Amazon reconsiders building new headquarters in New York City: WaPo

The company is reacting to vocal opposition from politicians and activists.
2:52 | 02/09/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Amazon reconsiders building new headquarters in New York City: WaPo
Sources say Amazon's plan to build a huge second headquarters in Long Island City and bring some 25000. Jobs to our area. Is now in jeopardy is secretly negotiated deal has come under enormous criticism because of the billions and economic incentives offered to Amazon and the impact of such a large project on the community political reporter Dave Evans as lot of Long Island City with our lead story tonight David. A list we've heard the figures thrown around a lot in the last couple weeks we kick in three billion dollars in tax breaks and incentives. And then Amazon would give us 47 billion dollars in Ackermann and an economic windfall but opponents of this agreement say. That benefit isn't wildly overstated they have mounted a fierce opposition and so. Amazon abruptly today is considering supposedly looking elsewhere. And what they did here is wrong. Governor today lashed out at opponents of the Amazon deal to move its second headquarters the Long Island City. And bring an economic plummet when he 5000 new jobs. Today when news broke Amazon was having second thoughts Cuomo would look. For the state senate. To oppose them as a was. Governmental. Malpractice. And if they stop. Amazon. From coming to New York. They're going to have the people of New York State to explain it to follow. Okay. Yeah. Amazon's neighbors still hate the project that they unfurled banners at a recent City Council hearing and accused Amazon of lying. It blasted Amazon is anti union and today those same opponents make no apologies but Amazon's new as the only coming on the terms that they dictate. And those whose terms are bad which these terms are and then there's Atlanta. Opponents accuse the governor and mayor of a shoddy roll out refusing to give its neighbors that the Amazon deal is worth it. I'm gonna say Governor Cuomo mayor to buzz you use record this up. Because you told Amazon that it was a done deal and the mayor and the governor underestimated me. And the community it it's up position. The mayor's Chicago has already called Amazon at the back up just in case and our governor is now scrambling. At damage control. It is irresponsible. To allow political opposition. To overcome. Sound government policy you're not dead applied politics. But this afternoon at City Hall spokesman for merit of Lazio's said that the mayor fully expects Amazon to deliver. On its promise to new York and a spokesman for Amazon in Seattle today only said we are working hard to be a good neighbor to folks. Here in Queens. For now we're live in Long Island City did on channel seven. Eyewitness.

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{"duration":"2:52","description":"The company is reacting to vocal opposition from politicians and activists.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Business","id":"60951173","title":"Amazon reconsiders building new headquarters in New York City: WaPo","url":"/Business/video/amazon-reconsiders-building-headquarters-york-city-wapo-60951173"}