Billionaire John Paul Dejoria's Keys to Make Your Biz Thrive

Episode 71: Co-founder of Patron Spirits and Paul Mitchell says success unshared is failure & explains how to motivate your employees.
7:16 | 12/18/15

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Transcript for Billionaire John Paul Dejoria's Keys to Make Your Biz Thrive
You came from what could actually start with absolutely nothing. And create something they have enough only for yourself and I'll be here to work so that it is some of the things that other people today. What went right along the way what engine built along ways to get to this point. Under a shroud the co-founder of politics or. I would say what went wrong and as you overcome it we had a good constantly given here here. The best the most unique things you'd so it was a flawless. And that's the same time he must heed that call the is three times you'd figure that people go patrol same thing. The world needed we need the United States particularly this postage is shooting at holding your breath and getting sick the next day. And that was patrol it was to ditch the marketplace but then as we proved we made sure of the wall with team that would change so that will he's alert along the way. One that I can tells Indian entrepreneur here person when that show personal life or your business life. Be prepared for a lot of rejection. In my early twenties sold encyclopedias. Door to door they'll play this cold calls itself books that's where you learn. To talk to heat up rather well that's right learn rejection because a lot of the doors were slightly your face. So one way that if you fifty doors you have to be just as enthusiastic. About Jordan of the fifties was the second biggest thing is. The matter what you me. Don't be in the cell business. And unity we work this where your product is so darn good. That the people use it for recommended the other part two is to things change. The balloon hymns even you know Generation X. so changing. People want to be associated with people that do something of themselves the best product. People that changed the world for the better. Paul Mitchell Feldman. The peace love and happiness foundation that we have is very well. It's having a mission statement what is the purpose of this in the past was have a business to make a profit today not all. But more more realizing that I'd be in business where you feel good. The only make the very best the regime could possibly me. With the same time do something to make the world better with your product and if you're lucky enough to make some nice profits out of that. Why not change your world Paul Mitchell has about a 120. Schools throughout the United States cosmetology schools. We have 16171000. Students. Partner curriculum that last few months is learning how to give back. How to fund raisers to help your community. That's in the learners. You can give to somebody else and ask for nothing in return thank you. You feel in light field it's a great I read that you were told him in school. That you it is actually are business teacher. Michelle Gilligan in the eleventh grade we're in our business class passing notes back and forth mr. wax her teacher came over. Intercept the note read it to the class some stupid like I'll see you at such and such after school said see these two here. They'll never amount to anything don't hang out with them at all well Michelle and I could care less right but. Cycle the navy after high school again about the navy and appellate Michaels of the social Gilead don't you know she is Tyson now. As JP she's Michelle Phillips of the moments of office. Of my theory you are out fiftieth birthday Michelle found mr. lacks Broadway fiftieth birth that we said. He came to get out of the iPod. Do you get with temperature outlook what Paul Mitchell in that's a great story and peoples that negative vibes it hurts a lot of people people why effort to when they're younger older. I don't like you have pretty it's actually people and put it in life they know if your prepared for a lot of rejection you'll would have put human life movement. When you used along north and life to let it. I've been down so low in my life that we've just we've got the Q everything so incredible. That we have a little bit it's all whole wallet in the lights also these like these reports. Bring others along with either less fortunate success. Picture is. Likewise in the self help business well what we're doing now was we're trying to self help everybody and that's how this should be. Help your people are. Tell me about the. This year. He has are patrolled Christmas special you saw people who made that is very limited only that's weird is that all what is this design that's hard T Ethier Loney. Every patrol bottle there's a beyond. Now why he would be with tequila right obese industrialist. OK it'll work to get something done it's like its own boss and it won't mess with you at all. But and you won't mess with that but he that's what that it will sting but a b.s not supposed to fly wings are too little body too big. But it did the impossible. To Cuba's not to do so smooth that you can't just sit that OK well that's when you can't you can't sit there and you can't like it. And the quality of patrolled the Q sort of copy right now this is very special to. There's only 500 bottles made that this is the first volley in 500 F the first in the United States is the first time ever. For a major crystal company into the French completely and got together with us only the bottle but we partners dollars oldest. Barrels tequila. We've brought it out this the finest defines. I F there that Iran and they're getting old 70500. Dollars 57500. Dollars I get the impression you pay a lot of attention he. The staff at the pro spears is so super cool. The about it until they pitchers who would blow your mind so what does it take to work when you're up for the biggest questions I get out. So I can put to you this. Paul Mitchell. It is 36. Years old starting now. 36 years this lesson. Wow. In a date change when the average person stays in the job for four year old ticker for people only to read the good forgive profit sharing in the year. Free life we love our people. We don't fossil morale neighborhood that middle management a lot of companies. Because we let people know we respect you and we know your views just. During tied for people laying off. So what's the as long as a whole team knows they got have the best products the world you gotta be happy until that we get back on their behalf. These two part obnoxious a community where the people you work for. Actually want to work with you but loves got to come along with it if you look what you do every little detail was paid more attention to. You don't mind working it's a golden rule. She went to others as you would have others do. Well thank you so much for coming to my office thank you for sharing your story thank you for sharing these incredible bottles of tequila this. They.

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{"duration":"7:16","description":"Episode 71: Co-founder of Patron Spirits and Paul Mitchell says success unshared is failure & explains how to motivate your employees.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Business","id":"35841957","title":"Billionaire John Paul Dejoria's Keys to Make Your Biz Thrive ","url":"/Business/video/billionaire-john-paul-dejorias-keys-make-biz-thrive-35841957"}