ABC News Making Strides for Less Fortunate Kids With Marathon Run

Rebecca Jarvis talks to the man behind the biggest marathon in the world.
6:59 | 10/28/15

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Transcript for ABC News Making Strides for Less Fortunate Kids With Marathon Run
Hello and welcome to this special runners edition of real thing is I'm Rebecca Jarvis on our radar today the New York City Marathon it's the biggest in the world. ABC's relay team. Which includes yours truly gone about two miles slide a little bit scared. But I'm excited to because we're helping to raise money for and why r.'s program. That helps kids with little to no access to fitness programs and the man behind all this CEO and president of and why are our Michael cap ross' now joins us now on real opus. Welcome to real bit. Thank you thank you for having great to be here it's a good time happy here very important time at the end it is the very exciting we were so excited about the T sixty city marathon this week and we have lots going on. Brian 23 there I having tests I have this in my 24 consecutive. Matt and this will be my first that's part of it relates to you. What's the secret. ED. You know it's one of those things were every year like this set a goal. And be able to do it and as they get older I keep trying to convince myself that I can do it better. So it gives me something issued for every year and it's it is the greatest day in New York City really is. There are millions of people care if you on that day and it really is terrific way to kind of run through the CDC the city. And your family gets excited about your friend to get excited about it so it's kind of one of those things that every year kind of put it on my list of things to do. I always wonder as I'm watching the writers because thank you can match any guys on every year. Nineteen stretch what's going for your hat yeah well it depends have been a lot of years were at mile nineteen threats have been a really tough one. And it's taken me twenty years to learn that I have to go out slower so that those miles 1890 point one Ian beyond I'll be in better shape so. There have been years when you just kinda get there you go got you got to get six have more miles. But what happens every years you you find someone either on the side of the street the kind of cheers you on her stomach another runner who you turn to kind of struggling. And it kind of help me get through those smiles though. Every year kind of found my own person or thing kind of help me get through those months yep playlist. I do I do although a lot of times I'm just taking in the crowd because that sounds city crosses twins sponsored meeting. We have bands that are playing along the way your people cheering. Friends along the way your cats so 2000 city of pretty great comment today and naturally so that they can. You mention how huge this Aventis is massive its coordinated among so many different nonprofits are part of this so many different companies are part of this. And I rent last year it was 415. Million dollars. The truth economic impact he New York City is 450 million dollars we have tremendous amount of involvement by a lot of businesses here in the city. The people that person come in the people that come from all around the world to stay here really helped to kind of fuel the economy New York City during this time period it's really terrific. Additionally we have a lot of charities that get involved we have over 8000 charity runners in the race faster raised over thirty million dollars. For charities and a lot of that money stays here in New York City so what it does for the economy for the not for profits is all really terrific story. We are running with the ABC news to you were running on behalf of teen kids were raising money for. Fitness programs for kids who wouldn't necessarily have access to those programs in their schools and their communities and really excited about that part. I'm also excited to see the coordination that's involved because there's just. How did do it what's behind the scenes going I'm on marathon day in week. Yes so interest in having run it for many years on the other side. And now being on the side of working with the organization. I really find it amazing at the logistics that need to go into this town. It is massive to think that you're taking 26 miles and you kind of programming it we don't have a stadium like a lot of sports teams have. So along the way you have to work hand in hand with the city agencies. The NYPD. And everyone on those sides and that our team is a really amazing team they put together. You know course of logistics the quarter stops the volunteers everything along the way that kind of makes it so that when you're running you really don't feel the fact that this thing is. Put together from a logistical standpoint you'll be running the relay you're doing one or two miles and doing kept to which can I ask you know it's him. I'm doing at eight under the second team terrific that's great it's really exciting and you come off the braids and you get everyone in Brooklyn cheering for you. And you'll get a sense along the way that everything is just well organized and well done you really get a feel for what it takes to go into it but there's a lot behind the scenes. There's a whole year we spent planning for it and obviously the last thirty to sixty days where day in and day out prepared part. Let's break it down by the numbers twice six point two house. How many people are involved in putting this thing together cost we have we have hundreds of people who work for the organization who put it together we have thousands and thousands of volunteers. We have the city agencies and NYPD which are thousands and thousands of people. Look I can give you an exact estimate but it's it's you know ten to twenty to 30000 people really helping put this on throughout the city. And throughout the organization for sure thousands of people biggest marathon. In the world it is the biggest marathon where we have a little over 50000 runners we're going to be at that same number this year. So it's it's pretty fantastic. Last question is about running because I think anything that marathons which show this there are more and more marathons coming on board every single here. Running is becoming a more and more popular sport. We think is driving that. You know it's a great form of participatory standpoint it's freely. I'm not a high barrier to get him he can buy a pair running sneakers and go Latin run. People wanna be fit and it's an easy way to do that you want to be outdoors and you can do that really well too. And the idea of setting a goal and being able to attain it whether it's a five KA half marathon marathon really seems to appeal to people. And they often have friends that they're running with me challenge each other kind of get through it a lot of people running for causes to raise money. So all of those things they think have really added to allow much greater interest in for his very running and it's been really great for us as well. Well look forward to weeping as you fly past me. This action I hear if you look at your back in tired but we're excited for weeks or that you are important for kids to help raise money for programs are important for kids every year's wells them. It's a great cause and we're excited that you're part of that as well the official thinks that actually hold is yes I've only you'll be holding one of them handing out front and which one. No conflict. I will habit and ethnic. Stuart Evey handing it to you I guess I'll OK and managed care issue to me you know your handing it through. And it's. Okay and he's got good hands to be able to pick up well don't worry about it you've seen recently grew good luck to you think he. Thinks.

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{"duration":"6:59","description":"Rebecca Jarvis talks to the man behind the biggest marathon in the world.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Business","id":"34798575","title":"ABC News Making Strides for Less Fortunate Kids With Marathon Run","url":"/Business/video/guy-run-23-marathons-secret-34798575"}