New Fad To Boost Your Love Life To Nasty Girl CEO's Unlikely Success Story

Rebecca Jarvis reveals what you need to know on Real Biz 5.8.2014
14:26 | 05/08/14

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Transcript for New Fad To Boost Your Love Life To Nasty Girl CEO's Unlikely Success Story
Hello and welcome to real this I'm Rebecca Jarvis in New York City and here's what's on our radar today. Coming to America the man who created jetBlue has another airline in Brazil and it's headed for our shores. Baggage fees and beyond with the CEO David -- then from dumpster diving to high flying fashion east of the rags to riches story of nasty gal. And coconut water is so five minutes ago there's a new it use in town -- live taste -- -- just minutes away. But first he launched jetBlue and many took his model to Brazil creating -- now ahead of the World Cup in the 2016 Olympics. He's bringing the new airline back to America he's David -- and he's with us now with -- nice to see David thanks to record -- -- on C can't get -- -- -- now I don't know if it's crazy it's. It's a sickness I guess is it -- significant a lot of American travelers. Might think so considering the way that travel has become today yeah it's. You know it's obviously very difficult but you know fuel prices. Really change the game and aviation and any forced airlines to do things differently and nice I read an article where delta said 20% of all its revenues are coming from other than -- so they charge for everything trying to make of that difference -- feel. It is those billions and baggage fees multi billion dollars coming out of that and of course we see these videos all the time they go viral on the Internet of how baggage handlers. Are not being nice write your luggage after you paid a hundred bucks for it it's it's getting. Demolished so now what are what are you doing with his -- and and reassure anybody who's gonna I think right now that is still doesn't play that game -- well. As he said he started jetBlue and had a great experience here in New York doing that and I was born in Brazil. So I was wanted to go back to Brazil is something different my dad was a missionary down there and and they went back as a journalist for United Press International. So -- down saw the market down there and I thought wow you know you you really jetBlue type airline in Brazil really lacks service and low fares. And -- today we have 900 -- today 205 cities. We fly almost a 100000 people -- -- in Brazil we've doubled the size of the travel market. We see fifty million people a year traveled to Brazil now hundred million in huge growing middle class there keeps going middle class so we thought what the heck let's fight -- by the United States. What the heck -- -- happen if it isn't. Basically -- time because of course going from the US to Brazil is gonna be -- hot route content Olympics time you didn't quite get the flights are ready -- time. Enough for the real World Cup now what will be flying -- by the end of the year. And we're gonna first of -- Florida -- -- love Florida and so we're gonna -- probably Fort Lauderdale and Orlando. And then. Little bit after that going to be fine fine to New York so. It's it's it's exciting time for us really helps our -- our cargo business are packaged business are -- of our business. And really adds a lot of dimensions to our business and and makes this you know a lot more relevant. How do you deal that that the thing everybody loved about Ted Leo and loves about jetBlue is first -- -- you get the free fit. Right every seat has a television on it right. How do you deal with those things on -- -- -- baggage is well. You know you may like this but in Brazil it's against a lot of charge for baggage fees -- If so consumers love and yet -- love that. Really working on changing that -- David well you. Show me what you know would be -- ago revenue but we're doing fine and that date certain that people get I think it's 28 kilos per person for -- That's that's just a lot so that's the way we do business in Brazil and you know it creates a challenge but it's okay because the opportunities -- much much bigger. But as far -- we free food obviously and we have television I'm bored resilience on television as much as Americans do. And so we have seventy channels television so that's one -- -- raises are we've grown so much is because we've got a much better line than our competitors and and people prefer to -- -- and and so it's it's been a fantastic -- -- one of the things in the US market all the big airlines have -- we can't do this we can't stay competitive. -- lest we consolidate which is why you've seen delta and continental and united. And northwest all teaming up to treat these super airlines which jetBlue has managed to stay out out. How do you stay competitive. And that back. It's hard because. You know the ability to have you know the economies of scale and have -- activity and -- -- American Airlines was -- bankrupt. And they were able to clean up all their -- -- off you know. Get all the labor contracts are structured -- pension problems and created basically fourteen billion dollars worth of value from nothing. Just very restructuring everything and -- -- with US Airways. And now their dominant force I mean they're they're going to be you know rival delta and we're united has -- as well so. -- -- small airlines like jetBlue like Alaska Airlines yes spirits carved out and it shouldn't be charging for everything including overhead and and and yours and your seat. -- everything they charge of every -- they've created a lot of value -- -- their their market caps over over four billion dollars. You know higher than -- blues and so you know there that you have to figure -- new ways to do things and. And my -- is old doesn't figure out how to do it that way. But we really we really appreciate -- saving you should come by easily come to Brazil and I think you -- the experience and you build the finest down their present 2015 look out for is -- well absolutely all right David -- thanks so much we appreciate you joining us and America. -- not likely success story. She went -- dumpster diving in shoplifting. -- running a hundred million dollar company I sat down with nasty out CEO Sophia Amoroso to find out how she made this transformation. When you started the eBay store eight years ago. Did you any idea was going to be nasty out the company. I had no idea now. You know I started selling vintage clothing I was unhappy working the job that I was so -- quit by eBay for dummies. And figured out the rest had a successful eBay store selling vintage. And from their lunch nasty -- dot com. And today we sell vintage we also south. Other designers and a couple years ago started designing our own namesake label that's what what was the smartest piece of advice in the eBay for dummies book. EBay you know it's such -- -- -- -- for figuring out how to do business online. For me it was like OK well if I would get that feedback if I don't ship this item on time if I don't get my options up at the right time. People might show up looking for them and then just find something else to bid on what's -- biggest piece of advice you have for somebody who's selling eve day. I would say that eBay is a visual format and it's important that you take great pictures. And -- described things accurately. What's the best time. To list on eBay so starting options on a -- is really important because people are com just -- out media eastern them on Sunday an excellent snow while. Having them and either Sunday night or like -- Tuesday or Wednesday was always -- How did you come up with prices everything was optioned with no reserve starting -- 999 so even though I might have bought a piece of vintage for twenty dollars -- thirty dollars. At a certain point I knew what would work and what what -- And I was willing to take the risk of selling it for 999. But I knew that the quality of the photos I was taking in the styling and the model is putting -- -- description -- was giving it. And creating new life into these these old pieces. Made them more desirable than it would have been sitting on Iraq -- thrift store. And from there in the 1999 became a bidding war in -- it takes is one girl in Australia and another in New York to -- out and go crazy and bid up -- -- so for anyone who's listening who's big and eBay -- wants to be on eBay. Start the bidding war what's the most expensive items sold it. The most expensive item I sold on -- it was a Chanel -- About -- for eight dollars eight dollars dollars and Salvation Army -- And let's put it on eBay 1999. Starting option. It's like could have made a dollar but I ended up making closer to thousand dollars your heart must have been racing when you foundation always -- for it but it was -- it was terrifying though because I got it strikes me for this customer is how much they -- about violence sent to her like perfect. And the dry cleaner lost one of the buttons. So I had to call the Chanel boutique in like. On -- you know Beverly Hills. And they asked me to cut another button off of this -- rare in -- eighties blazer send it to them in Los Angeles so they can match it and then send me. The matching button back -- had to dig through their archives they dated -- in 1988 jacket. Was actually pretty cool experience but I searched that dry cleaners before even got to the point of calling. -- -- -- you look around their floors and I'll look there is that I machines on their floors I was pretty angry this is what being an ounce burger is all about -- You have to do things like search the floors overnight leader to be successful and nasty -- like to say there is no that's not my job I've done almost every job that we have -- -- and it. I am not too proud to do any of the jobs that there are to do I don't think anyone else should be. Your story is not the quintessential CEO story dropped out of college. You. Were accused -- before you -- -- nasty I tried to smash capitalism as a teenager and ended up. Failing that and I you believe -- it I think idea. And you're on now the next big thing brick and mortar. And you're actually pursuing -- -- LA it's one of the many big thing coming up its sleeve a public. -- not really is so it's a possibility everything's possible. Our thanks to nasty -- Sophia up. We'll -- sales are slumping and for some drinking regular water it's just not cutting it so we sent ABC's -- but he's out to try the latest -- used -- -- take a look. Cold nature sport streaks call them to modern -- This booming business is knocking Pepsi and Coke right out of our hands. Could not water alone raked in 400 million dollars in sales last year that's up from 25 million in 2008 but now it's got some competition. There it is. Beautiful bright pink move over coconut water watermelon water has arrived this hot pink drink claims to him so -- in your sex life -- call -- liquid love. How does this help in the bedroom -- we have made very high -- -- -- -- -- practice it's really benefit now from Niagara co-founder and CEO Jodi Levy says are products benefits extends beyond the bedroom. And people in the night -- world performance by getting there yeah ever hangover -- -- Drake capital minding your hang covered disappeared in ten minutes. Hang over here -- over here. It's cold pressed and consists of only a watermelons flesh and nutrition packed Ryan. With -- -- of -- lemon. There any added sugars and -- and water at all. There's no matter their water and -- there's no additives and there's no chemicals there's nothing. Mr. -- to fight cancer lower blood pressure and give you twice the potassium of a banana. All this for only sixty calories a serving motives that the biggest benefit of water on water is number one it's low in calories. It does contain a 100% of your days I didn't see in this bottle. -- at lastly it is a great source of lycopene which is a an anti accident. In the prevention of prostate cancer but all this goodness comes at a hefty price. At this whole foods it's 539. -- -- I don't think any guy tissue would probably tell you this person's. You know and -- or anything that would even be a question. Along with -- fantastic report I I need to try this watermelon -- because I haven't yet. Times I might get. It's like eating a lot of talent is is not a lot of people -- to be really sweet but it's it's moderately sweet yeah. You know you might prefer a -- on over the years but it's a good the good alternative. But all those benefits all those benefits it's got lycopene which is -- -- an accident help fight against prostate cancer expects -- -- in the -- Viagra is right by. I meant listening to take hold yes that's another -- their marketing points but. But really took a lot of vitamin a vitamin C and it really doesn't give a good nutritional boost for year for your diet since you did this story -- been drinking a lot of it. I've had had -- quite a -- for the story but I -- -- -- -- bottles you know it's -- I enjoy it. He also -- on the latest craze yes to this is this is assorted mover watermelon water maple waters has arrived this is not even on. Outlet stores -- it's out next week maple water it's literally the sap from maple tree and I waited had not tried this yet and it's right with a taste test temple -- -- ago. Cheers cheers. He's like water was like yeah. Very just hint of -- a -- of me and we did shake -- up I should say before we started we shake these up because it does it shake well before you. Green -- when -- first went first learned that this was coming out I thought about on the last Hunger Games movie -- The file nutrient drinks -- ready she's drinking of patents drinking she got the -- primed for this yes I'm looking at the different counts here on the back this one that the maple -- actually fewer calories than the watermelon water and low in -- beleaguered out which surprises me. -- and you know it. The maple water as many calories a serving us has technically -- eight ounces sixty dollars this bottle -- ninety. This has less sugar so if you're a woman who's trying to lose five pounds you know going to the gym everyday -- better -- payments. You know but this might have a little bit more nutrition nutritional benefit has lycopene has -- -- This has iron and calcium but -- do that which -- -- Diet drinking testified to cement you know enjoy something after the Jim probably -- -- It's -- -- thanks so much for joining candidates there really appreciate it. And thank you for joining us for real -- we want to hear from you. What do you think about watermelon in maple water is there another water out there we should be drinking tweet us at real business RJ until next time. This is Rebecca Jarvis from New York take care.

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