Biden remarks on latest jobs report

The U.S. unemployment rate fell to 6% in March and 916,000 jobs were added.
2:29 | 04/02/21

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Transcript for Biden remarks on latest jobs report
This morning we learn that our economy. Grade 900000. Jobs in March. Needs a first too much of our administration. Has seen more new jobs created. In the first two months and the administration history. We still a long way to ago. Get our economy back on track after the worst economic and job crisis nearly century. Lamar and message the American people as this. Help is here. Opportunities come. And at long last there's hope so for so many fans somebody found. Credit for this progress belongs to give it to the American people. Hard work and women and men who have struggled through this pandemic. Never given up and are determined to get the country back on track. As well as their families. I think it's also deflection to things we're doing here. First the new economic strategy we've launched one focused on building from the bottom up in the middle out. And one that puts government on the side of working people. And that rewards work not wealth. When we invest in the American people. Not just those the top. That make our economy grow Vera the ones that make it grow ordinary Americans. We saw the economy gained traction in March. As the American rescue plan moon and got past bringing new hope to our country. We're going to continue. To implement that law in the weeks ahead. By April 7. Next week over a 130. Million households. Who have gotten their 1400. Dollar per person rescue check. Finals. Are on their way to local communities to put educators. Health care workers hope health care aides police firefighters. Sanitary workers back on the job. The getting more aid for small businesses. Were also gonna hang on open sign again on the door to rehire folks that had to be let go. And months ahead. A new child care tax credit will cut taxes and provide help to millions of famines and young children. There's nothing. Nothing and retarded in recent days mean there's nothing the American people cannot do if we given the chance. In the American rescue plan does precisely that. Are hard working middle class folks at long last.

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{"duration":"2:29","description":"The U.S. unemployment rate fell to 6% in March and 916,000 jobs were added.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Business","id":"76835826","title":"Biden remarks on latest jobs report","url":"/Business/video/biden-remarks-latest-jobs-report-76835826"}