Jan. 20, 1989: President Bush, First Lady Interview

Part 1: Barbara Walters speaks to Pres. George H.W. Bush and first lady Barbara Bush as they prepare to move in to the White House.
10:31 | 12/26/12

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Transcript for Jan. 20, 1989: President Bush, First Lady Interview
People this will be the -- intimate look at the new president but even more than the new president it's the first look at his First Lady. I met with them they have a day in the vice presidential -- before they were about to move out amazingly while this entire city has been caught up in the frenzy. George and -- -- bush were relaxed and even playful. People want to know what is going to be liked to have new tenants in the White House us. See for yourself. Point eight years this has been home the vice president's official residence on the grounds of the US naval observatory in northwest Washington. The moving company's trailer was -- for days. As probably bush supervised packing and loading for the twenty ninth time in -- 44 years of marriage. Is there are close. All of this and preparation for this morning's unloading at the White House. Everything comes -- those two hours from nine to eleven on and on inauguration. A lot of things like your clothes and actually our whole living room upstairs is going to go right in the -- living room. The product and has been looking like curtains have been taken down and death. Our in New York -- cut down to the right size and we'll come back and fit in on Monday morning. -- -- isn't that wonderful -- you begin Heidi you know what goes to the White House proposed benefit but -- -- Well it's terrible but. We have tagged everything. Here's a perfect accent. -- little red dot that are. Everything -- a red dot goes to the Weis has NN dot yup -- Antalya because we are sending things to Maine we're sending thinks the White House we're sending things. To Camp David and we're sending things sort of packing things that maybe we think later will be good in there. Library or museum at some college so we really had four different colored dots on things you have the sympathy of -- woman who's ever tried to -- Well that's great. We talked to mr. and mrs. bush -- the only room in the hottest that was still and tacked on Monday. The living room. Mr. Bush by the time this interview was dead you -- -- president of the United States as I say it. What do you feel hasn't sunk in yet. It has. It doesn't have the. Dramatic feeling I thought it -- -- And I am. One of their own try to do my best. This is -- what do you feelings. Between the package. Well I'm very proud of -- Not nervous or scared. Every now and then I think. I won't see that again until we get the White House the White House or around. He really is kinda have to face as props and and he can do what I know we can't. Mostly on thinking about -- Mr. Bush we need and hear that Ronald Reagan came into office with the vision. Where the grand plans. And at this I'm -- you read it yourself that you don't have a vision that you don't have any broad strategic goals do you have a vision and if so what -- World peace. And America that's whose people are. Better off. A lot of people in this country that are hurting. And my vision is to. See that they're hurting alliance are doing better but about. And we came into office. President leading in 1980. We are running against an administration they're running against the way things -- began to change them to make them better. This is different now what I want to do is build on -- record so there's slight difference there. President Reagan said in an interview with David Brinkley recently. That some of the homeless who slept -- grapes did so voluntarily he has said. -- homeless -- -- harmless you might say by choice. Do you agree. Now. I agree that some. Make that selection. I think some are not competent to judge. What is best for society. And some maybe thirty some percent it's a national shame. -- -- national shame I feel ashamed. And I drive down and see people sleeping on the greats. We didn't have this many -- eight years ago -- -- the fault of the Reagan administration now because the economy is far stronger than it was eight years ago. There are more jobs out there. So I don't think you can blame. The Reagan administration. I think the problem is too acute to -- -- To. Try to assign blame for. Mrs. bush the homeless especially. Situation. -- mothers with children. Is of particular mothers with children who who don't have fathers to help support the is of particular concern to you. This is going to be one of your priorities. Yes I think it is I'm very decision you know in. Literacy and mostly -- moving towards literacy in the family because you'll find a lot of these mothers. Are also functionally illiterate. Because they -- -- an early age and had babies. And never had a chance to finish school so. The homeless will women will fit right in to -- Very loose. Interest I mean it's very pretty broad. It's a big concern to me and George. We had died -- -- -- that it. That you will. Not that your husband was not interested but that you felt that some of his senses perhaps during the campaign when not a -- about the -- as they should've been and you. It was something just. Yes that that is -- -- -- That's not. A true or untrue. And -- said Greg -- Well. That's probably. Half trip. I didn't think I'd consider it important to know it is that it well I thank you -- some answer I gave his showing I made an answer. Where she -- -- put too much emphasis on the mentally incompetent. On those after the change in the law that forced release from metal. K here. Turned a bunch of people out on the streets so when I gave an answer one of these forums of that nature. She felt -- -- -- didn't mention the other 66%. Enough and I think it's fair criticism. And because I think there are. About two thirds that don't fit that description she thinks that put on my emphasis on that in. Properly M Wednesday chastised me for -- exactly that you must've told I didn't. Showed up and in -- bankruptcy. I read that you have -- breakfast in bed in the morning watch the television shows together the news programs and discussed everything. Policy. Sale ate breakfast. -- you've Costa coffee yes coffee and dead river which flipped it on at six. Watched fifteen minutes someone network fifteen on another and then fifteen on the next to get a blanket. From them out of their history at 7 o'clock. Do you discuss things to raise equity the fact that Sallyann you discuss policy and foreign policy and domestic it didn't come on I don't know I don't know going to be at 6 in the morning so she discusses United's. That's not true but we've very often he'll read one paper -- -- that would change and other papers and -- much. This article. Or he might say what you see that's what something but we -- like any other to normal people would do not discuss the heart -- Other than just what's of interest -- I know that you do not like to speak on issues because you said you are not elected he's. Do you give your views on issues and do you type trip -- into my husband. Yes ha ha -- That's -- -- -- for the issue to us. An unvarnished no -- on -- he's very polite. And -- he does his -- thing can you tell us anything either view anything that you -- at fault in any area. That was. -- influence. -- has to. No that's a hard question because we grow up together -- get married at nineteen trying married 44 years. I think we think alike in many cases but Georgia just better. No -- you -- -- homeless thing she was right about that. She thought I came off as insensitive. And I think I thought about that after calling her after. Criticizing me and my answers. Do. -- -- you are absolutely Jesus -- that. I'd like you. The guy that his is. An enormous feeling about education. Has come a little bit for me but I know that's not true education is a time that's come. And a don't think -- influenced him. As sensitive subject and one that's. Always a hot subject in this country but do you have mrs. bush or any members of your family disagree with your husband's view on abortion. And I just have made -- now I'm not going to get -- get things I disagree or agree with George. Because I was none -- elected. Two office and down just -- to talk about that and another talk about other members of my family. Kind of damned if you -- and everything count because one of the papers said that the fact that you don't say you agree with your husband you and abortion means that you disagree -- -- graduate center but another percentage that I -- with so. It isn't just abortion to number of issues I don't. But to do privately. Sure and when I get elected to public office I certainly expect George Bush or treat -- the same quietly. I'm running against Jim well yeah.

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{"id":18070995,"title":"Jan. 20, 1989: President Bush, First Lady Interview","duration":"10:31","description":"Part 1: Barbara Walters speaks to Pres. George H.W. Bush and first lady Barbara Bush as they prepare to move in to the White House.","url":"/Archives/video/jan-20-1989-president-bush-lady-interview-18070995","section":"Archives","mediaType":"default"}