Mobile Ads Account for 62% of Facebook Ad Revenue

FB continues its social media dominance.
6:49 | 07/24/14

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Transcript for Mobile Ads Account for 62% of Facebook Ad Revenue
Okay. July 24 the markets -- -- in today's big number 62%. FaceBook. -- its earnings report. For the second quarter among the many highlights. It's a huge jump in money from ads on mobile devices which for a whopping 62%. Facebook's total advertising revenue. Everyone I'm -- Cutler in New York big numbers coming out this morning all at all -- -- -- little college dorm room projects in fact to be unstoppable. From those numbers here in fact the understatement of the year so far Zuckerberg saying simply we had a good second quarter they're used to be of facts and talks worried about it FaceBook might have some trouble -- ads on mobile platforms but as you can see the numbers. Proving a different story -- to talk a little bit more about numbers let's bring in loyalist who finance on this Thursday morning. Lauren break down these numbers 62% not too bad. No this is a blowout quarter for FaceBook so let me tell you heading into this call I can't quite an -- people that I -- -- that said hey. When it comes to Facebook's earnings they better exceed expectations because they're so high war. Others saying -- apartment the bar may be set too high well not the case this time at least FaceBook. Reported double the earnings more than doubled earnings of last year revenue increasing 61%. From last year much better than expected. Earnings estimates by ten cents a share you do not see that every day back I can't remember the last time. That I heard that at least. Not nothing comes to mind this earnings season yet. So really strong earnings as you mentioned a key thing for FaceBook has been to -- that they can the bad. How competency. And mobile had his that was -- concern in early 2012 Y. The stock was stumbling people were worried that they couldn't and they have shown. That they can't 62%. Of their ad revenue coming from mobile. Which is really seen as the future and that decade there showing you know and great aptitude. In mastering. This really is phenomenal because the fact that -- -- as you pointed out there. Everyone when FaceBook first went public everyone was saying this is great -- uses FaceBook -- that's where this universal must have. At the same time -- can actually build a cash in on that. They then -- a couple of different strategies bars -- -- either sponsored ads or suggested apps something like that they might be able to capitalize on. And it did come to some you know confusions and growth facility users but as we see there the purpose according clearly they were able to turn a profit from that. I want to break out of that ever so -- actually users though because in fact FaceBook is reporting. That it has more than a billion mobile monthly users 654. Million daily mobile users. This site is growing faster now than anywhere else really is -- -- Yang and it's growing faster on mobile and on desktop which is what there's never speak to you mentioned and -- Mobile monthly users and then when you look at the totals one point 32 billion monthly users overall. 829 million daily users that is still many people US cents 15. Of the world's population. Logs on to FaceBook each month. I'm not one of them but I'm clearly in the vast. Minority. As FaceBook is so dominate and -- shows that they continue to -- users which of course is a concern as people have wondered. Has -- lost its cool which has been a legitimate concern for analysts adds there had pain. Indications there are fears that bit -- -- because lots of school with teens with those younger folks that are so cool. And also concerns over privacy with and you know a number of issues that have brought privacy concerns to light. FaceBook showing that perhaps that is not thanking them because they added forty million users in the quarter so really they continue to grow despite the fact that they have so much dominance and terms -- how many people are actually on FaceBook and and use it so frequent. That is a great point that you bring up there because yes it may have -- young folks that have brought it to be the cool Trenton thing to do. But about closing arguments made the fact that yes it might be older generations here in the United States that might be clinging -- to this but also in other countries other parts of the world. That -- taking up but let me ask you this on the whole kind of social landscape of mean despite Twitter -- -- mr. Graham FaceBook though. Whether it's -- popularity is waning. Seems to be that social go to place. Yet and that matters when it comes to ad dollars so when it comes to -- did that dollars and -- mobile ad space. It's really only FaceBook and Google better that -- only games in town now Google is much larger they get a much larger share of the ad revenue. But FaceBook his 88 is in a situation where it's gaining share and research for any marketer expects Google to lose share so. If FaceBook is in itself make big stride aids and one reason why this matters so much is that. -- expects that more ad dollars will be spent on mobile this hearing -- -- Then print publications so this is -- an important area. And at to speak your point you mentioned some of the initiatives earlier but I mean one questions like how have -- been able to do this and one has been made really focused now on premium video ads and -- said they launched and and network that allows advertisers to buy a FaceBook -- buy ads through FaceBook. That appear on either -- so those are -- and that launched in April so those are few this strategies and I you're really seeing it pay off. BK is FaceBook and Google are really the dominant yet players when it comes to where advertisers want to be. Not to take off the -- from from Zuckerberg statement does he have any clouds on the horizon with 62%. Sherry has clouds come on now are all things that the naysayers can bring to -- So one of the concerns about -- but could be about any nation in what they're doing air because they've launched. On some different apps they had had lukewarm response is an act one and then they shattered hope it was a competitor to snap chat. And in some of these others that they've launched had not been received with much -- -- -- so you know that's one thing but hey none of those clouds are hanging over investors' heads. Right now the stock is up about 8% at least when when we went to air at putting it in an all time high. So why if if there are those clouds they are not looming over today there once it will have to deal with and the future. We shall wait to see how that will be liked by the rest of the world -- -- -- -- -- -- and as honest there's a lot thanks so much have a good day thanks. Of course you can keep up latest headlines right here at C dot com you're watching the big number -- their New York.

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{"duration":"6:49","description":"FB continues its social media dominance.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Business","id":"24693247","title":"Mobile Ads Account for 62% of Facebook Ad Revenue","url":"/Business/video/big-number-mobile-ads-account-62-facebook-ad-24693247"}