Fuhu's Nabi: The Best Tablet You Can Buy for Your Baby

Say goodbye to sticky fingers on your IPad, educational tablet designed specifically for tots.
3:00 | 02/13/14

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Transcript for Fuhu's Nabi: The Best Tablet You Can Buy for Your Baby
-- get right to it does this look familiar. And not just an -- Yeah. -- your kid drops the iPad that would be a couple hundred dollars out the window you've probably seen. That happened a dozen times so our next guest the CEO of boo -- but. It gave them an idea that -- -- tablet for tots no wonder who was named the most promising company in America. By Forbes and we're joined now by the brains behind the operation from Los Angeles Jim Mitchell he -- the CEO who. -- you're lucky to be joining us from LA although it is early there. It it is colder there than it is in Sochi but certainly warmer than it is in New York City this morning. Well it's a pleasure -- thank you for having me and so how did you come up with this idea -- Well yeah I mean you said it earlier world parents and we get really tired of giving our children the iPad and having me -- break it -- would come back as you said with sticky stuff fall over there. Apps missing. And we really didn't have a choice right we had either that the time the iPad. -- we had these toys that number one our kids in one and number two they would only last for a few weeks. So that's why we created this this new. You know new device which is really a tablet that strong enough for an adult are powerful enough for you RI. But is really made for kids has parental controls. This pre loaded with great -- education. And all kinds of things really to surprise and delight kids on a daily basis. You know full disclosure I personally have dropped -- iPad before so it's sort of -- that what questioned the YE if you can do it for tots the -- you're doing it why not make it something that works for adults. Well you know there's a lot of players out in the market that are making tablets for adults what we really focus on is. Creating great experiences for kids I mean it's an area. So many kids are using tablets and devices if you go into a restaurant you probably see kids everywhere using iphones and so forth. And so there's there's this huge that the demand is this there. And by really partnering up with some of the giants in the industry so that the folks that make our tablet of the same people that make the iPad a company called Foxconn. And with partnering with folks like DreamWorks. -- -- grade amazing contents and education and all that. We think that there's that just a great opportunity to focus on an area that we are really passionate about which -- kids and families. -- not -- what does that even mean. Well not -- means butterfly in Korean and so first we love the name. As catchy and -- -- is -- And and -- is really it's a whole transformational piece you know we. We believe as I mentioned earlier as parents that these tablets should not just -- for playing but also for. Kids to learn so we have a whole educational platform on there. Which has the core curriculum for all fifty states and a fun way. For kids to play. And in fact with our new tablet that's coming out the dream -- we're partnering with DreamWorks. And is you can imagine Jeffrey Katzenberg wants -- the next generation of artists and animators -- and storytellers. So worry even using. The animators who created Poland and in cut income -- panda and and the like. The teach kids how to create how to draw on how to tell stories. So this device is really become more than just a gaming device for kids that we don't want them to drop or we can let them drop it's become a really. A tool for kids to be more creative more passionate and and -- it learned it and grow on. We should point out Disney is the parent company ABC news that's important for people to know. When it comes to the problems that you're looking at of the future at the things that you'd like to address what do you see as the biggest business opportunities. For things that just don't make sense that could be more child friendly. Well you know first of all there's parental controls and and and that's key to our our device right letting parents. Be comfortable giving the tablet take a child from the time they open up the box. And play with it for as long as they want. So I I think that's one that we we really focus on and the other one is continuing to provide experiences to grow with the child. Because as you know I have I have a daughter -- seven and a daughter who's ten and they both like different things but they can both views are not be tablet. Right so making sure that we can provide those experiences. They grow with the child to provide learning education as well as fun games. And frankly can help them. To -- help busted teach them good you know good behavior and so forth. Absolutely wheel shipments elephant -- thank you so much for joining us. Enjoy the rest of your day hopefully your trip home is less -- then everybody in the northeast part of the country will be today. Well thank you very much and try to stay warm out there okay wealthier thanks so -- --

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Say goodbye to sticky fingers on your IPad, educational tablet designed specifically for tots.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Business","id":"22498702","title":"Fuhu's Nabi: The Best Tablet You Can Buy for Your Baby","url":"/Business/video/fuhus-nabi-best-tablet-buy-baby-22498702"}