The Jack and Alex Show: Episode 6

Jack and Alex talk about what happened last week.
3:51 | 05/17/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for The Jack and Alex Show: Episode 6
Hi and welcome to the Jack and -- -- -- -- -- heard Joel Stein's view TV writer journalist. Talking head for such shows as most shocking celebrity moments 2012. I didn't time cover story on. My meals -- I'm I'm can still confused what is the millennial ultimately Jack millennial skateboarding dog. -- -- -- -- So Far East children typical willing accent over fifty Texan when Taylor sexton was quiet for me my speech -- about -- -- -- -- So inadequate -- it right handed over Generation X. and Generation Y. let's take a look at how the next generation will inevitably disappoint us. Let's see generation. Jim swayze a typical member are generations see -- interests -- not different from yours and mine did do again -- who hit rap music. These new and exciting -- congress such kitchen -- -- Waves. And silent grind it out Everett DJ Blue Ivy Carter is stopping ought to god is -- Got the first time director -- -- -- under offering children in -- Gee I have formed. Thank you want me in generations he loves reading lists of things such as the 27 most -- on celebrity belly buttons are 33 chicken nuggets. And they also -- nostalgia. -- -- -- -- Member parliament Sheikh. You guys remember tumbling. -- -- -- Remember under way. -- -- Remember NBC. -- -- After generations these can be lazy -- apathetic involves Manning recreational and you'll remember a name. And now it's time for -- and slash. And didn't speak. -- -- Angelina Jolie's decision to open about her -- sectors -- in New York Times op Ed piece. I think this is a health issue. Cannot even talk about having -- -- -- was sent to me and I'm glad she was able to kind of releasing a statement associated with planned to talk about it and ultimately what's really refreshing some -- -- in -- -- a part of this week. -- online reactions that he's is seriously guys. I'm -- the legislators that -- Angeline brass are not about you. What hardy this week isn't new breakfast street at Taco Bell is testing in California. This show all of the taco is so awful and stuff -- -- eggs and sausage. Sure maybe it's the breakfast you eat when you've completely given up -- hostile that I think it's just a great dignity in our random Tuesday. What I am starting this week is -- Abraham. Because. She was afraid that she'd gotten pregnant after her recent. Encounter -- James Dean but she really didn't pay attention in health class because. That's not how you get pregnant. Well that's off the Jack Ellis Island is always -- jacket and. Let's hang out. Contribute you. I heard him. You both heart.

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{"id":19204364,"title":"The Jack and Alex Show: Episode 6","duration":"3:51","description":"Jack and Alex talk about what happened last week.","url":"/ABC_Univision/video/jack-alex-show-episode-19204364","section":"ABC_Univision","mediaType":"default"}