New Book Ousts The World's Biggest Hypocrites

From Donald Trump warning you "Don't be too cocky" to Bernie Madoffs investment advice new book, "Good Advice From Bad People" highlights hypocrisy from fallen icons
4:07 | 06/24/14

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Transcript for New Book Ousts The World's Biggest Hypocrites
Check this quote from the Donald. You have to be confident as you face the world each day but it can't be -- cocky anyone who thinks he's gonna win the mall is going to wind up. A huge loser yes you heard that right that Donald's advice to you. Don't get too cocky a case of do as I say not as I do I suppose. We'll -- this and that is author of the book the good advice from bad people and he's here to explain and you're saying -- essentially this is going on everywhere. -- -- -- -- the Donald Trump is -- my favorite examples from the book because he gave that advice in a book that you -- 1991 called trump surviving at the top of the sequel to his book the art of the deal. In the book came so bright as his real estate empire was collapsing under the weight of excessive debt -- his own sort of -- the audacity in this. These casinos were off on the brink of bankruptcy was -- of losing his entire real estate empire and he came over this book called. -- that exact moment surviving the top -- critic Los Angeles Times that was like. Marie Antoinette writing a book called keeping my head. In which he gave this advice about not being cocky I think most people would agree Donald Trump probably -- personal planet. I want to argue with that thank -- I am curious you looked at so many different people. Who are in the self help book space because that's. That's a very popular space when you write books and what did you find. All what I found and and obviously knows it's cherry picked examples a little bit but. -- able to write a really articulate self helpful with lots of great advice you have does not necessarily correlated. The following through on that advice there are dozens of best selling wealth books by people who went bankrupt. After that he wrote the bestseller wealth books and -- that really kind of you know some bodies here give this advice -- -- follow. I noticed a lot of people are writing the comeback story -- -- -- -- Yeah I know it's cut and it's kind of funny -- with a lot of these self help groups you know they fall from grace you know you saw this -- Ted Haggard took you know the book after his. His fall from from the ministry -- -- -- -- the bad -- in the movement but they always have you know one last chance to reach for the -- -- of these self help experts you know. You think you're done there done think you've gotten rid of them but they always have that one last self help book in the where they're gonna tell you what they've learned why this -- for yeah. Own you know I think it was really from watching -- -- don't really watching Lance Armstrong sort of offending employee comeback attempt in his. You know apology tour with -- Oprah Winfrey and it's just thinking and so you know it's. It's gotten way too easy to become an inspirational icon do we have a don't. We have some levels. Yes. Some people because of their status. Will do this. But don't we give it to them as a public we've got social media people can say more -- more -- what they think and be heard -- more and more people totally our fault group C hitting its immediate well -- I think it's the public's fault I think that we have this sort of desire for these charismatic leaders and I think one things I wanted to kind of emphasized that emphasize was to meet you don't need these people -- we can sort of try to evaluate. Advice and ideas independently. In the -- not Guam on -- these charismatic leader so much and so often disappoint us that the. So what's your advice to people what what at the end of the day what's the end game here. And there's a lot of different ones one of them is just feel a little bit. Skeptical. Of anyone -- out -- telling you how wonderful they are telling you what an expert they are in business. He knew how much do you really know that this person that that I think it's really that the -- How much do you really know how much did he ever really know -- about a person -- That makes that much richer as we really appreciate the -- good advice from that people can be found. Amazon Amazon mobile RI -- thanks so much we appreciate it thanks for joining us -- real Betis. At -- you for joining -- -- real this we'll hear from you which the world leader do you think is the biggest hypocrite. And what did he -- she say and then dale -- is that real bits with RJ until next time. This is Rebecca Jarvis from New York.

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{"id":24284405,"title":"New Book Ousts The World's Biggest Hypocrites","duration":"4:07","description":"From Donald Trump warning you \"Don't be too cocky\" to Bernie Madoffs investment advice new book, \"Good Advice From Bad People\" highlights hypocrisy from fallen icons ","url":"/Business/video/book-ousts-worlds-biggest-hypocrites-24284405","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}