How To Make The Perfect Steak

Historic New York steak house Smith & Wollensky reveals the secrets to make a dry-aged steak
5:10 | 07/16/14

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Transcript for How To Make The Perfect Steak
Turning the page -- -- But making the perfect one at home can be -- -- tricky and it always taste better when he died out and New York city's historic -- -- Smith and once he is famed for their mouth watering meet. What's the secret well who better to ask -- the executive -- himself. We want to welcome Lawrence -- it's a nice to have you with that's very much having me and I love the jacket the united we know -- -- -- yet you are I don't -- -- it and duplicate -- And you also one of the things we do look at real this is when people bring on -- which. I'm very excited to see here so tell me about what's on the table -- -- -- because the quintessential. Middle with you dinner and -- -- my favorite. -- possible. We have. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Is it yes all of these things together perfect I love the cream spinach -- Alley side of I think I think every table against -- but of tell you what. Are the makings of a perfect state because even once you OK obviously not everybody is going to be able to hit up Smith and once he -- you have a very special way of keeping your -- Yeah I think. What specialist medalist is only about a handful of specialists -- -- it is that we have -- 3000 square foot aging box in house. So butchering are dry aging process -- an in house and there's lot of I design commission the -- there. The product to understand all the states come up. This smells. And how so many recreate this at home if I wanted to -- They wanted to try. Why -- -- anger at 3000. I got a gigantic oil and I guess 50000 dollar broiler without her as well as -- we have. -- various ways to you go to hi Henry -- local butcher or even restaurants you know you're congressmen and -- he's and we do -- states if someone wants to take one home I'm not a problem. And I think that's the easiest way in -- and buchert. Check out your favorite steakhouse maybe they do it two. But that's -- see his way to get the state. I'm looking for when it comes to a really delicious well I think the biggest thing for me and my personal -- is you want USDA prime -- Prime beef it's like the Olympic gold standard -- goal you know you have select. Which is the bronze -- choice over. And prime -- he could -- a different marveling in each month don't from almost nothing says it's okay and then this is what we serve in the restaurant. More -- more flavor. -- -- This is this is one of Warren Buffett's favorite -- interviewed -- about it. Inside of -- lines yes what what's his order went -- -- his daughter is actually an occasion rabbi and a cherry Coke pitched. -- -- -- -- -- -- kind of the sanity of cherry Coke while we were doing it and you inside the Polanski and that's when he had -- he likes the classics and six. -- however the increases in meat prices the rising cost. Multiple -- that impact your business are you cutting -- are you having to find ways to sort of maneuver -- and things around on the. Play well I think Natalie restaurant businesses in but you -- -- -- -- my every family every family want steak in milk but everything is mark. One thing we do it -- and that it's something that has been installed -- instilled by owner Alan Stillman is we always get the best no matter what. So -- always -- the USDA prime beef. We always -- the top quality products we -- And with that come hard times when rising prices is -- team effort from everyone from the shaft me to my station apps this stewards that -- May -- finished no weights and the butchers are doing their job they again. If you need to -- nine states out of a one sided beef and not -- one too vague and a losing hand -- the whole collective effort to. Providing customer. With the best product no matter what and it's a big team effort that we're going through now is -- everything is correct. I can imagine waste at the restaurant industry in general you've probably been patents and kitchen. Where top it's not a good stuff it's this. As -- easy job but. The one good thing about this is that Siemens says the people in place the history of the building. You know everyone it's a big family everyone works together and that we do provide I believe the best state in New York. Well it certainly looks fantastic I'm looking forward to enjoy it one last question for you. What's your nickname in the kitchen. -- -- I go way back a couple days they gallop big LD out big law. -- she ambulance comes yes that would mean especially if it's your first and you're not necessarily yeah absolutely. You know there's other ones I can't stand -- that I've heard very. I -- -- hearing -- in the future. Thank you so much holiday -- for having down payments we love it. Smith -- Lansky take it take a look at when you're on your next trip to New York City -- -- it's really appreciate it.

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{"id":24585101,"title":"How To Make The Perfect Steak","duration":"5:10","description":"Historic New York steak house Smith & Wollensky reveals the secrets to make a dry-aged steak ","url":"/Business/video/make-perfect-steak-24585101","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}