Dine like the Wolf of Wall Street

Watch the Exec. Chef of Delmonico's reveal recipes from America's 1st fine dining restaurant.
3:00 | 01/27/14

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Transcript for Dine like the Wolf of Wall Street
There is no shortage of Guiding Light -- -- and the new blockbuster hit the wolf of Wall Street. Due to bring -- to -- of -- point teens you know -- and then precisely seven and one half minutes after that to governess to more than. Two more after that every five minutes until one must pass is. Excellent strategist. Like that for three hours if he saw the movie and if you wanna die like DiCaprio we brought in one of the country's top culinary talents the executive -- -- Monaco's. One of the finest steak house is on Wall Street a lot of guys on Wall Street you dine there. And he's going to be sharing some tips to make your meals taste top not just so nice to see you -- be here thank you so. Things about indicting and thank you for bringing by the way -- is that -- that is gold leaf that's a flat bread with lobster. Kobe beef. Gold leaf pogrom does that does run will -- add something to it other than a lot of expense that I think about it. A lot of expense and a little bit of help. For people who are trying to recreate these types of experiences at home and in one of the big things is the cost you don't want to spend that much to me it's pasta meal it's so how do you -- and if someone's trying to make it really special. Valentine's Day is right around the corner may be some people are thinking about that how do you recommend ago -- -- well I mean at home it's it's so different than -- and in a restaurant. But you know for up for stakes trying to buy good products you know. Start with good stuff and keep it very little things -- Helena area -- you -- seasonal I seasonal local. Good products are you gonna -- -- you know. One let it don't take you right out refrigerator -- in the pan you know that there's a lot of little tips that you can do I let it let -- -- room temperature. But the best -- is local seasonal. Or come to del -- or if you'd like to drop a little something -- -- Monaco's and and tell me did you perceive. Jordan belt sport at del Monaco as we near -- and as the -- I have not and never see it I've never tonight about the kitchen too much rates -- loads of people that come considering how he behavior probably lucky -- get back there. A little bit away from him exactly. And tell me what is the grilled cheese that you Brock. Of the grilled cheese it's two different types of a sharp -- she's -- -- Abbas and shape from Max on this that. Accrued lot of -- -- only your house. -- -- onions a -- mustard and loads a shaved truffle and that. What are you doing I'm gonna try that by the -- but it's too far away from its usual for -- -- -- -- but for the Super Bowl do you have any special plans at del -- Com downtown we need to not her high. I and we have to -- -- -- exactly already it's starting here in New York City they were shut down much of midtown just this morning going to GMA it was crazy just try to get there because they literally shut down a lot of Times Square to build these massive structures. In this city I also wanted to ask you about del Monaco is coming up with eggs Benedict sure I didn't realize I'm. Eggs Benedict baked Alaska lobster knew -- all invented until Monaco came from -- -- -- -- -- big come up with eggs Benedict well. Mr. and mrs. Benedict continues to -- -- all the time. I'm the used to come Saturday night's and the -- -- Brothers were there they asked that the market Brothers listened we have a menu here. But we want something different. He created it for them and that the -- rose have a habit. Of naming dishes after their costs passed after their customers -- cool and. Well we really appreciate you joining us Billy from del Monaco I was the executive chef bringing. Literally hundred dollar plates for us to -- here and -- -- take you so much thank you thank you.

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{"id":22225571,"title":"Dine like the Wolf of Wall Street ","duration":"3:00","description":"Watch the Exec. Chef of Delmonico's reveal recipes from America's 1st fine dining restaurant.","url":"/Business/video/dine-wolf-wall-street-22225571","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}