won the night to play as a good. An unprecedented victory. That opened the door for all transgender kids. -- is clearly making a difference and -- in this country. Advocating for transgender rights receiving awards posing -- that conflict. Meaning stars like Debra Messing. And riding in New York's game time today. She's a wonderful spokesperson. For trans kids because she's a happy transgender -- those two words are never in the same sentence. Happy about perplexed. By her latest new challenge to you like getting to the age -- -- -- -- -- -- You attracted to girls took a bullet missed the -- told to voice you afraid that you might not have -- to influence. I am a little bit. But if any -- then boys declaring me because -- my situation and then I just know they're not right for me at all. When we come back jazz liked employee at school. But it -- cost -- parts of the employee to you. And we want to show you how jazz is beginning to transform her body literally. -- If you think life is complicated. Try dealing with the transgender girl. Texting a bull and she just met -- school. She's made a new -- -- -- -- -- and so I tell her you know can have friends that are boys they need to know immediately. I tell you I was transgender which means that I wasn't going. And it became a ground so have a girlfriend but they'll find. A few moments -- in the boy responds obviously confused. She just. -- While -- and that's a very difficult question asked what did you tell us who watch the videos first. Janice takes him back to watch this online video -- Hoping it'll help you to understand. I. I. And that night I -- -- nice. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What do you say that he should garner. PE four. -- tech team that won't amount. -- -- -- Is likely to follow jazz -- -- I don't care what he thinks about me if it's that if it's good enough it's. -- He egg has been down this road before -- with his -- doctor. But advising and transgender between with the trash is new territory -- it wouldn't -- He was asked me for -- I -- that's. Now I'm taking my friend I can -- fear. Factor. What part are being transgender hurt you the most. My genitalia. His -- now I feel like a girl global and then when I looked down there it reminds me. And that -- -- an event here yet. Jazz is eleventh on the bridge pure -- For -- boy who wants to be eager that must be a disaster change your voice. Facial hair. It can be a disaster. Any little girl does not want to develop appeared low voice and we have done something about that. Jazz is on the hormone blockers. And other yeah. Our address given as to shots you know -- -- venison has been stated in turn on. Current estimates that led the medication stops testosterone from entering her body essentially -- her natural -- development. She has no detectable testosterone in her system -- never. They block any facial hair and -- today there. Armpit hair Nadine like just it's just so I don't look like employers it and getting in deep voice also. Jazz is 100% girl -- site. -- passing no doubt in my mind -- on the right. -- that doctor will Charlton is -- doctor. With the development and -- The next big decision is if and going to give her estrogen the female hormone that will allow jazz to grow breast prevent facial hair. And we distribute her body fat. Giving her courage feminine shape. But the -- hormone therapy here is in addition. I wish I could take entering and in Iraq because I want start looking like I think -- getting some little it's getting some dressed yet -- Storm moves into the I Wear a parent rob because they just like one of -- with other girls and just have -- like they do. But once jazz begins taking estrogen she will be permanently international at eleven years old you think at all about being -- Not having your biological children. -- -- and she wants that the baby -- her -- but she can't she knows she can't and probably one of the things that upsets are the most. All this isn't -- Most insurance companies don't cover these treatments for transgender people. Hormone blockers can cost up to 181000 dollars and estrogen even more. At around eighteen years old jazz will likely face another decision. Let the to have gender reassignment surgery to have -- -- and -- -- -- she chooses to have fifteen years injected into -- vagina. You know that some transgender children that have not been able to. The transgender. Police -- Yes and that's why I'm doing this with unity day I want to help those kids. Become the person they -- now want to. Tell -- pairings that they should still love them -- When I came to visit -- -- -- this time that I was familiar with true risk from the movie Cinderella and very. Yeah. -- name -- her name wrong. It's no -- and hanging at noon. Until much and I -- in the Moran and aren't -- Moon. Unknown between noon and -- fancy. I didn't -- and -- man. And now well. -- -- ping times -- I don't think -- turned -- I don't you -- appeared thank you thank you.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Barbara Walters talks with a young girl who says she was born in the wrong body.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"22507438","title":"Transgender at 11: Jazz's Story","url":"/2020/video/transgender-11-jazzs-story-22507438"}