Michel Gondry Goes to the Bronx

Michel Gondry found inspiration and talented actors in Hunts Point
4:06 | 03/18/13

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Transcript for Michel Gondry Goes to the Bronx
The. I don't -- I was looking for the -- and iPhone. To do -- my project. This movie universal and I and you have much -- To pre school where Hillary scale of the votes fifty -- through frowned I mixes sued the phones and the sounds gross. The point community development corporation. Is. Youth center located in the -- section on the South Bronx where around to facilitate this type. Art making this -- creativity and innovation and. I have to celery -- four year as well I wrote. -- -- -- six civilian legal. However when I meant everybody at the -- was thought that this. South of are seeing a walk shall and they -- really positive but they do lose cafeteria -- cardinals. -- -- that's a lot of kids in his full power of many -- -- the current territorial -- on Friday are odd minutes that so we we Rhode flu or story based on. All of the experience that loses this contest -- -- I all of the Bronx and Hunts Point taxi vehicles my heart soul -- outside groups want -- -- and -- contrast Ari. Vicious cycle halo exactly when investment -- -- -- show us who really are they gonna show us how -- the pilot shows us. A lot of people outside Abrams has many -- -- and statements like. All of these kids at night. And all criminals. -- in in this film you see anybody impacted jockey that -- we have. Kids who are Audi TT Q that you have people who don't know what they are. I didn't know much about Gandhi -- -- know him for who he was and here they really awesome so. That's a mean it exciting for me it was like you isn't even -- their activities he just in time mammoth solo home. Can be so carefree and humble it allowed us comfortable so when we're comfortable and we -- up to and that's when we'll talk to him. There isn't this is just the that's what with the can be -- think -- -- deaths went there would be eased. A professional director -- you get surprise console and that includes -- anything. I believe that don't use the whole emotional breakdown and the crying. That was in this cargo encourages progressed as we kept filming the show. Based became the camera -- like a little which -- to talk just talk like anything I was like are regarded in the -- him. But he guided Powell and he -- -- to say everything that I needed to see. An -- -- that's when you. You trust -- who are -- and used to exist trust some. You gets more out of them. Yeah. Us all -- here to. -- dollars -- -- seeing on -- filming on senior from. Key -- in urban area is not his big Hollywood production. That everybody does that -- and memorized it's like no this is real life. A moment. I'd be delighted some seeing that was 52 -- reality was -- of religion dale it was -- criticizing. Choose a word to putting Iraq thing. But some of the ways -- -- I have been going terrorists and -- -- from. To find it. Common ground -- amongst people who are leaving from -- It's collective as a collective group of connecting kids like policies though -- president stories. So -- have -- the haven't even experienced. Okay.

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{"id":18756001,"title":"Michel Gondry Goes to the Bronx","duration":"4:06","description":"Michel Gondry found inspiration and talented actors in Hunts Point","url":"/ABC_Univision/video/michel-gondry-bronx-latest-film-18756001","section":"ABC_Univision","mediaType":"default"}