Dutch's Sprits on the Forefront of America's Next Big Cash Crop

Moonshine distiller brings forbidden fruit of outlaws & bandits back to life by rebuilding historic New York farm.
6:15 | 08/05/14

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Transcript for Dutch's Sprits on the Forefront of America's Next Big Cash Crop
-- in case you missed the -- mountain spirits have gone back to the future moonshine is all the rage this summer and for decades this UNAIDS -- was the forbidden fruit of outlaws and bandits. But now with -- -- liquor laws -- the moonshine are stocked on store shelves and not just in Brooklyn. Today you can even order a moonshine cocktail at Applebee's and Buffalo Wild Wings a want to bring in a guy who tossed in the towel on his Wall Street -- -- economics career. To this film moonshine instead meet our -- -- he is president and co-founder of -- -- is so nice to have you with us threatened so you've done what I can assuming there's multiple people at trading desks. Dreaming of doing right now how did you end up doing this in the first place what agent Leigh Wall Street for -- us. Well is really all about the story for me went to college with an individual Alex Adams and his family was not -- -- the -- business but. They were part of a -- 400 acre farm in upstate New York that's the former bootlegging operation production also for me and for him it's always been about story. -- you -- at your desk and and that may imagine doing this one day. I did I sat -- my desk for a good fifteen years and so -- a lot of time to imagine doing other things in and this was something that really grabbed hold me and as was named to -- -- so I went and did it. It it always amazes me -- -- in whether it's the foods that we eat or the beverages that we drink and moonshine. Is really. A big trend right now and it's not just -- yeah I mean we -- in the introduction it's not just in the trendy bars. Here in New York City now it's made its way to the likes of Applebee's in Buffalo Wild Wings. Yeah absolutely. You know to call moonshine a trend I think. Is not quite accurate because moonshine has been around forever you know when you when you called moonshine what is moonshine moonshine. Typically is known as illegal liquor but -- moonshine is is its local liquor when prohibition came about it was imposed black market. What was essentially a legal popular. Not pastime but economic activity for. For every one for farming communities and and and other rural locations and different societies it was a it was a -- And they mean that I mean it we know I hear about -- -- for example. Moonshine -- back to Jim both made in the -- up. Fellow -- you know. This -- -- -- bathtubs some you know some some moon shines are tremendous you know moonshine and South America is made from sugar. Like you mentioned that in the next cash -- sugar is. Is the biggest cash crop so -- sugar based moonshine. Is actually very popular has been. Is now and will continue to be hopefully for. Me and my company and you bring up cash crop now states are banking on this moonshine tax in some cases. Yeah -- it well excise tax is always been about taxes for the government. You know -- for the government. Moonshine really means liquor which taxes have been paid on so they're very. Let's stay focused on receiving their revenue and we. Pay our taxes and in time so we have no problems. These are the items that you're selling this is a -- a moonshine -- This is actually a -- it's an empty today and we put moonshine in it and we put lemonade and it or whatever you like to put -- it. And you create your own -- you make your own -- you make your own flavors that's the beauty of this system. How much -- -- selling these for and how did you determine your price point in the beginning were about to go retail with a right now we're finishing our designer packaging and our merchandise plan. The larger -- this is a two and a half gallon keg that will go for about a hundred dollars the smaller -- will go for about fifty dollars and smaller -- also has. Different tap handle so you can have a CO2 -- and or an air pumped out and elect might be used to from her college days what's. From your college days how to compare to vodka in terms of the potency and and the proof. -- the proof is exactly the same it's an eighty proof product it's actually. To translate into common jargon it is about this is broad -- -- sugar spurs a 100% -- neutral spirit a neutral -- vodka so. You know to translated it's a brown sugar vodka. Which is why it just has its. Clean taste which is why it's eminently mixer bowl and which is -- -- and you've thrown a keg and you get into people's hands here is this the next great use is that people attaches. Known -- be the first duchess you need to be an extreme and you -- want to build an empire. You know I I think as far as an empire goes -- -- an empire is a community it is a an interconnected series of businesses and people so. Yet that's an -- That's what it's about by the people and for the people and you're already in that Williams-Sonoma. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We also just released do yourself -- making -- so. -- a company of makers we're society of makers were country of makers so to. To get out there and to provide a platform for other people -- individually make things themselves. I think is tremendous opportunity it's meant something for Austin's man's opportunity for those that we serve. So to anyone who is right now at their garage or somewhere in their home they think they've got it they've got their finger on the pulse of what they think is the most -- -- beverage that they've just created. What's your number one piece of advice to those people. I would say. Get it into every person's hand that you can't just. Get out there have a block party have I have a lot of block parties have city party get out there and and bring it can bring a couple kegs -- will will provide case. Thank you so much are real it's called duchess. And you can get it it's coming to stores near you very sick and yes we're working with -- national retailers for the -- and as you mentioned before. We are currently in about ten Buffalo Wild Wings between new York New Jersey with plans to roll out to many many more -- Congratulation thanks so much and your inspiration -- -- to a lot of people I I -- a former wall Streeter that got out. This feels good it feels great -- -- thank you so much you know.

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{"duration":"6:15","description":"Moonshine distiller brings forbidden fruit of outlaws & bandits back to life by rebuilding historic New York farm.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Business","id":"24848087","title":"Dutch's Sprits on the Forefront of America's Next Big Cash Crop","url":"/Business/video/dutch-sprits-forefront-americas-big-cash-crop-24848087"}