Sigourney Weaver talks 'Aliens' in 1986

The actress returns as Lt. Ripley in a sequel to the hit science-fiction film, "Alien."
4:59 | 05/24/19

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Transcript for Sigourney Weaver talks 'Aliens' in 1986
Sigourney Weaver made her movie debut in the movie alien that was 97 I'm in now seven years later. She is starring in the movie Palin is plural there is a connection obviously Sigourney Weaver's playing Ripley again the only survivor of a space ships and tower with a dangerous extra terrestrial. Sigourney Weaver roses foreign wars excellent movement. I think once this like to get to have to go back. Many years later in search yourself back into this kind of weird strange circumstance or is it when you're actually doing. It was Obama's as if as for the character we have just lost her life drew drew. Okay they've cut the power that. And Georgia we're gonna do whatever she. That's why like line TV run. Well it was a little like suddenly going from some light into dark all the sets were very dark very bleak and in an odd way I felt like Ripley. Because your back in something that was a nightmare so it's owns a time hasn't changed and yet your older things have happened to you. It was a it was as if the whole first movie for me was was almost. A rehearsal you know for the second. His hands to look listings talk more about it he just sort of when she figures. Here's should warning in aliens. Replete I want to hear that a bishop. She's tomorrow there's still time ninety minutes is there is under a lot of it but the size of Nebraska picks don't let him move coming and going anywhere. Well there's. Back. I don't thing. Like hard work. You seem to be saying that when you dip in the set and all of that that you actually begin to feel like you're in that kind of little world how true is that. Well that the set up for me the whole reason I wanted to do a sequel. Was that. 57 years have passed. My whole society has disappeared my family is dead. No one believes my story from the first one. It it is about a woman who's out cast and so she and she's discredited. So for me the and playing the same character but. I've kind of broken version of her she needs she's not that have earnest go getter that she was in the first when set it gave me enough acting challenges to to really it was the same. Weird setting that I was a different person and her movie changed since and to since the number of years. Well I think I think my work is better if they can and much more I mean I know better how to work in film and suppresses stage work which was all I had known. And we had a great group of people a lot of very good. Young actors. And for me was when the first times arrived in one of the more experienced actors on the fence. This is easier when and then you know more children. Does that make it easier to do a good job or in some ways does that make it harder. Where you demand more of yourself or else there would be no point you know I mean this was a much more demanding role. There is so much more of an emotional through line for me through this picture and in the clip I'm going to try to rescue a little girl. Played by carry him who will be on the show tomorrow. And so that there were. They're just with. A different. Set of circumstances for me and since I am older more experienced I like that increased responsibilities. More women gonna take to the smoke. Well I have I've had people say oh you know you play a woman you carry these guns and it's such a tough environment. I will women like it I think when love this film because. The strongest. Characters in the film really are are all female including the little girl who is probably the toughest character. A ball and there's a a woman Jeanette Goldstein who plays Vasquez who's the toughest marine and she's really. The most courageous soldiers. Dealing funerals a lot of blowing people away kind of handguns and so forth are comfortable view of all. It's it's very effective in the movie I think the audience feels like they're actually there where this. I had trouble event because I'm not a big guns then. But I have to say they within the movie itself an even playing it there was a kind of catharsis. That happens when I give up. And I just. Start firing I think it at that point. It's it's more than just. Bloodshed it is a whole epiphany in the sensitive as a whole something is released for the audience and for my character that is important some.

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{"duration":"4:59","description":"The actress returns as Lt. Ripley in a sequel to the hit science-fiction film, \"Alien.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Archives","id":"63255375","title":"Sigourney Weaver talks 'Aliens' in 1986","url":"/Archives/video/sigourney-weaver-talks-aliens-1986-63255375"}