Business insights from fitness guru Mark Langowski

The 'Body By Mark' guru gives advice on how to scale your business to make it stand out.
3:52 | 04/06/17

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Transcript for Business insights from fitness guru Mark Langowski
Zain asks. His training as a whole needs counties get your business and. Why I question scaled this picture. How to scale your business that's great great question right. I would say finding the right partners. Units it's a hook up with and so. You know if you're specializing. In you know let's say it on senior citizens you know go go to the senior citizen nursing homes that that are in the area and partner without all the sudden if you've got five nursing homes in the area. You know you've now got you know potentially hundreds of clients but if you're just sitting at home waiting for the customers to come to you or. They and so should media waiting for the elderly become ill look at your answer it's not gonna help I don't know. Exactly that's the thing is a yells also to know your audience you know where they're at and so here targeting college kids you better be out snaps you better be on in Seagram. You know face but you know you might be targeted slightly older demographic. I'm so you know really can and know your audience and you know. Partner with people that are bigger than you you know people that authority. Have done what you're trying to do but maybe in a slightly different areas that you can help them as much as they can tell you how would you recommend it reaching out to you those people early stage. I would say. Constant emails in constant calling you know I you can't give up you know Carolina. Are just not any right yeah. And in the thing that I say you know especially her early on is that if they said no to me I didn't quite explain myself well enough. Because. I I assume and I'm gonna make sure that they always eventually say yes to me so they say no. They don't really understand what I was saying them you know because I'm not gonna waste their time just like I want them to waste my time so I just need to explain myself better and normally when you do that. They'll come around if you're asking them something. Somewhat reasonable. It's it's interesting it's an act hot yet Beauchamp he. Founder of church box okay. Instead of very similar thing to me she when she started her company she let you all these executives in the church box of the company at the subscription -- company they felt very successful base. Make up skin care products. And she originally went all these cosmetics industry insiders and asked them about her idea is that. You know we just don't think it's gonna work and she said in that moment I just thought I haven't explained myself right at it we're gonna get to a point and yes about rightly. Right that's that's the number one thing it's as he you have to know how to position what you're sane. So that they they understand it fully and cakes kit for sale right right it's it's not a one way eroding in business you know that that's that the person yet to do when you're looking to reach out to someone is say okay. What are they gonna be benefiting from this conversation from this partnership because. If it's just one way you battery bring in money that table or something that that's gonna make someone do that it would feel. Absolutely cellmark where can people find you want social media where can people find line. Does social media in mr. Graham is at body by mark and Michael Levine it's bad sweat can't millionaire. And then online its body landmark dot com and sweat and hype then millionaire dot com. That's quite yeah I think we've got or questions. The. I like that she left you know if you're if you're quick on your. Feet and if you basically prepared you know though those responses. I would say you know quick immediately trying go to one of those. Six response that you have but. If you kind of stumbled a little bit it's all right to and the conversation now you know take about a little bit more and then maybe do a follow up email you know don't seem. Desperate. But also don't seem like you're giving up so again you just may need to take a day or take a couple days. Rethink exactly what your strategy is in the partnership or what you're trying to accomplish in that reach back out to them again. And again it's it's all about persistence.

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{"duration":"3:52","description":"The 'Body By Mark' guru gives advice on how to scale your business to make it stand out.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Business","id":"46627673","title":"Business insights from fitness guru Mark Langowski","url":"/Business/video/business-insights-fitness-guru-mark-langowski-46627673"}