Making A Fortune From The Flu

Shannon Pettypiece reveals profits that are nothing to sneeze at.
5:01 | 01/17/13

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Transcript for Making A Fortune From The Flu
So far the biggest thing to go viral in 2013. Sadly the flu is now widespread in 47 states. And while many of us are suffering or worried about getting the flu the outbreak has been generating some pretty big profits that are certainly nothing to sneeze that. Here's a look at who's benefiting from the flu each any -- piece from Bloomberg news channel thanks for being with us today -- are so obviously the outbreak has really helped out a lot of those are involved with any kind of the vaccine production right where the big play out in that industry. Well -- here's his Gingrich while you're getting sick kids have good acting company like Sanofi. Novartis AstraZeneca GlaxoSmithKline. The eve of the big makers of the vaccine and they most the vaccine out there you've gotten the flu shot probably come from one -- -- -- And -- -- seen a direct reflection immediately from this bill and so severe this is what's interesting the flu vaccines made like six months ahead -- time right put together production schedules and manufacture all that so by this time of the year. Most of the vaccine has -- been shipped and sold. Now they'll get a little boost this year you know they won't have any excess supply that's for sure they'll get a little -- they might feel the squeeze out -- more production. But the real benefit might be next year so everyone now -- scrambling to get a flu shot this year who gets the flu this year. In a lot more likely to remember to get a flu vaccine next year so. I'm assuming then that it's too late to continue the vaccines. -- -- yeah he's a -- public get a little bit more out but it. -- the flu vaccine -- a live virus well it's made -- of live organism that's not the actual flu virus and the broken virus but. It takes months to grow at Muncie and into production so it's not like something overnight we can just start ramping out all the -- that who. Obviously someone's already sick it's too late for them to -- the vaccine have any kind of a benefit but. For products like Tamiflu that's also got to be putting some cash and as the people's. Yes sales of Tamiflu are spiking -- just looking at the prescription trending C weekly prescriptions they're shooting off the chart. Now Roche that there -- the big maker of Tamiflu. They can have a huge windfall if this ends up being an unfortunately long and severe. Flu season to put into some perspective during Swine Flu -- that we all remember that the big Swine Flu outbreak. Sales of Tamiflu -- three billion dollars typically they're less than -- one product or one product typically they're less than half a billion so. Sales are -- fine for almost tripled so. We could see a doubling tripling -- the Tamiflu for -- can be a really good big year for them pharmacies are they doing well as. Yes so the pharmacies do well one people voted for those that Tamiflu prescriptions the Tylenol cough and cold going in for the flu vaccine so they get some sales. From flu vaccine have grown cold lessons but. The other thing if every time you go into a CVS are -- a to get some flu products it probably. All I'm almost toilet paper I'll get them -- so innovation and nail polish just a -- -- -- and on the way future though this is the fifth grade before. Pharmacies would run health care companies health insurance companies as well I've even seen a boost because of this in mean it's it's -- -- -- doesn't want to say that. The enemy making up the backs of someone that's hacking up along in their -- but the fact of the matter is there is money to be made -- well. One of the big losers is actually health insurance because every time you get sick -- -- of the Dr. -- prescription. The insurer have to pay for that start cutting out of their premiums and bleeding money so. Health insurance especially ones that have a lot of of business on the East Coast and in the midwest with. Which has been particularly hard hit they're the ones are going to be hurt the most of that at all insurance analysts and investors are. Our briefing -- the profits go down. You know in the first quarter of this year for the health -- bigger picture which the economic impact of the flu this year the economic impact is huge -- don't think people realize that. The CDC estimates this could cost the US economy about ten billion dollars. There could be a 111. Million sick days from a bad flu season. I think we all think of -- is just sort of part of life something that happens. But it has a huge economic impact. An -- and bad flu season 50000 people could die of the flu. So it is you know nothing to a unit this -- that -- -- the pondered is nothing to take lightly and that's why these employers you know here. They employers giving out free flu shots in the lobby you know they're not doing that you to be nice. There's and not end here I had ABC which is benevolent right they didn't you know -- -- pain and suffering that a huge business benefit to not having of flu. Spread throughout your -- Because in the long run and his allies of -- -- save them money and really ultimately it's gonna protect your health at the same time yes. All right -- apria health insurance if they don't they don't want you -- -- thing work they don't want their health insurance premiums going up. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

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{"id":18238717,"title":"Making A Fortune From The Flu","duration":"5:01","description":"Shannon Pettypiece reveals profits that are nothing to sneeze at.","url":"/Business/video/flu-season-2013-making-fortune-flu-18238717","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}