Malcolm X clarifies 'black nationalism' in 1964

The human rights leader said that black men should "be ready and willing at all times to eliminate the ills and evils of his own society."
3:04 | 05/21/18

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Transcript for Malcolm X clarifies 'black nationalism' in 1964
America formally announced his split with the black Muslim movement shuttered and Chicago. Up from one of the top hadn't been that movement he started his own political our organization here in New York City. Directed by quoted as saying at the white man is by nature of double him and that he must be destroyed. Direct your organization bent on destruction of the no I don't think that ever heard in most things about throwing right. Although this but most whites here theory that is themselves. And listening to some of these debates that they please and United Nations. I think most of them feel that they this happens no one after Broadway. He will throwing. What it is. Political. And we are organizing Muslim mosque cooperative. Has it that spiritual base religion Islam. And it's. Political philosophy black political economic and social philosophy black net. What you. Participatory. Black national mean. The political philosophy of I've met nationally means it black man should be in control of the politics but its own community. If the politicians. And the black community should be back man. Answerable only to the people of that community based social via economic philosophy black nationalism. Meet that. Black man and a black unit. It would be permitted to be educated to the point where he C. That we owned businesses back and after well the economy of its own community whereby. You can volume fell. Cloak himself and how. Instead of having to be the while they're different kinds of vague appointment on time. And the social pullout black nationalist. Is that they back answer. Be proud of his own societies should be. Ready and willing at all time eliminate the skills in people over them society. And thereby not having to force him into white society where you not. Today a press conference Cuba added. The formation of the grow rifle and shot. That they. Take rightful. There again. The in areas where the government. Has proven itself funny and I'm often will. Food and ignorant on the beaches act. They get. And and a little murdered and they time but wouldn't it brought him well. Since it's big on the that over book it is time for the local big movement without it BM. But what is best. You write your property of other people that protect their lives they're.

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{"duration":"3:04","description":"The human rights leader said that black men should \"be ready and willing at all times to eliminate the ills and evils of his own society.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Archives","id":"55323579","title":"Malcolm X clarifies 'black nationalism' in 1964","url":"/Archives/video/malcolm-clarifies-black-nationalism-1964-55323579"}