Farmers and Workers Struggle with Broken Visa Program

Immigration reform bill could replace the visa program for seasonal workers entirely.
3:00 | 06/07/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Farmers and Workers Struggle with Broken Visa Program
My game the United States like any other immigrant at that time there wasn't any -- phase out program or anything. Why employer took me -- his way to assist on cannot let them elect an emigrant reluctantly electric it would mean anybody would abandon. Younger than than the -- was. I'm running my -- would have been hasn't -- I'm Erik Hanson and insofar as its name -- -- Business he came here he was just so eager to learn things he's a full time operator farm. -- other stories very similar it's great to see the dedication. What these guys are desired intent to earn money from. And support their families -- also appreciating the American. -- America offers too because that caused quite frankly they don't have that opportunity -- their country. The players out that I have right I -- as payment rate of the farm. And the first person that then I -- Came -- grabbed that was me. I wanted to be -- -- mistake I love this country I love those -- I love the people. So I decided to ask for a hearing. And that's how my process of status that we currently one -- the -- -- it started. We decided because of that risk. Knowing -- -- we get to point workers here was documentation might not be. -- from -- the risk to loosen them. We shut now we move. The only went away again. Proper documents -- these workers as the easily -- -- -- -- -- -- it motivates you have left them. And it is it difficult to me away from Jerusalem see -- -- -- that one of them. The settlement book but -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- went up by. The -- and what took him there and I in the I mean what. -- Well none of them in the. There's an old local American people with -- -- off of them. To ever do this work without the migrant labor we become strictly about green -- A lot of this production -- authority shifted. To Mexico because of a shortage of labor and it's being imported now by and it states the Mexicans people harvest these crops. It's a matter it's going to be in this country. Or another country. The immigration issue. Do you hope that it expects an -- but at the world -- accounts. Workers -- and that's what in the Paramount. With a few tweaks I think analysts we caught these -- a program -- something different. Don't get to work and if we want. Fresh vegetables to stay in this country. Long term it's got to work. They need to work -- immigration. Deal all give more of these us. A lot of people to come here and doing that Labor Day. Some of our local people here they don't want to -- I mean I don't blame this is how large. That was a lot of work here when I came here I came due to rob anybody capped. I don't want nobody else wanted to -- and here I am. And we do I think that we love this country and because we want to contribute. And to -- eleven. And to be happy.

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{"id":19349273,"title":"Farmers and Workers Struggle with Broken Visa Program","duration":"3:00","description":"Immigration reform bill could replace the visa program for seasonal workers entirely.","url":"/ABC_Univision/video/broken-guest-worker-program-threatens-us-food-supply-19349273","section":"ABC_Univision","mediaType":"default"}