Wedding Confidential: Never Been Kissed

Marissa and Nick Mancuso invited "2020" to witness their first kiss, which was at their wedding.
6:35 | 01/18/13

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Transcript for Wedding Confidential: Never Been Kissed
Wedding confidential continues. Here is dan harris with never been kissed. Reporter: You know all the wedding stress hollywood loves to hype. The months of planning all building to one hopefully perfect day. What is that? It's a zit. Oh! Reporter: The cake, the flowers, the dress. Where to seat the relatives you don't like, and then the vows. I craig, take you, christina, to be my wife and my first mate. Reporter: When you consider all of that, the kiss should be the easy part, right? Reporter: Not for everyone. For example, this couple who's first kiss went viral after airing on tlc's show "the virgin diaries." That kind of cringe-inducing scene was exactly what nick mancuso and marissa hancock wanted to avoid when they met one other at the altar last october in schenectady, new york. Here's why. They too had never kissed before. In fact, neither of them had never kissed anyone. You were 14 when you decided not only am I not having sex before marriage, but I'm also not gonna kiss anybody. Mm-hmm. Reporter: Between 14 and when you got married, how much struggling did you do? A lot. It wasn't until the years went on that I ju started realizing what a commitment that actually was. And you know, how much of a burden that was. Reporter: That burden was lifted a bit when he met marissa. Who at 13 had made a similar pledge. I didn't wanna ever involve myself with somebody, um, physically. Until marriage, just to save myself, save my emotions. Reporter: The couple got to know each other as friends in a local church group. Then one day last february -- he called my cell phone. Just left a message, I'm in the area. We're gonna go out for lunch. That was our first, our first date and my first date. Mm-hmm. Reporter: Was that your first date ever? First date ever. The first date. How old were you? 23. Then we decided to make it official that we're going out, courting. Reporter: What does that mean? When you decided that you were courting, is marriage inevitable? Not inevitable. It's more of, we're looking at this, will we be compatible for marriage? Reporter: So it's like supercharged dating. Mm-hmm. Reporter: The practice of biblical courtship which includes no pre-marital sex or physical intimacy has been growing in popularity. There are no exact numbers, but the trend is mostly among christian conservatives. Waiting for the first kiss at the altar is less common. I'm not a biblical expert, but i do know in the dibl, there's a lot of sex happening. Mm-hmm. People are knowing one another and begetting one another. Where in the bible does it say you can't have sex before you're married. In first timothy somewhere it talks about how, do not awaken a youthful lust before their time. And basically meaning don't start anything until you're ready. And for us that was ready for marriage. Reporter: And after a few months of courtship, marissa and nick were ready. I got down on one knee, pulled out the ring, asked marissa if she would be my wife. And I said yes, and I gave him a hug. This man has just gotten down on bended-knee and asked you to spend the rest -- mm-hmm. -- Of his life with him. You say yes, but you cannot kiss him. Yep. Reporter: It didn't seem weird? No. Reporter: But you can see how it would seem weird to other people? Oh, yes. Now was that the first hug you'd ever given each other? He'd given me side-hugs before. We'd done a few hugs. That's a side hug? That's a side-hug yeah. We did front-hugs occasionally. But they weren't tight hugs. The, these are some pretty intense rule. Mm-hmm. And it was -- very hard for me because, I mean, there's multiple times that specific moment I really wanted to kiss him that I held back. And I know he really wanted to kiss me then. Mm-hmm. Reporter: If it were up to marissa, their first kiss would have happened before the big day. But she waited patiently another three months until their wedding day so that nick could fulfill that promise he had made 11 years ago. The couple agreed to let "20/20" cameras follow them in the days leading up to their wedding and that big moment. You guys had not only the stress of all your family and saying your vows in front of all those people, but having the first kiss of your entire lives. Mm-hmm. Reporter: With video cameras and your closest friends and family. Did that freak you out? It was a little nerve-wracking. Yeah. I was a little nervous because it was the first time to get that close to a guy. Honestly, I never thought about getting close to execute that moment. Hold it. Let's take a look at that again. The movies where we both magically come together and meet in a warm embrace. He goes in. It looks like she missed the lips. I thought she was going to come to me and she started to back away. This needs be worked out in advance. You had a lot of extra time. You could have filled that particular time with -- yeah. Now, what do you say? What were you saying here? I said, it's, it -- we have plenty of time to practice. Reporter: And practice they did. By the reception, they were old pros. Was it worth the wait? Oh, yes. Yes. I'm not comparing nick's kiss. Nick's kiss is the top of it for me. It's the best thing I could get my hands on or my lips on. You're kind of saying that the rest of us kind of have it backwards. Yeah. Well, I think maybe you just miss a lot when you have it set up where the physical intimacy is the first priority. You know, it's nothing that we force upon anyone else. We highly recommend it. And there's great news to report. All that delayed kissing must have paid off. Now after three months of manch, nick and call.

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{"id":18255508,"title":"Wedding Confidential: Never Been Kissed","duration":"6:35","description":"Marissa and Nick Mancuso invited \"2020\" to witness their first kiss, which was at their wedding.","url":"/2020/video/wedding-confidential-kissed-18255508","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}