China's Alleged Hacking Scandal Will Not Push Companies to Leave

Jeff Macke analyzes the morning business headlines.
4:59 | 02/19/13

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Transcript for China's Alleged Hacking Scandal Will Not Push Companies to Leave
Market -- jurors were up this morning analysts say it's probably because of strengthening European markets. But have a terrible time last week but the announcements of mergers and acquisitions left and right. Has increased hopes of investors and here to help me break down the top story today. We're pleased to have with us Jeff MacKey from Yahoo! finance good morning Jeff. Good morning John -- -- -- -- -- to -- -- me to it's nice being back together again let's talk about this Chinese hacking scandal. First we hear the New York Times now we hear over a 140. Companies what can you tell us. It's out of a military building in Shanghai which is interesting and all kinds of ways. Of course Chinese are you know window few mistakes arraignment not much happened and it was an official. But yeah apparently some -- things going on not just as you -- New York Times but all over the place. It's really hard to get your arms around -- this could be the year of the hack though not just in China and other places while. But obviously we -- so much business with China on so many American companies are looking to set up either. You know -- extensions of their company there are new companies -- what kind of message is that sending to America not to ignore. Unfortunately it's not really a new message which is caveat emptor as -- try to go behind the great wall. -- has always been a tough place to do business and you're always dealing with a lot of inside transactions. As outsiders you don't you're privy -- some of the same deals -- -- rip off her copyrights like crazy. It's this is just kind of what you get in return -- trying to tap into that billion plus market. So I don't think it really changes the nature of the conversation might politically but certainly not from -- corporate level. The mistakes were made corporations will still be willing to go there just as the market is holding its huge that's right -- but what kind of political repercussions -- -- we could see here. -- some chest thumping maybe rattling some sabres were not doing anything that we can and global column names -- call us names and everything will be forgotten in the morning except for the people whose stated after they might have to deal with that personal. -- -- -- right not a fun thing -- aren't looks a little bit up and domestic economy things even. Chugging along and seeming seemingly going rather well but some people are saying unemployment could hit back up to 8% what do you think's going on I'd. Some people are always saying that there's lot of talk. But the payroll tax cut about how we're all worried about what's going on Washington DC. A -- like -- hi I'm short interest from the sequestration debate I don't think anyone cares and it's hard word to say. I think it's just more of Washington DC crying wolf and so a lot of these things that are supposedly negative had winds. We were gonna adjust to and another thing on that 8% unemployment remember. That a big component of that is people looking for work and so you want to drive the unemployment rate down. You just get people to believe there are no jobs out there -- stop look and the unemployment rate looks artificially going to rise of unemployment went back up to 8% as more folks -- hunting for jobs. I'm bullish like crazy and I could be fantastic. All right let's talk about some murders office -- and Office Depot our folks excited about this -- There they're giddy now. Kidding -- -- just being mean. The ID the I think they have they're taking over -- -- Mifflin on another network. I don't -- nothing -- to see here you know the interesting thing about this though is staples got involved. Years ago at 1520 years ago. Trying to buy I think it was Office Depot and the government came on for antitrust reasons there's so -- be a monopoly on office supply equipment. Turns out not to be -- case this is kind of a merger of I don't know two companies jumping off a cliff it's not in the -- are holding hands only drive into the abyss so you don't think this is gonna mean anything to and a lot are stable and that he didn't know I I doubt I'd Japanese as a runs Amazon even noticed this. Yes it's a pet. Let's get a -- paper -- nothing extra -- -- good meal maybe these companies through efficiencies can save themselves and maybe save some jobs. But -- and that it's just kind of a little transaction of which have been a lot of that we've seen so far this year so you know it's kind of in a vacuum not much for office supplies become another could tell -- markets themselves. The year of the merger we get caught and I -- -- -- merger who now that's right here are speaking up packing for working. Hacking -- not quite as serious but but kind of funny thoughts about it. Yeah divers and other Twitter account pack ahead burger -- had kind of a tough run -- -- there's a were accused of an apparently guilty. Some other forms of riders -- a little -- horse in the whopper. -- -- There -- suggestions made whopper sales were down. Because they're jamming mr. -- into the -- imagine that that probably was -- and then they announced that they were going to DNA test servers to see if any horse meat in them. I don't know there's nothing in that sentence -- -- -- wanna go out buy food there in your house DNA testing to see if there's horse meat in it it's nothing to do with that and so a Burger King came back and they were. They were a little amused by it but frankly think about my Twitter stream of their. It's just. I was gonna get breakfast after the stuff that you read about -- all right we're hip. Have you heard look at that -- -- -- slow morning adds up about 2.3 boys. Great Scott and -- -- have a great -- you to.

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{"id":18538581,"title":"China's Alleged Hacking Scandal Will Not Push Companies to Leave","duration":"4:59","description":"Jeff Macke analyzes the morning business headlines.","url":"/Business/video/chinas-alleged-hacking-scandal-push-companies-leave-18538581","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}