Utah Prosecutors Urge Feds to Probe Sen. Reid, Lee

Powerful Democrat, Republican lawmakers deny wrongdoing.
3:00 | 03/13/14

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Transcript for Utah Prosecutors Urge Feds to Probe Sen. Reid, Lee
It's fair to say that. What began as a state investigation. Has expanded because of what you found I would say that the scope the tentacles the ramifications yes absolutely wired. I got involved we started looking at it this was not. It in our wildest imagination did you think that this was going to be leading to the kind of issues. That we have been looking it. In if this was a tricks -- -- -- -- would probably have a best hope for -- you have but if this has been very it's been very uninteresting and it is certainly much more. Broader than that that I anticipated. Have there been aspects of this investigation that you think would be better served with the federal prosecution you know I I think that there are certainly. Enough issues that sort of implicate. Crossing state lines the most appropriate entity though to review those type things if they would would be the Department of Justice space which it to look at -- To look at allegations of of conduct or misconduct involving federal officials and -- forwards continued forward that information the FBI as well as the federal. Prosecutors and they concluded that there what with the within the scope that they were looking at that they didn't have anything that they want to percent. Nothing nothing at all so if there are federal crimes who's gonna prosecute those well. Probably nobody what do you think that reason I say that at this point is because the decision that they've made. They already made the decision that the DOJ is gonna run away on this case that that's done. So I guess unless they change their mind about that for some reason there will be no federal prosecution. You seem really have a tiger by the tail -- With potentially some very big names. That scare you do you back off -- you shy away from. Even -- anybody -- you think is off witness no you can't touch -- even told not to touch not from potential state charges now. So without naming her mentioning any names of course of -- and feared anybody here if somebody. Commits crimes and there's a nexus to the state of Utah and we can prove it beyond reason about it doesn't matter who they are -- US senate in the US senator and no we're not afraid of that that's them that's our -- -- took an oath to uphold the constitution of the United States. We didn't take an oath to our political parties. And we didn't take an -- to politicians are United States senator.

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{"id":22906424,"title":"Utah Prosecutors Urge Feds to Probe Sen. Reid, Lee","duration":"3:00","description":"Powerful Democrat, Republican lawmakers deny wrongdoing.","url":"/Blotter/video/utah-prosecutors-urge-feds-probe-sen-reid-lee-22906424","section":"Blotter","mediaType":"default"}