Wife Goes on Trial For Alleged Murder-For Hire Plot: Part 3

Dalia Dippolito was found guilty of solicitation to commit first degree murder and sentenced to 20 years in prison.
7:55 | 08/13/18

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Transcript for Wife Goes on Trial For Alleged Murder-For Hire Plot: Part 3
It's and I bought and evenings. Police say she thought she'd gotten away with it could not even a few hours after delegates in Louisville was caught on camera. This story went five. It's an unbelievable day. Caught on camera trying to hire a hit handing. A lot of positive I'm CL ten I knew the wind Boynton beach Florida. When they weren't working for. Problem. Bro think a man. Is that talk on the preferred candidate because we just around and there's no room for what is this one. If I could just watch me get my friend averages as one of that is flipped it never yet old. In an unusual move the point beach police released this video that they crime scene on YouTube this scene games old and public couldn't get out. So this story just got huge or in future and it was like a reporter's dream come true they got played and replayed over and over. Fast forward two years. And cameras are all over Dahlia once again this time out in the open as she finally gets her day in court. Charged with solicitation to commit murder facing up to thirty years in prison if your trial can you describe it. What that experience was like for you can you sang railing that at all you will see. How determined. She was to have money to believe him. Her husband killed. Prosecutor Elizabeth Parker tells the jury don't be fooled by the petite now demure looking defendant. Dahlia is a scheming plotting would be murderer just no guilt or remorse for your concern for the safety of others really. Really strong evidence it's it's. Not often that you get the crime actually caught on tape Everett I thought I will I what was her mood. You know here's a oh a new bride he'd just been married why the Zealand is behind. The motive according to marker. Is simple she wanted his money and she even convinced him to transfer the title to his quarter million dollar Condo into her name and she wanted another man. A former boyfriend named Mike Stanley. He's in construction Delhi has been texting with him Parker says and the Texans seeing damage. Boynton Beach detective Alex Marino reads their X rated conversation on the stand the woman tight body of all Oreo. His monotone hardly matching the steamy works. Slowly so much so horny or you Solis stuff was kind of cheesy and and I had a ring it up on the stand. Was on my best moment baby I love you in only want to do that. That evidence wits with Mike stealing huge motive. For why she wanted her husband the picture 893. Text messages. Between the two of them she shameless about the way that she uses her sexual power to get what she wants and what she wanted Parker says it was to get your husband out of the way by planting drugs on him and calling Cox. That's why ninety Toledo kept getting pulled over by police she was trying to set him not to have his his probation violated to have him arrested. The sooner he gets jammed up the sooner we can be. And paradise island baby. There were text messages presented at your first trial sexually graphic messages. Between you when a man named Michael Stanley. Give any explanation about. What happened I didn't and that's not just from my time might actually act that act of. More might dip Alito her husband sent them Dahlia claims her husband was playing games with her former boyfriend Mike to Toledo denies it. But Parker says when Delhi is plan to get her husband put into prison failed. She took a step further if she could descend into the big house she'd get rid of them altogether kept telling somebody I'm nobody's gonna give them back. But as damning as those tapes may seem. Dyed his trial lawyer Michael Salomon has a defense and it's an unforgettable bid was and never anyone's intention to harm anyone. It wasn't a murder plot he says. He was this done. It was a hoax it was a plot to get on television as a reality TV defense plot seems to think Canada and taken and then pick up again. I've seen a lot of wild and crazy defenses in my day and this is certainly one of the wildest and one of the craziest. Reality TV it's become a way to launch a center stage career. Soundly tells the jury Michael to believe bill wasn't a victim he was an accomplice and that Dahlia Mohammed and Michael were working together to create some kind of videotape. To try to land themselves as stars in reality TV. The website name is Chris as well it reality TV casting call dot com. Zelnick presents a computer forensic expert who found that Dolly hats surged reality shows on her computer. Reality TV is. Anybody can do it anybody can become famous for. And a professor and expert in reality TV who explains how alluring it is to many people. If there's any way the defense is gonna win here I think she needs to take the stamp. But she didn't why didn't testify. You read that it that the Alley be yesterday that happened by mayor Nachman packed with eye an did you want testified that. That you regret not testify at excellently. Judge the defense is going to rest. Still as the jury goes to deliberate Dahlia tells us her side was confident. And never had the compassion the understanding from Maine attorney that this thing whet the possibility everything with always. Now let me cop that's out. We will face these jurors say they considered the trial of faster for John I'm really surprised to hear that she thought it was going well. In fact it took just three hours to reach a verdict is there jury reached a verdict we all does that well. She's guilty. Adam it was just kind of unanimous me find the defendant guilty of solicitation to commit pressed to name him as for the reality TV defense. And the defense didn't present anything that really represented this was very. Reality TV show. There was nothing for them videotapes told Martin that she said I M 5000. Per cent shore and exiting. That did it for me. It's used to customers see at her sentencing dialing his mother brother and sister begged the judge relief agency. They need to here. Why she gets on the ocean. Yeah and make it happen actually look at me. And she wished they could go you know and watch her get ready for prop. And that's really emotional. Favorite diet making heavily. Your web of deception the judge is you and move that there's actually no moral justification for your conduct. It was pure evil. From sesame 120 years in the department of corrections. And went home at twenty dissolved. In an economic. But when we return a courtroom bombshell. Getting a new trial exactly where you surprise. A new trial with two new lawyers and is guess where she found that. TV mark I Clark but here's the good news I think the law is on the side they say they have a winning strategy. I am 5000. Percent sure. Died at Toledo's innocent and it comes from yet another TV show. Burn notice I want to pay a lot of money to kill a lady this episode has a plot twist that sounds familiar here because when. Is it TV crime drama big key to the case. Stay with us. To Eric. I'm on your side.

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{"duration":"7:55","description":"Dalia Dippolito was found guilty of solicitation to commit first degree murder and sentenced to 20 years in prison.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"35593146","title":"Wife Goes on Trial For Alleged Murder-For Hire Plot: Part 3","url":"/2020/video/wife-trial-alleged-murder-hire-plot-part-35593146"}