Behind the business: Zoland Diamonds & Jewelry

A small family business is standing the test of time by being in business for nearly a century.
25:55 | 06/02/17

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Transcript for Behind the business: Zoland Diamonds & Jewelry
I think it's neo. Here that this is Dolan and this is part of our team that my friends. And it. Irene and the leading Cindy. Is that you have a team here is a small business but you guys do ran beings. About it so we're in the diamond jewelry business though we've we've got loose diamonds we felt that is jewelry. We make custom jewelry. We we sells jewelry. A whole bunch of different things you're here for nearly a century yes about though my grandfather Leon. Though I'm third generation my brother over there is rob. Rod himself with their generations and potentially our fourth generation in. Or some other grandchild the Great Britain. They've been up F. Grandfather started the business in 1920s. He was actually introduced the business through brother. Who was in the back in the 1920s they used to make mashed pocketbook. Goldman's pocketbooks and pocketbooks. They wouldn't they were infections of these things in my grandfather was exposed to it that way. All like movie stars that you see it right they have all the glamorous wonderful and Jules purses that your grandfather had them he would. And then he decided it's time to go out on his and he was opened up its first Joplin natively. And from there he went to. Which the previous. Diamond district. And in the late 1950s came up the 45 street that we could hear everything. That's great so. Feeling fine jewelry diamonds all Greek things country have customers coming here all the time. The winner some of the there are injured after the yes so in fact we have this generation customers were really really proud of that for a generation after generation. When introduced to. We've worked with as walk this great. Come on how her. Do you I think you're the only customer and live in the last one of them many many generational optimism in me. What keeps them like white day. Actually getting custom piece that the yield could mean for us repaired. So they're always good about repairing a damaged pieces if anything out most of them. So just open to pick it up. That's amazing so he custom made this for you some specific leave the house wow arrangement. That's an amazing. To me. It isn't and EU. Own. That's for a you. Such DT admiral agree and how long ago that the Fed engagement or eight him. Three years. Some visit Joliet funny you're at all yet that rocked this it's really is it's been. We've done in these is that president visit this actually in new mapping when. That community one month three point musical yet collected siphon off food in coney and of that room. I'll explain how we make this today you know back in the daisies that carved models by. Hands but today we do it on the computer. Union example what we do. So we hit them and we discussed what it is that we want to accomplish in the ring or any piece of jewelry for that matter. And then I'll sit down with the designer. Communicate to him or her what that's supposed to look like and we. Bill that. You think he'd do cad design. And yesterday with that looks like Iowa fact that this is an event for the job pick on him. If that job that we're working our right now. For a client. The city. And so customers all over an hour or your actual over the world wow. So this this is as customers customers done a marquee shape I'm in which it popular today and she wanted to kind of change the look and we're making a more rectangular almost him and look with halo around it. And then the diamonds on the site will match an existing ban Ki. So it all so we're we're repurchasing an alternate eatery in making bring beauty. The next millennium. Oh great so it sounds like I mean when you say custom lake you can do from. Starts offended she can take you through that RD accidents and even continued to update them men you know we're we re positioning person. People jewelry. We do it for ourselves and our minds and this all started with your grandfather and use that he used to do the molds himself. He with he was actually an auction buyers needs to go through the auction. And that was a very popular thing I have it for jewelry when he added he would trade amongst his cronies. Later he opened up shop with them it is jewelry and then I started to build jewelry for his for himself and for his clients. But that really took off from my father. Accidentally. So that you. When when the custom jewelry someone can come T item with a stone or RE with the setting how does one know like. What makes a good dot. I mean if you that we a lot of pride. In short they feel it. Really Smart decisions. So the first thing we do was sit down with them we give them. You know an education. And we talked about what it is is important when you're buying it and stone. We the just pick and the entire process that. Make sure they wouldn't do that we're at. Help them make it that the fears. That. Courtney but they don't just come and buy a piece of jewelry and walk out you walk out with a story you walk out with something that you think are your own but you also walk out with a little bit of education. So. Three forced entry for generations of though and have been doing this. And you guys have been in this build on how long since the mid 1980s. My father bought this. Some Hindu industry. And he wanted a home forms though afterward. And what we did this is the school of the diamond exchange of jewelry. And these are all kinds of bowers and this is this. A microcosm. Here it is the melting. We. Romanians. We have. The Russians we hear from them instantly from. Ukraine. Her yeah. Wow and everything your true representation of an international business it's right. Not only that everybody here worked together so what the questions I worked from allies the other ones we've done here. Where there's often a lot of competition. Is we tried created a climate where everybody worked together so you know because we. They have multiple trade that pearl street here point Miller pulled by area. The it Jewelers that there. Everybody has an opportunity to work together. And then it. That's amazing. So even went you know everyone being in one building used still attend to retain your customers for many generations. And even exist and successful business over the generations how he would stand though many. Different social economic strains that many small businesses have cracked and crumbled on there but you're still here. Well I think our core values arose for me thing. It's always been do your relationship. Making people feel comfortable treating them properly. And seeing. Toward. They walked out with you know they have an exciting experience to have happy spin. And they repeated jewelry that marks those special moments. What some of you say you have like fifth generation. Customers tell me about those customers how how to how are their connection with Nolan. Thirty every time you meet somebody for the first time it's it's like starting from scratch that you have to prove yourself everybody. Yes you can never take for granted that. Their parents that ran even agree with him declines. That they're good line. So when something comes and we pick things that we've we walked them through educational process. We are you. Worth. Thing they. Why make that it's special to them just what they were. What. We want them to be our next. Please with some of the things that they patio why they keep coming back and bring in their children and grandchildren back. Why why did you. Com because real relationship with you and you deepest regret you look beautiful. What you want and what. We're looking. And those who well know report you know my broker or your efforts and Ki moon group of friends from its own. Get coastal relationship to. What you. Everybody's truly. More repeat it's been PC soon. About 2627. Years and so. And those who do great work. Differing. So. I don't wanna do something we did I put it didn't. I'm sure I'm right good luck charm. When he years using your prize and running the business with that there. Charm or something and you're here. That you accurately. That the that the. This is called the yacht at the point there and it's made of silver. And actually. Something I hadn't mentioned was that my great grandfather great grandfather. Ways need. Silver publisher and so replace him. And this is my mighty. Grandmothers fathers than not my grandfather's father. With that actually it tavern owner back in the old country in debt worth that's the business owners it. Though it so I'm not sure that this came actually from my great grandfather I'm not sure exactly where this came from. But this year this is the pointer and use them when you're reading the Torah. The old testament and win this this yacht has been in our family for a very long time. And I'd like to think it helps this point we keep this pointing in the right direction. This is just the little something that we keep around and is that it is reminder of who we are rents where we've come from where we're going. So you you're saying that your son he may be taken over the that there is how is it that. Is this is naturally is that OK your Graham I was sent to your father here take the business you have no choice in that your fathers that seemed to you in are you saying missing two year sun like how does that all come not at all I'll just speak for himself just come on over. He's right on half a rapid rate. Ahead in Iraq and I'm. Numbers overheard by myself. May you guys do well against it is. A high grade I think her eyes. It's our way into go to business. Two men Phnom. Very fortunate that my father really vigilant for me. Everything that my family's done building this business luckily for me. Mind. What. He hear it on we'll see. So it's not families. And you just take over the visit. You know this is this is a great business but it's a hard business who we work long hours and we have to be totally committed and we don't want anybody that is. Anybody to be here especially our children than I can be happy. So we've we want to be there early. And and love what they do just the way rob does and I do. Those that was this a natural high trajectory for your salt where and when you're Robyn that it with the something not to overeat without pay and graduating high school and it's gonna take over the family business or actually this is my. Day was actually in the theater business when he first. Ten years that. And not. And then. Fourteen years ago with this thing. Doing that where it was actually. Computer program it well. Other ethnic and computerize the business well that was fourteen years ago and still your computer business that does happen be. Selling diamonds in buying diamonds and the run companies. My past experience both very different from. Mrs. Opera companies. A little bit of the different direction that otherwise would have then. And analyst business. But with so little that it be different perspective. Coming in. The Warner Summers like parent I learn where you got like competitive running and then see who cares what can yet actually light years apart but he's the only candidate that's. We Euro is expected to. Well by the editors of both. Thank you that anything you want you want money no problem if you have to come to where he had. We spent our Saturday's going up after the age of the leeward drafted the service here. And and we would then work. School holidays. We would Wear summer vacation that we have a job on. So it was. Those they work ethic and it they opportunity to learn about its business we decide for ourselves whether we wanted to billing the that was ever handed it let Leo. Really. Where where it and gain an appreciation. Where what that is done here. And same for you. Learn now by I came straight out of college. I had a liberal arts background and because that we it spends Summers here and weekends and holidays. By the time I was a junior in college I knew that this was what I won it that is so I came straight out of college and this is it'll be thirty years is that. Our. So. You say you have customers all over the world as it and that's something that you guys have. Cherished over the years where some of the country is our cities. Where it's familiar to renounce currently exists so my. The first country that comes to mind is supposed to Rica. We have wonderful. Go streaking contingent. There. They're actually considered part of our family it's I think she defused if somebody else here who got her great great story this morning. Pilots. Currently free time they are your customers though as well I hope people hopefully. It'll say. And east. And second grade teacher wow. You have to leave that out Tony I'll use. My grandparents came here two. We've heard this and Giuliani's. Coming up hanging. Me. Two cents up together so I grandfather couldn't really hard. They like a nice engagement ring and then after so many years. The evening news. Canada's mission even praying and then diamond. Rain on the news used to land. After my grandfather's. That's amazing so there must come here. And now you're coming here she just say hey you need to go to check out Yale and. I actually asked my. And ethnicity admired keys and his machine counts and steam room. Everyone I think he. And sound. Part of accident yet discerned it. Seriously. We're being Jewish owned Miami last year. Some human. Or there's. Aaron just having any casual. We struck up a conversation just randomly with the people that were sitting next to us it turned out to be. There have so after playing oh geography figuring out where we each other from his that we can and it. You're mother's market street without. I second grade teacher oh. At least to be invited to come didn't jewelry show the next day they visited us that is. And it's. Very fortuitous and quite coincidental. Very very small world. And analysts the I think. That's outside. He's still trying to get well yeah. That's just as angry. It's mostly here. Her students. Wow. And not only that of course know where she have her jewelry Arabs. That. That's amazing and are you getting a custom piece of me. A while that's amazing. About story. Well thank you that I'm I appreciate your story of a nice meeting you. If the fear that the generations in the flash. Have opposed to just the story you know that this is here every day operation that people are coming in in their telling their stories and doing business with you. You're there generations. Having so many agree. Stories come up even after a senior allies you related or knowing people. So that's very. Like mall are about Lee. Something today you guys have died that most unique or different attend them. A piece Miller piece that you guys every purpose that was like nearly Audi Q okay. And making a little. Good question I mean where where where is this the constant process. Oh. You know where where it just yesterday I was working with my model maker on a job. I don't have a bought the boxes over there. Very tight at the end that if he's with a lap with. You was working. 3 June our model make here is from Korea and today he he worked with a thin hopes. Create these beautiful jewelry. But yes sometimes it but most of what we do is diamond related but every once in awhile ago. Quite often actually will creative and jewelry with. With a colored stone. This is a piece of lap this. Appease the car flap their leftist which with with interest thing and literally been sitting around. For years been one of my boxes. And it that's that's create something interesting with that so we were playing around with some different. Concepts. Christmas to about something simple. Then we use them we've played around with. Various sides designs than we ultimately came up with something like this. Those states and in another day associated we'll have the the cad design for me and probably tweak it a little bit before we ultimately printed read the print there. And then it gets cast of that than the eighteen karat gold and platinum. And yet diamonds and we make it useful if what's perfectly start to finish what what's the timeline. It's it depends it depends in the interest you the youth. It could be as quick as two weeks to customize. Make a custom pieces jewelry. It could take two months. So it that and I think that that's the range just depends an increase entered the and the amount. The revisions that are required to make it just. Right for. The industry changed I mean you're good. Nearly a century in this business has been around so many different things that happen how has the industry changed how are you preparing for those things and so in some ways it's. Exactly the same message. Generations. With its different. Had design. That we changed the way we can sign. He's. And they still sometimes do for a more organic would you please will. Actually physically have a model maker harper whacked the specifications. But more and more we use. Had been done 3-D printers. To create the jewelry and if it's quick and it's. Efficient. And supportable and eight. We. Better. Chance to assure that it could be that we want. That's great so that's 11 example. What we do. Differently today. What else are we doing I think communication is totally different of course social media. You know we EU ten years writing even know what we're marketing and and now marketing those of you do think that if that's a major part of our. Is this communication. With our clients. Has become much more active. Sleep for people come through the door with. You know communicating through email and. And yes. How how has that changed intensify your relate to your customers like he hearing great stories that you never heard before so Josh just introduced the new program with me. Cindy and Josh you're created. A share your story. Program that we launched literally a few days ago and so we've received stories from customers. That there is over and the experience that there were heart warming and sometimes real fine. Great. Have you ever thought about being like one of these huge jewelry conglomerates. Or many of fractures. Or is this something that you can see until the end of time this has been all the dies so before. And as I mentioned earlier this is all about relationships. You take me. Personal touch out of that thing you then I might as well we do business it's for me is that establishing report it. The B. Art of building piece of jewelry is really exciting it's really fun but nothing makes up for. The relationship that we built and the relationship that we continues that's what keeps it exciting and interesting. Ratifying. Alia has been a pleasure for you to show measured as a share your I commented this is very wonderful grade. Just one last word about being a small business. What's the most rewarding. Aspect of being a small business in growing unit operating in small business today. I think the finding. Her future. Defining what it is. You're about and and Larry you wanted to take it. It is is so meaningful to me it. Being able to be control of my best. And when we're successful. Being able to reap the rewards. All of our hard work it and. That's great thanks again you know it's been a pleasure verio allowing us to see the inside and behind the business of though and a.

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