State Senator Punches Fellow Senator in the Head

From brawls to meltdowns, political figures across the country are captured on camera losing it.
6:25 | 07/26/14

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Transcript for State Senator Punches Fellow Senator in the Head
Tonight, you don't need us to tell you, most of America is fed up with Washington. Wondering why so little gets done. But here are some politicians losing it. Reporter: Here's the thing about buttoned-up politicians. They expend so much effort trying not to lose it. Every utterance, focus-grouped. Every hair, ruthlessly moussed, which makes it even more shocking when they explode. ? Dispickable. I will not yield. Reporter: Meet Mike Bost, a mild-mannered representative in the great state of Illinois. You seem a fairly placid, calm individual. Mm-hmm. Most times, I am. I work great with people. Reporter: Now meet his alter ego, "Meltdown Mike." These Dills, all the damn time! Reporter: Apparently, members were asked to vote on an amended bill with no time to read it. Bost just lost it. I'm sick of it! Every year! I wasn't violent towards anybody. Well, I was violent towards the papers. Schaub ashamed of yrself. Reporter: Enthusiastic, or extreme? Either way, Bost is one of those rare and delicious examples of "Disorder in the house." When a mother's honor was questioned, Charles bishop went all Mike Tyson on the Alabama senate floor, clocking senator Lowell Barron upside the head. Politicians are supposed to make laws. But bishop kind of laid down the law, with his fist. And that law was more or less, "No one talks about my momma." Reporter: And there are other members of this illustrious club like U.S. Congressman Jared polis, who just like a good shout. They're here because our government is tearing apart our families! Reporter: But you know, far more damaging for the not so level-headed lawmaker is the media meltdown. You may remember earlier this year New York representative Michael Grimm was being interviewed on New York one. But Grimm was peeved at the reporter's questioning about campaign finance. And when he thought the camera was off, he was back. I will throw you off this balcony. I will break you like a boy. Reporter: Grimm apologized for the outburst. Bottom line, sometimes I wear my emotions on my sleeve. Reporter: He was later indicted on 20 counts of fraud, perjury and obstruction in relation with his business affairs, while everyone else was left wondering how exactly do you break a boy? Another media meltdown apology was offered by democratic congressman bob Etheridge after this. Whoa. Who are you? Reporter: Etheridge said he was just having a bad day when he kicked off on a college kid who was only trying to interview him. Reporter: Now, republican strategists later told the New York times this wasn't an innocent college project. They were baiting Etheridge and he bit. You know who judges me? Go visit with your rabbi. Reporter: Kicking it up a level are the politicians who turn on their own constituents. You know, those pesky people who elect them. Take Anthony wiener. No sooner had he weathered the whole Johnson on the internet saga, when a guy in a New York bakery insulted his wife and called him a scumbag. Takes one to know one. Jackass. I think in the grand scheme, seeing his penis was worse. Reporter: Another fatal flaw can be overexcitement. There are some crazy campaigners out there. Remember that scream a decade ago -- -- that some say derailed Howard dean's election chances? When Howard dean gave that speech I'm like, "Hey amen, Howard dean." Because you know what he was? He was authentic. Reporter: Howard dean's dream was the white house. Phil Davison's dream was this. I am seeking our party's nomination for treasurer. Reporter: We're talking stark county, Ohio. I have been a republican in good times and I have been a republican in bad times. Stark county treasury is a mess! Reporter: It's obvious he's just dialed up the passion too high. Even Davison gradually figured that out, in mid-flow. There was a little backing away in the room. The majority of people put their head down. I could kind of sense that, you know, something's wrong here. Reporter: And listen, he'd been warned. When I was practicing the speech, the dog would start to run away from me. I should have known at that point something might go drastically wrong. He forgot the most important rule of public speaking, try not to look like a Lunatic. ? Reporter: Davison got to star in this super bowl ad for Volkswagen. But he lost the election. Had I ran for the position and got the nomination, I would be working here on one of these floors. Reporter: Whether you're controlling the stark county purse strings or the nuclear launch codes, the public likes to think you're gonna be calm in a crisis. In this crazy world, we want our leaders to be cool. And usually they are. There haven't been that many politicians who have completely lost their cool. Reporter: Well, maybe not here in America, but take a look overseas. The otherwise well-mannered Brits boo and hiss like children in their parliament. Reporter: Meanwhile in Japan, yup -- that's a 47-year-old provincial politician wailing like a toddler when confronted with corruption allegations. I think he's saying he wants his mommy. In Taiwan, it actually gets physical. This guy came prepared with a crash helmet. That's premeditated. Our friend meltdown Mike claims his outburst was not. Just raw passion. He's now running for U.S. Congress. Let my people go! Reporter: You know what, that's actually the kind of dedication and passion I want in a politician. I salute you, meltdown Mike.

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{"duration":"6:25","description":"From brawls to meltdowns, political figures across the country are captured on camera losing it.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"24724731","title":"State Senator Punches Fellow Senator in the Head","url":"/2020/video/us-senator-punches-fellow-senator-head-24724731"}