3 Really Cool Things To Do In Cuba: Off The Beaten Path

Luxury travel company Cazenove and Loyd will customize your next vacation to Latin America, Africa, India and Asia.
6:54 | 01/22/15

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Transcript for 3 Really Cool Things To Do In Cuba: Off The Beaten Path
Henrietta Lloyd loves to travel but unlike most of us who would probably just waited for the next vacation day and set sail. She figured out how to go on permanent vacation by starting her own luxury travel company Casanova and Lloyd. Now she is the one in charge of designing and taking some of the best vacations in the world I want to welcome Henrietta Lloyd. She is the founder of has an open Lloyd and it's so nice to have you with us had Rihanna. Thanks for back at good to be on the ocean. Still this sounds like a dream come true to me I love's travel. And I would love to make it a more of a part of my work life. I at least tick beautiful destinations like the ones you go to how did you get started. Passion was travel trouble is a passionate minds when I was a child and I decided to tan my passion into my children my lifestyle. And I'm sure that and I was able to travel allotment. You were able to travel a lot so when you first sat out she when I was a child. To design at these master vacations the most luxurious vacations in the world. What area as did you focus on. We thought it would Africa and then we moved to Latin America and Asia and we decided today to Constance that we felt the weakened add value. That was very easy to organizer and travel on Iran in this his 21 years ago and I study Katzman night. 218. Years ago. These are some pretty luxurious trips and I'm sure that you get a certain clientele with big demand shall we say it. What is the most outrageous thing someone has asked for on a trip. The most outrageous things silent gospel is well I mean it there are reams and reams but I think one of the best things we have it did was when we arranged for father Christmas to be in the and it says it's in in India theater that children could experience Christmas on Christmas Day. I wish a picture that in the desert. But in the desert so you had to get cell that was funny one of the things. You had to get father Christmas from the North Pole to the desert on Christmas Day. Exactly it exactly say we've that we we then we satisfied all the children's wishes. Will one big travel topic that everyone is talking about right now of course as Cuba because of what the president had to say in his State of the Union Address this week take a lesson. Iran Cuba. We are ending a policy that was long past its expiration. When what you're Dolan doesn't work for fifty years. It's time to try something they'll. So David nearer. World news tonight was just reporting live from Cuba last night for world news tonight. But what is this ultimately mean for the rest of us people who want to travel there on vacation. Well I think it's incredibly exciting and since we have dollar office in America. Three isn't it we've seen on inquiries and levels to Cuba gay in excess of 400% around them. That this is gonna get went out this yet but we're at the rate that being cars coming in. And it may I take a group every and last year had twelve Americans on my trip and I think it's going to be huge change. I think what Cuba is facing today is is that put them on to say great that that kind of fun at a province Savvis that the moms in the next few years anyway. The LAPD build new hotels new entry ways into the country. The probably the people and I'm just guessing here but the people that. You are taking from the US to Cuba last year we're having to fly to Toronto or something like baton and flying to Cuba. Correct and that when he's upset the pundits switch coasts in the region about 800 dollars and that people to people time it's. We understand that he will be more like an affidavit and I think battle costs and by the region of a hundred dollars so that will become Matisse if it traveled to Cuba. What is your understanding at this point what's Kosher for travelers vs what is knocked. From the US that the men and I think that. One of the men and I think that that is. And Mitchell that will be little changed I say but when. Cuts come with me we give managed to access a lot of private it's private. Galleries cure rate his artist I think that's what makes it different but an amendment. There is still men may about an access. Americans colonies credit cards and it is that the united money that they would be spent that is still limited and the importance gothic centrists say. That will really change in radiate not which I think is incredibly exciting forever but he. What B complaints or criticisms of what might happen when it Cuba opens up the United States is that this isn't. That the benefit is not going to trickle down to the people but the people themselves. We'll not see the benefit of an increase in tourists and for example American dollars. What do you see on the ground happening there. I think it amendment that's apps that you write and I think and hateful to sit at that will change I think I'm chill when the American Embassy isn't in Havana that hates me that. Everything will benefit the Cubans fall more than it is an amendment. So let's say you are planning that trip to Cuba what are they topped three off the beaten path cool things to do. Why are there. Spiegel things that we think it gave festival will be off his quite phenomenal say we do as I said we have Dennis with artists in that high hand to that say. Welcoming and really want shelf what the is that nobody else is that they have that whack cut sides of cubic subsequently not a recognized none the US and weld life. We're encouraging pivot date to the northeast of the island where. It's very unspoiled really radeon spoke very youthful. And that they I think the that the whole Battie and dawn some music coming in Cuba is seven died and people this just saying credit be friendly. And the key thing that I've always felt California citing gang is managing expectation and that is the number one. Top in this talk about priority when listening trips number one thing you shady Welling Q&A battery and a when I didn't well Lopes but definitely a lot and he says. No heat there is yes and and we are hearing and heard from Jim below last night I think it's. I shot of rum there is eighty cents or something like bats of the mohicans are not going to be that. The New York City Chicago Alley price now he goes at fifteen bucks a pop. Definitely know exactly you know. And real light they do so much for joining us today. Thank you.

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{"duration":"6:54","description":"Luxury travel company Cazenove and Loyd will customize your next vacation to Latin America, Africa, India and Asia.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Business","id":"28405250","title":"3 Really Cool Things To Do In Cuba: Off The Beaten Path","url":"/Business/video/cool-things-cuba-off-beaten-path-28405250"}