3 Inspiring Business Women Share Their Secrets to Success

From jewelry to travel, to yogurt find out how these entrepreneurs turned what they love into a business on Real Biz 1.22.2015
20:15 | 01/22/15

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Transcript for 3 Inspiring Business Women Share Their Secrets to Success
Hello and welcome to real because I'm Rebecca Jarvis here in New York City and here's what's on our radar today three inspiring women. Successfully built their own businesses from travel to Greek yogurt. To jewelry these odd for Norris have taken what they love and turned it into legitimate business centers so how did they do it that's what we're asking today. First she hated her job as an attorney with a passion that as a direct quote. So she quit to pursue her real passion which is jewelry and going to meet Emilia Lockheed CEO and founder of the nearly rose design. And today Hollywood can't get enough of her jewelry lying her fetching jams frequently featured in magazines like Bo. Celebrities just can't get enough. And you can even spot her beautiful bottles and feature films like the rebound with Catherine Zeta-Jones. Also you'll see it all over ABC news because so much and Good Morning America is wearing it. Amelio rose welcome Emilia locked welcome alliance and nearly around is so great to have you with us thanks for having me so ten years ago. You are studying for the bar. Yes and you decide to start this on top of. Actually started the company when I was in law school. And I was studying for the bar and I just kept thinking what am I doing here in and I really wanted to try the company out. But I I committed to lie practice for a couple years and down and then I just went. What what makes you think I'm ready to do this what was in place at that point. That there wasn't that much in place at that point but my passion I just couldn't I couldn't quite down. So we're some of the first things you did because now is assess its successful venture of US. But that is not. How things get start now now so now so initially I incorporated the business on my lunch break one and and then I started going literally door to door to businesses and I would ask them just on consignment if they would try some of my pieces and when. And then from there it at my first tranche. And then slowly but surely we just started to build the plan. So getting out there huge part of it getting people's eyeballs on yet. And it is also was a time when you didn't apps social media to exactly do that you do a great job with social media that I had people if they're following you want social media they can go to so we're at and nearly rose jewel. So on its to grant an eye on things. And you do a great job of always promoting when they're somebody television airing. Ameliorate those well thank you US but a lot in so many people on you know wearing in their heroes injury. So what you got this into the hands of vote for example. How did you get it. The wonderful PR team. That's why did he act and that and that's relatively new when I first started I didn't have the funds have a PR team. And now that I do they're just wonderful. Picnic for. They act that was quite a placement you know that's not her. And wonderful PR team for anybody who who is who's out there trying to start something a lot of what you see you see on television if you see in a magazine and frequently it does come from that race. Greek PR team so yet the number one question for people there were looking for. He are asked yet what would you say that it speak to other businesses that you know if you see a business placed in a magazine or in a movie. Look them up call the head of the company and asked them with their experience this evening so I've actually just had too costly and last week you know I can't praise my thirteen. I and somebody in the press I can say that I think there's a lot of you are there's there's many different types and you aren't you there yeah and the best are in contact with me personally. And they also have stories so it's not just who you know yet but it's also saying we've actually place this. Here and be able to show client so are we got a new heroes and vote for example that big deal how do we know somebody. What is you know one piece of advice in general for business leaders. When I think you you have to love eating and in what you do. Most likely the successful follow. That you just really have to file your passion that's what I dead and here I am sitting now and you know I just love what I do every single that. And it wouldn't love it with with all of these beautiful bubble surrounding you how does what she news. Because they're so many different colors shapes sizes and how does one accuse the perfect color shape size for there. I think a general rule of thumb is to keep in mind contrast. So you know there's different schools of thought on matching the shape of an earring to. The shape of one's face. So you know for instance a blonde with a mortar round shaped face probably shouldn't Wear. Round yellow earrings I think you want some contrast. And maybe something more emerald cut or act your contraption tear drops are pretty Versa tile and tend to complement almost anyone's they share. And then contrast instantly queue for simply worn orange and Brad and those really pop out. Actress with a dark here too dark hair exactly the dark hair what is the biggest mistake you think women may wearing jewelry. Think less is more. I really did and that my time contrary to promoting my business me and I. But anywhere let out. Now I think less is more so I think you know pairing if you're gonna Wear a big statement necklace seen when her six. That's really all we need or a big pair of statement earrings that's fine on a town. Or a delicate necklace likely be on and and you know medium sized earrings but not overdoing it. And Hannity the purpose of the X faster when you. Valentine's Day is right around the corner and then a lot of people will be buying jewelry and the yeah yeah what's your top piece of advice especially for men who worked out fine jewelry here from a lot of men at this time of year. Know who you're going forward knowing your audience I think. Women in general. Loved you Larry and will land anything that's given to them. You know I don't know if your significant other has their ears. Well there is. I actually did head up and back back many many years ago somebody gave me. Pierced earrings that I didn't have pierced ears real meaning not keep our pain. I think not my husband and I and now you know just does she Wear gold or silver ball you know do your homework speak to mom or friends and I think. When it feels awful and there's meaning behind net you're gonna love what happening. Fantastic advice in Iraq ameliorate hoses that I think you sell my angered Iran that we really appreciate it thanks. Well Henrietta Lloyd loves to travel but unlike most of us who would've probably just waited for the next vacation day and set sail. She figured out how to go on permanent vacation by starting her own luxury travel company Casanova and Lloyd. Now she is the one in charge of designing and taking some of the best vacations in the world I want to welcome Henrietta Lloyd. She is the founder of has an open Lloyd and it's so nice to have you with us Henry and a thanks for back at that to be on an ocean. So this sounds like a dream come true to me I love's travel and I would love to make it a more of a part of my work life I at least ticked. Beautiful destinations like the ones you go to how did you get started. Passion was travel trouble as a passionate minds when I was a child and I decided to ten my passion into my children my lifestyle. And I'm sure that and I was able to travel allotment. You were able to travel a lot so when you first sat out she when I was a child. To design at these master vacations the most luxurious vacations in the world. What area as did you focus on. We thought it would Africa and then we moved to Latin America and Asia and we decided today to Constance that we felt that we could add value. That went very easy to organizer and travel on your read in this his 21 years ago and I study Katzman night. 218. Years ago. These are some pretty luxurious trips and I'm sure that you get a certain clientele with big demands shall we say it. What is the most outrageous thing someone has asked for on a trip. The most outrageous things silent gospel is well I mean it there are reams and reams but I think one of the best things we have it did was when we arranged for father Christmas to be in the and it doesn't in in India theater that children could to experience Christmas on Christmas Day. I wish we have a picture that in the desert. In the desert so you had to get cell that was funny one of the things you had to get father Christmas from the North Pole to the desert on Christmas Day. Exactly he did actually say we've that we we then we satisfied all the children's wishes. Will one big travel topic that everyone is talking about right now of course as Cuba because of what the president had to say in his State of the Union Address this week take a lesson. And on Cuba. We are ending a policy that was long past its expiration. When what you're Dolan doesn't work for fifty years. It's time to try something no. So David mere. Up whirled news tonight was just reporting live from Cuba last night for world news tonight. But what does this ultimately mean for the rest of us people who wanna travel there on base he should. Well I think it's incredibly exciting and since we at the dollar office in America. Three isn't it we've seen on inquiries and levels too cute but gay in excess of 400% around them. And that this is gonna get went out this yet but we're at the rate that being cars coming in. And it may I take a group have via an last year I had twelve Americans on my trip and I think it's going to be a huge change. I think bookkeeper is facing today is is that put them on to say great that that kind of funny to province Savvis that the moms in the next few years anyway. The last build new hotels new entry ways into the country. The probably the people and I'm just guessing here but the people that. You're taking from the US to Cuba last year we're having to fly to Toronto or something like that men flying to Cuba. Correct and that when he's upset the pundits which cost in the region about 800 dollars and that people to people time it's. We understand that he will be more like an affidavit and I think that'll cost about the reach of a hundred dollars so that will become Matisse if the troubled Cuba. What is your understanding at this point what's Kosher for travelers vs what is knocked. From the US that the men and I think that. When of the man and I think that that is. And Mitchell that will be little changed I say but when. And cuts come with me we gave managed to access a lot of private it's private galleries Accuray it is artist I think that's what makes it different but an amendment. There is still and then about an access. Americans can't use credit cards and it is that the united money that they would be spent at that is still limited and the importance gothic centrists say. That will really change in radiate not which I think he's incredibly exciting forever but he one of the complaints or criticisms of what might happen when it Cuba opens up to the United States is that this isn't. That the benefit is not going to trickle down to the people that the people themselves. We'll not see the benefit of an increase in tourists and for example American dollars. What do you see on the ground happening there. I think it amendment that's apps that you write and I think and hateful to see that that will change and I think I'm chill when the American Embassy isn't in Havana that tape feed that. Everything will. Benefit the Cubans fall more than it is an amendment. So let's say you are planning that trip to Cuba what are the top three off the beaten path cool things to do. Why are there. Spiegel things that we think it gave festival the off his quite phenomenal say we do as I said we have Dennis with artists in that high hand to that say. Welcoming and really want shelf what these at nobody else is that they have that whack cut sides of cubic subsequently not a recognized none the US and worldwide. We're encouraging people to gates at the northeast to the island where. Thanks very unspoiled really radeon spoke very peaceful. And that they I think the that the whole Battie and dom some music coming in Cuba is seven died and people this just saying credit be friendly. And the key thing that I've always felt like California citing gang is managing expectation and that is the number one. Talk this talk about priority when listening trips number one thing you've city dwelling Cuba battery and a Friday it well Lopes but definitely an autumn he says. No heat there was yes and and we are hearing and heard from my gym below last night it think it's. A shot of rum there is eighty cents or something like that of the know he does are not going to be. The New York City Chicago Alley price Mo he goes at fifteen bucks a pop. Definitely no exactly you know. And real like they do so much for joining us today. Thank you. Well move over channel body a new Greek yogurt is taking over our shelves. And it's all because of this female entrepreneur door. Her Australian spin on Greek yogurt has quickly won over our stomachs in the company is just getting started with over seventy million dollars in sales last year. News is now among the fastest growing yogurt in the US the woman behind the brand co-founder Coyle told me it's so. Nice to have you with they're Rebecca thanks for having me so that you brought some samples belonging to IAEA and I'm hyping that I can can in season seven have a bye we'll definitely. I'm happy with these tests coming up here. But for a lot of people they're gonna say okay yogurt and help people have dreams of starting many different I sure. Like Gil third. I mean come up with this kind sad. Imagine. You know ranking in the freed industry had gone Hynes. Straight visit my handling. I was down at the local pawn shop and discovered this yet and it was in a clear on Brandon. Container I'm took it back to my mom's a continent had won by I was sitting with my now husband. And I said this is the most amazing yeah and I and it tasted so this is in 2005. My mom's like he should issue that he not stray at tactical Queensland and picked up the fine found out of Erik Stanley business. They were too busy and doing what they're doing today you know entertain anything beyond that saying it back to Colorado in my Hanoi from Heinz. Thought about this for about another T it is like wood not stone years dusting about this year because it was so tasty because it was a nice delicious thing I added and it tasted so really the Genesis of all of this was. How can I eat this morning and you know once he went silent and visit my manly in Austria and a and the only way and I can figure out hunting team that was to actually bring it to you apps and want to hear it companies. Which that's quite sit well with secret why handful. Sit 2000 and I flew back to strand mine non actually got a meeting with the entire creams and united annaly. I have brown long lunch at the local Sam's Club with the feud is as he do and Australia. Is able to convince the Mathisen to going to business with me. We then came back to cholera is your biggest selling points. You know I was already in the food industry. Color atlantis' flight little natural street that nothing. And then one of the Mathewson Brothers had recently been to you asked that he kind of got it that there was just nothing quite like it. So that would fit that we could not get enough Greek yogurt here you know it actually got here it's not to break here it it's it's aussies value z.'s Diane yeah Ozzie style yogurt different from the other great passion said creek is actually as strange hearing at which isn't that the thick texture and apple is actually a whole milk here and so it's a full fat and very indulgent. Creamy texture. We also infuse it with unease that is that this really is nice to the sweet time later part. And so little bit to speaking at different and unique to aides agree here and that your target. In the United States and now that is your biggest retailer it's one about biggest yes. Guys are selling out from what I've heard. Yes so we actually did after a seasonal. We launched a that tied it was a pumpkin. And hearings that it the actual full season how we well yeah why then did Thanksgiving aimed at Christmas. We are actually the number one selling it in in the category. And how that whole foods whole fades they Wear out fast retailing and cholera adds that they've been an amazing content they obviously really you know embrace local. Real fade and that is banned such a great relationship for us we're actually just getting into that. Into the new don't call it spyware and had really excited yes. When it comes to food and I have a lot of friends you are in the food industry their shafts or they work to beach. With the food industry's top. That's up and it's difficult it is what's your number one piece of advice for people who love food. Maybe they had a meal where they found something that they absolutely adored like you did with this yogurt. And they want to make it into something baker. Now I would say it's up to as many people as you can get me in touch with him done it. You know I was very fortunate you know I was already in the food industry in collar rat and and we have this amazing network of people that really do support and cost of the industry. But again and you know you have to go out there and make the connections instead of be. You have in people's faces like I need to talk about this I don't know how to do this you know can you help me or just give me some guidance so witty guys and I think it's just being. Street to your passion and an asking a lot of questions and don't be afraid because they're a lot of people out there who are willing to share. Right there are a lot of people out there that they're willing to help and then there's also other people out there who can be as shameless as anyone in Angola and asked for help. And you if you want to do it then you should be the one doing. I lean I asked questions he still have to do the heavy lifting. But again Nina I think capsules have been pout about successes. As we brown line and we've been able seeing it happen more recent losses. As you can high it's not there yet people that unison complement what your strengths because. I I still land something new every single day about this business minds I think that. Surrounding yourself with not people that it's unethical or is is how you can continue to absolutely it will we're gonna crack and to this public. Thank you so much really appreciate it. Where for people who are looking where to find us anti semantic nationally were and tied it whole thing aides say way. In the city where in fairway obviously coming into the whole scenes and a lot of and on the street little cool way to Vegas and it's companies that new sense which is actually little coastal town in Queensland. The origin of that recipe fantastic thank you so much thank you. And thank you so much for joining us for real this we want to hear from you what food. Which elects turn into a business. Like us between us that Rebecca Jarvis and comment below and from the studios in New York City at Rebecca Jarvis have agreed to.

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