Global Stocks Near a Five-Year High

Aaron Task analyzes the morning business headlines
6:54 | 05/07/13

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Transcript for Global Stocks Near a Five-Year High
And over when I'm down Cutler New York with the morning business report market futures up this morning. Because of news from Australia about spending stimulus that. -- -- push Asian and European markets it's doing the same right here -- want to bring in Aaron task Yahoo! finance breakdown business headlines for the day -- good morning to you. The morning -- -- markets around the world. Off to a good start this week right five year high. Jiving this -- a five year high which says he -- -- -- a recent phenomenon in the S&P 500 has been rally moves since early 2009. And now you're seeing you know year for the last six straight months has picked up the slack in part because that ECB said there if you quote anything. That's necessary to save the Euro the Bank of Japan is putting a lot of money now so you have this global. Quantitative easing program going on and it definitely is helping the financial markets even. If today is not really help in the global economy that much I -- -- the buzz kill us but -- whatever in the fact -- the Pentagon is now officially blaming China for some cyber attacks in the last year regarding a financial institutions. Specific targets in big banks is this something when this -- -- report comes out that has investors on edge because. As we are going more digital training and electronic trading it is certainly something a lot of people with a lot of money on the line have to keep in mind. Yet it's definitely a huge concern I don't know -- it's gonna have an impact on specifics shares today or tomorrow but inserted is one of those things that's in the back of people's minds. You know along with stuff like the flash crash -- -- it's part and parcel the same thing we leave -- And a technological here and if something goes wrong on that front you know assistance can stop and things can go bad. This report from in the Defense Department is obviously a very big deal it's the first -- the Pentagon. -- specifically said the Chinese military. Has been involved and I think could have some major ramifications for US Chinese relations with the dive -- that -- -- because obviously that relationship is certainly tenuous and and when when government agencies start to get involved with that -- can -- those kinds of business deals news even more so. Yeah absolutely Munich have obviously have huge economic impacts and not -- overly dramatic you know these -- the kind of things that you know ten years in -- this was the beginning. Of something that led to a war between US and China again I certainly hope that doesn't happen it's not necessary the case but. In the US President Obama has said -- -- Chinese cyber crimes as one of the biggest national defense issues we face we're doing it hit it with our military. Q Asia basically to serve as though a -- -- a stop -- against Chinese expansion we note China looking to expand their military and -- -- the US is is taking steps are ready. To try to prevent that there's all kinds of tensions in the area between. China and Vietnam between China and Japan and in these -- the kind of things that again -- accidents happen. When tensions are high tensions are definitely building up its respect -- manufacturing front Foxconn which manufactures iphone's long electronics. -- -- that they are going to be selling items under their own brand especially TV's. I Smart move for fox economy and is -- what what kind of a marketplace they look at -- look at -- central domestic or they are looking for international opportunities. Will -- they're just -- domestically they have a huge market of over a billion people and you most of them probably don't have -- and I would imagine that insanity average home has probably less than one TV as -- here in the US where there's three or five depending on where you live in. And -- -- TV. So it's a huge opportunity for Foxconn I think this is a classic. Move that a lot of Chinese manufacturers have done look at Lenovo. They were sort of you know building PCs on the -- on the side and then they bought out IBM's PC division now they're one of the largest PC manufacturers in the world if not the largest. Foxconn. You know they've learned a lot working -- apple over these years about how to build electronics. And again it's not the -- thing. As the cyber crimes in cyber warfare that Chinese -- accused of but again. There's this sense that you do business with Chinese companies and they will borrow. Your intellectual property in England used for themselves and I wouldn't be surprised if Foxconn is going to be some of that themselves keeping -- -- -- that speed -- tech giant Microsoft to me today that they even windows eight operating system is. It's somewhat confusing for some users causing a lot of frustration right. That's a huge understatement yeah I can as beavis and if you go online to see a lot of comments have been posted for people that just absolutely said forget it it's it's and it's amazing how much people hate windows -- and this actually been cited as a cause of an acceleration in the decline of PC sales in the first quarter. You know I think a lot of people -- were waiting -- -- -- -- it to come out get a new computer it comes out and again reviews have just been terrible Ford and this is -- this is a huge deal for Microsoft obviously but specifically for Steve -- The CEO he's been -- you for a long time he's been under the microscope more recently he said this was -- -- the company. Software released from a disease so obviously -- that has not paid off and I do wonder. If that's gonna mean he's not going to be in that job for very long I -- stay tech for a minute let's talk but the the -- how -- that product being fair because some places people are saying. I don't want I don't want anyone wearing Google glasses in this in this establishment yet it's not quite as bad as we agency -- general consensus is people don't like -- And elements and -- to -- -- -- and blue glass this weekend ride in updated so it's entered the mainstream this idea that it's kind of a weird product and it's clinically she. You -- 99.9 percent of us have never seen it never tried in the wild so I think needs somewhat premature. And it's -- first the first version of it you know that they're gonna upgraded and improved it. I'm I think there's a lot of there's a lot of issues right now would -- be. The voice operation -- the the voice technologies -- you to speak who last and it's not recognizing people's voices are picking up other conversations. Look I think it's one of those things that the of the techniques and I say that. That's not an insult really care about it but I think for most people -- like what are you talking about Lou -- they have no idea because they've never seen. You say it with love -- exactly say what stuff aren't the -- -- -- is -- the new fortune 500 list is out publishers of the top Wal-Mart Exxon. -- the big headlines. Don't think -- -- of the apple has fallen. From the heights where it was -- in September that's happened stock falls 40%. -- -- -- in the past week but you know Wal-Mart Exxon. You know obviously huge global corporations. Always at or near the top of the fourteen finalists I think the other some bragging rates. Right now in Fayetteville Arkansas Wal-Mart -- headquarters but. You know again it's just confirmation of what people Marty noted these companies are huge and they're not going anywhere at least not in -- source -- can see absolutely -- one last look at the vague -- -- -- Dow is up but 33 points at 151000 to above that 151001000. Look at the -- Yeah yeah. Celebration on the cake. All over air -- you know finance -- every Tuesday certain heated and thanks.

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