'View': Boston Marathon Bombs 'Designed to Maim and Kill'

Brian Ross gives the latest on the investigation into the deadly explosions at the marathon.
5:52 | 04/16/13

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Transcript for 'View': Boston Marathon Bombs 'Designed to Maim and Kill'
Well joining us right now live from Boston with the very latest -- ABC news chief investigative correspondent Brian Ross say Brian. They would -- I was. Listen to. You're at the epicenter right now. -- what's the latest on the investigation. Well this is the Boston ground zero -- to say. And what we know at this point from the latest from the FBI as they've now said there were two in only two bombs no other devices were recovered -- others -- -- They say the threat is over those two bombs were -- -- go off about. 1215 seconds apart. And examination of the aftermath. Video shows that it was probably -- -- over the ball low velocity explosive. -- not military grave moral homegrown kind of a bomb. Even though they were trying to go off almost back to back. Plans shown that -- were bombs that can kill people could not take down buildings. Affect us. Absolutely -- they were designed to maim and kill and you can see from some of the video in the aftermath. Fact there was very little structural damage to the buildings some show windows of the shops. We're not even brought that. So this is not unusual that since it was designed to go after people who surgeons at the hospitals here describe that -- Tiny nails and bits of metal they found embedded in the and the people they treated. Suggesting that kind of pipe bomb and whoever did this put in extra -- to create that some shrapnel -- -- the president was very careful not to leg but listen doctor to topple the doctors say. You know this is -- and outside terrorist attack he was very careful in the woods abuse she didn't even say fastest people. Did but he didn't. How does anybody have. NE -- here at this point I mean there was somebody -- on the roof does anyone have any idea. Whether this was an individual -- group. Local -- The the thought so far is that it was probably one individual. The words not a large organized attack because of that might have been more -- there had been. In this case there's not enough to know at this point according the FBI agents were talking two to rule in or rule out either domestic terrorist. Or an international terrorist there have been no claims of responsibility of the kind that we often see following other kind of terror attacks. -- authorities we hear raided a home in a suburb of Boston. What you -- tell us about that and is that related to the twenty to 21 year old. Person in question at the hospital. We're told it may well be connected Thursday at twenty year -- -- Saudi college student. -- show up at the hospital injured. He was questioned we have been told definitively that he has not heard time considered a suspect and he was just somebody. Who was injured but he was seen running away after the blast like -- And that raise some suspicions but at this point there's no indication that he had anything. So Brian this is scary I know that there's a lot that was cell phones in the area and they're checking cell phones. Have they gotten any leads. From the cell phone. What they're looking for -- are cellphones that might have -- calls that precise moment of the explosion. In other words -- the bombs triggered by a cell phone remote detonation. They set the timers they're also looking for international calls as if somebody might have made -- call I did it. So far we don't have any readout and what they've found there but that's -- looking for they're also asking people here to bring in any. Any videos of all because certainly it seems that somebody plan at least two bombs perhaps just an hour before they went off. There are rose trash cans and mailboxes along the street. Where they could have been hidden police say they swept them up to about an hour before the explosion so they may have a limited time period -- The focus on to -- if somebody dropped the bag or package in one of these trash receptacle is one of the witnesses said he saw trash can. Burst into -- Explosives similar to the ones that -- That that we used in Iraq. Not really these are much less sophisticated much less powerful. In other words but it could have been a lot worse these are more maybe chemical. Ingredients you can get at the locals. We just caught amateurish. If that wasn't scheduled went off but they intend to put kind of a -- -- life. It was less sophisticated I think is the probably the best way to put it it wasn't amateurs in the sense that he was able to time whoever did this little tiny explosions to go one after another and explosion occurred one place people ran away almost into the -- the other -- I don't expect that I didn't find any others I don't expect to find anymore. No that's it. -- say they will not find any more just two devices. There had been reports of other devices found in the searching of the areas but so far no other indication of any other devices. It was just two bombs at two bombs that did a lot of drive time before we got just I just want to ask you -- question you may not be able to Hansack why Boston -- -- thank. Well that would go to be -- motivation of whoever did this was this designed to be as you mentioned before. On patriots day attack. We've read and al-Qaeda literature about thirteen some of their followers to attack. US sporting events so it depends on the theories are looking at all of that right now I'd say right now it's too soon and -- say why but I think that will come out -- Find out who was responsible that -- become apparent to us why Boston white America. Brian thank you so much.

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{"duration":"5:52","description":"Brian Ross gives the latest on the investigation into the deadly explosions at the marathon.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Blotter","id":"18969329","title":"'View': Boston Marathon Bombs 'Designed to Maim and Kill'","url":"/Blotter/video/view-boston-marathon-bombs-designed-maim-kill-18969329"}