The Big Number: Diet Soda Sales Drop 7 Percent

Changing market and increase in energy drink consumption causes US diet soda sales to fizzle.
3:47 | 04/16/14

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Transcript for The Big Number: Diet Soda Sales Drop 7 Percent
-- -- Wednesday April 16 the markets in New York are open and today's big number. 7%. That's how much America's consumption of diet -- the first quarter of this year hello everyone I'm Michelle -- York here to break down that 7% figured Jeff MacKey from -- -- to talk about this. Jeff that seems like we're all drinking a lot less diet soda and that's not necessarily a good thing for America's largest seller Coke cola right. Other pretty good company but a whole -- a whole. We are moving away from sort of consumption in general 20% since 1998. That's the amount of consumption down 7% industrywide on top of a 6% decline in all of last year we simply don't like her Diet Coke in the morning anymore I don't I used -- all the time I don't know what's wrong with Elvis dropped 7% just this year what's behind this diet dropped. I think we're seeing a couple different things one as it turns out diet soda in general is is not to criticize Coca-Cola. It's really not all that healthy go figure the -- fake sugar of the -- stuff that they put in there. Not all that good Korea and what we're also seeing is -- and energy drinks. All those energy drinks are nice replacement -- some sort of overtones if you look at Coca -- history trying to get people to drink Coke in the morning. There's something kind of creepy about it -- people for some reason don't have that hurdle when it comes -- -- dumping Red Bull or monster beverage are all those other energy drinks. Down their dollars and so we're just -- irritation in the market away from those diets terrorism and other stuff that might not be as much. An improvement -- a lateral move our -- So a lot more options for the consumers -- energy drinks these flavored waters. -- diet soda but these companies are all involved in this and that's that's. Not you know Coca-Cola still doing pretty good take for instance it's. Market in China as people turn away from soft drinks -- selling more designing water and minute maid juices and power is still very much in this game right. -- -- because very much in the we make averages game today they if you wanna drink something they'll sell it to -- -- on water which. Margins on water very very high as it turns out over here -- take water department involved people who spend. Lots and lots of money for the new terrific and emerging markets are still a certain addictive quality to both caffeine. And sugar and then there's little something be said for carbonation as well so -- not going out of business they're very good corporation reported earnings yesterday as a matter of fact. That -- more or less in line but they're having to do with more smoke and mirrors or in this case more orange juice power aid handles like. Trying to keep up with America's tasting. Major changes in their taste they're doing a pretty good job of -- but overall -- -- my soda and good for us. Let's go to -- on diet sodas he actually see these sort of going away with another generation. You know it it seems like to be product benefits of the diet soda have never really lived up all the hype -- -- -- I was weaned practically on tap. There's just read a miracle -- -- -- -- and then we've gone from bad to better and better tasting diet sort of -- just the idea of people looking added it's. Hard to put your list of ingredients together for -- Diet Coke and come away thinking that sounds organize alternative orange shoes because we've got all the kind of fake. Sweet stuff in there that people could probably do without so you're right I think that's a good point of a diet cola may be disappearing over the next generation -- -- But we'll find something else to do. We'll go gravitas that you can find one -- a delicious it's a little pink wonder tablet it's delightful. Jeff -- thank you from Yahoo! finance. And you of course can keep up with the latest headlines right here on You've been watching the big number I'm Michelle Franzen in New York.

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{"duration":"3:47","description":"Changing market and increase in energy drink consumption causes US diet soda sales to fizzle.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Business","id":"23346236","title":"The Big Number: Diet Soda Sales Drop 7 Percent","url":"/Business/video/big-number-diet-soda-sales-drop-23346236"}