Jermaine Dupri on Jay-Z's New Album

Producer Jermaine Dupri talks about Jay-Z's Magna Carta Holy Grail and the status of hip-hop.
3:09 | 07/03/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Jermaine Dupri on Jay-Z's New Album
He's one of the club and army's most renowned music producers and responsible for their records with artists like usher Mariah Carey and JC we caught up with the legendary Jermaine Dupree to get his thoughts on working with music's leading acts and -- envision the future of the music industry. Over the course your career what do you think has been the most valuable less than that but you've learned whether it's about the industry or your personal life. Some mistakes to that same the people. In them in being able to what took to -- mistakes and then. Visualize myself going -- -- all visualize myself well actually seen -- -- direction I saw some miles you'll be fool someone will. -- Oh oh I'm headed in this generation you see people do things you should learn from -- space. Friend artist and pop culture icon -- -- been collaborating with -- since the ninety's. And now -- the hip hop mogul is set to release his twelfth studio album magna -- holy Grail. You'll reshape the business model of the music -- this Thursday giving away one million free copies of the album to Samsung galaxy phone users. But despite the industry's digital evolution Dupree -- one principal will always stand true. Artists that that continue to keep Clinton now quality music sell every consulate on am really can't really. I really don't see you know this is what he's he's going is a different way to put out music book artists have continued to -- -- is the bottom line hasn't made good -- Asked us matters detonated -- While Jay z.'s album is a major departure from the traditional record release -- believes no matter of timing quality music will always sell talent. -- -- All the rules whatever is out did in all these all the talented -- continue to keep selling records and -- like. Connie albums sold like almost 400 government -- last week that's that's almost goal in the week in I mean. Veterans like -- have witnessed the careers of pop's brightest stars and -- has his eyes set on which young artists today articulate genre to the next level. I think -- a team that can Lamar basically sit. A tone in rat basically -- people stop rampant again and I mean and the and the creator and -- -- of a whole bunch of wrappers to stop paying attention to. -- Lyrical content and shows and things that really mad and in the early days of -- So -- on the new attention going on with his. After nearly three decades it would be stick to -- -- deserves a break but he's showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon. You've accomplished a lot -- but I'm sure you want more what's come -- next for you what's here trajectory over the next 1015 years. I mean no. Costly in the studio. And -- them prone to -- A plan one biggest social networks in the world me every day and night. On global for a team with his muscles and -- with the.

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{"id":19573841,"title":"Jermaine Dupri on Jay-Z's New Album","duration":"3:09","description":"Producer Jermaine Dupri talks about Jay-Z's Magna Carta Holy Grail and the status of hip-hop.","url":"/ABC_Univision/video/jermaine-dupri-jay-zs-album-19573841","section":"ABC_Univision","mediaType":"default"}