Vanishing America: Jersey Shore Boardwalks Washed Away

Can the happiness on the boardwalk happen again?
3:00 | 11/02/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Vanishing America: Jersey Shore Boardwalks Washed Away
For all of you who grew up loving the thrill of a roller coaster rider may be had your first kiss on a Ferris wheel. This one's for -- amusement parks destroyed and some of the legendary towns along the Jersey Shore. Places with familiar names like Atlantic City but also Asbury Park and seaside heights. Can the happiness on the boardwalk happen again. -- -- -- For generations it was the place where time stood still. The Jersey boardwalk. Immortalized like Bruce Springsteen. -- summer nights were almost -- -- cotton candy. And seem -- last almost as long as memory itself. But this week the iconic -- its seaside heights became iconic and a different way. Hero police chief Thomas Boyd help save 36 people the nightstand he swept ashore. -- heat was silenced by what the morning reveals the -- -- -- nature channel you know earnings topped and -- tracks he took Tony Tony on an exclusive tour. For the first time letting cameras on to the sagging -- itself. Floyd was born and raised here in seaside heights his first job putting umbrellas in the -- for visitors. -- hard you worked as an umbrella or. Think rental is two dollars -- day. And we lift off tips. Later he became a lifeguard seaside royalty. He is still protecting the beaches at this battered home today announced -- -- police chief. And the amusement park that once lit up -- alone the Jersey Shore -- is now dark. It's very quiet very subdue written all over America people were feeling the loss new Jersey's maverick governor. We flew two. The -- Jersey Shore of my youth to the boardwalk at seaside heights and and it is god. Appear with derives. Where I was -- -- -- this August those rides. Or into the -- ocean. To Kelly Ripa and he sat in Jersey Shore of my youth he's. Say it's forever changed and I became so sad because -- the jerseys or might you. Content YouTube videos from the memories hoarding. -- Ferris -- My first state. First -- -- Ferris -- have a lot of great memories from from me there. And -- roller coaster now -- on the ocean floor to. And -- -- Yeah. Like outside then again. Now it's twisted metal. The Penny Arcade. And never taken pennies. And Nichols from my father's Dresser to come up here. -- -- machines the York Kate now crumpled Lincoln accordion a part of these games go back from the twenties and penny and nickel. Nine. And some tomatoes and more than ever get them -- -- that moment. Just as part of our history but don't write it off just yet seaside heights has been down before. In 1950 but the fire almost destroyed the boardwalk -- mobile here on his seaside historic website. They rebuilt. In 1965. Again fire decimated the boardwalk and again it rose from the ashes. That's really what it is it's a spirit. -- figure here and you just don't understand it you don't know that helped keep it out graft issue. The lakers as the mayor of seaside heights. His children were raised here. One thing about it as long bloodlines. They've got. Generation. After generation after generation have been here. It's in their -- five murder body this is what we do justice and greater amounts were bigger than it. We're from New Jersey we never lose faith and rebuild it my children have many more memories that. But -- you know we're pretty resilient and. And we're going to. We're gonna come back. And India and about school safety -- this Jersey Shore it is time.

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{"id":17631559,"title":"Vanishing America: Jersey Shore Boardwalks Washed Away","duration":"3:00","description":"Can the happiness on the boardwalk happen again?","url":"/2020/video/vanishing-america-jersey-shore-boardwalks-washed-17631559","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}