Best Bang for your Buck reveals the 3 top holiday car deals
3:00 | 12/04/13

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Transcript for Best Bang for your Buck
Cars -- -- making a comeback have you noticed Michelle Krebs a senior analyst from Edmunds dot com and she's here to explain. Which three deals are truly the best and it's so nice to see you via Skype good morning. That morning so what are your top three picks for this holiday season. Well I I can't feel her inside an understatement I'm. An uneasy. -- Here other when he keen Chevrolet Malibu when he there are and the other hand. I'm an elbow for example -- -- Out and it -- -- wait -- -- on our plan. The -- I am not written a program content on hand out Amare. -- of operating your. Government -- I'm -- and I'll really like our. You mentioned if you can find these these are -- parts so what would you recommend people do when they're looking for cars as opposed to going to every single dealership and saying hey you have this is there a faster way. -- court as. Well. And -- can't find your. -- -- I'm you know our -- -- and or it and -- it I. And I think you look you will be able to -- But you're on a color but you're looking or ugly fight. And model are about one. Yet. November was the best month for car sales since the Great Recession. -- is the best month generally speaking of the year to get the best deals on cars. Well again early August -- -- I thought that. Auto makers are clearing off the back -- the older vehicles the model. -- but -- I didn't even. Like I got my he's going into it but. But no matter what they don't eat leftover vehicle on the lot gotta -- -- a lot at the last minute it. Yeah or. Older or -- -- What what -- -- -- because it's -- in the news a lot Elon Musk has had to. Deal with these fires -- -- three different fires on YouTube the videos have gone viral. And he's now saying we we don't need to change anything but we're gonna keep looking at these cars and making sure that we make them better than ever. -- they are making a change it but I don't look but they are -- -- -- -- -- well there's I. And I I'm. Look at -- -- -- and there are but when such are -- Chaplain corps at the -- -- -- entered the problem and and I'm. You know we're all really are not working hand in and you. Isn't working properly because we aren't yet. Do you think -- the electric car is ever gonna get mainstream and if it does is it going to be because that Elon Musk has talked about -- but coming out with a less expensive model -- 30000 dollar model. If it becomes mainstream is Tesla gonna produce the mainstream version of it or is it going to be more of a Ford. Or -- General Motors -- Toyota version that is around the same price point. Clara and -- bring everybody I'm electric art and technology. -- look at the brand are only what our parents are hard -- -- off the vehicle. There are lot of will be. Yet there. Are a long way from hot electric -- -- main theme. We don't. Eat at -- -- and that the art that there are. -- Arab. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- and a lot of our EEU. -- you can -- art than -- hundred. Final. And end the anxiety people -- -- not being built upon it. Exactly it's all about the infrastructure -- crabs thanks so much for joining us happy holidays. --

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