Meditation Goes Mainstream: The Skeptic & Energy Healer Faceoff

Watch Dan Harris and Aleta St. James debate the ways you can clear your mind.
3:00 | 04/03/14

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Transcript for Meditation Goes Mainstream: The Skeptic & Energy Healer Faceoff
Our next -- Teaches people. How to overcome obstacles and transform the negative situations in their life. It's a positive belief systems that you can create what you want in your life whether it is career. Love or money and she's joining us now it is a -- a saint James she is an energy healer. And a success career coach she's also the author of -- shift let you let go and live your dream Alina -- up. Welcome to myself here will these wonderful people I'm so excited. -- -- And our our executive producer -- candles. I was able to do this with you was able to take whatever your sessions how does this work. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Up there at home we think are getting -- -- but anyway the thing is that there's four bodies I talk about in the book. The physical emotional mental and spiritual bodies. And it's also about intensive medication because I've been doing this for like 3540 years and god only knows how many -- I started out show business career had to lead hand Amsterdam. Rock band in the hope I win. And his spiritual journeys in the Amazon in the you know southern India to learn all this stuff when I realized. Is that in terms of meditating because I did the -- that meditation. 630 in the -- to attend night hot. As I thought when he went become enlighten -- after -- got rejected it would be okay. That I got out for the rest the world and I realized I got rejected it wasn't OK we think. So I went into the emotional body and when you start to release the emotional body and then you clear acrylic clear shift create. He cleared the space. And then you start to imagine in meditation sect to focus on whatever it is. A flower heart. And then you get into that higher spiritual consciousness and then starts you intend. What you want to create as -- -- -- -- happens. And that's like a magical miracle that happens -- create magic and life so that's how I had twins at 57. And that's what light winds at 57 -- doing this yes what these what are the doctors say. Well I only surround myself with people that gave me yes. That's that only doctors who say yes you that said you know if anybody can do it -- after looking at your stats and all your men. You can do it. And then I'd -- eastern and western medicine together. And meditated -- cleared myself I went all over the world to work with -- so that could be the best channel for these children. And they came to -- it was a wonderful fabulous experience -- it continues to be so. But in terms of really meditating and getting all your bodies together and bringing in the spiritual energy so that actually vibrates in your physical selves. That's the key and that's finals in -- -- Moving into the shocker systems and all the colors it's good news when a -- -- and start to vibrate with your higher spiritual self stand. So -- and I approached its very different places and I clearly a wonderful human being -- helping a lot of people but IA we have here -- -- -- a collection of things that I would and -- -- spent a lot of energy trying to avoid that I don't is a little hurdles. -- need -- none of this if you want to meditate you UK it is simple brain exercise. The you can do is secular it will work with whatever your belief system is right now or if you have no belief whatsoever so oh lead and a lot of people -- involved meditation talk about it. In ways that I think leave people out of the conversation. People like me who wore cynics or raising the age of irony and don't want to hear about trackers. That you know I think there are a lot of people who do and and I and -- they're very they're very well served by Alina. But there are a lot of people who don't want crystals or finger cymbals and want in fact just a simple thing they can do. To change their brain in their mind and that's what I think we need in order to push this further into the -- Aaliyah has actually brought some of this into the mainstream or not and is now -- that he put out this tonight and every time you go to yoga class in New York City this is part of everything right I don't. I don't know what I'm. -- -- laughter yoga class -- York city is not the main street. We need to be putting this into basic training for the Marines in the army which is going to happen because of the science or. Couldn't very well happen because of the signs. It should be using corporate executive -- be should be used -- -- groups and be at Akron Ohio issue be used in in schools all over the country and for a lot of people especially people who have their own religious views particularly Christians they're not going to want this done until we need to talk about -- a way that includes a larger group. And it's not to say that a -- isn't helping a lot of people have a. Kansas is definitely -- in two different subjects. Because -- with CEOs -- -- 1993. When many Turco had just like started with a Erica started equinox. And we got together and I -- to start the wellness center. 1993. I was doing shopper work. -- -- -- -- If there was something more and there is totally pragmatic and secondly. I'm how hard not to have David -- I can't tell you my clientele is because it's a secret from him but it's extraordinary people are coming to me and they sit on a bed when they come into my studio -- -- big huge -- and they look at me in the guise -- do we have videos and yeah. It is our right to -- -- out okay. And they have their suit and they have very time that take the -- and just -- and now going to this experience and you'll be shocked and surprised I had some time. How they move -- now sharp mainstream America and this -- -- But I'm talking to the people that are gonna listen to me that are ready to going to be emotional body in the physical body. And you can do very simple breathing exercises. What you believe you bring in your spiritual energy guide. Of your understanding whatever that you don't have -- -- -- you don't have to use this you don't even have to read my so I'm curious you do have your book yet recessions. This is big business what -- hear you -- up as well the fact of the matter -- -- dedicated. To this every day of my life. I'm dedicated to people reaching trains the fact that they -- need to Carmen is complete. You have to work -- work sometimes from 9 o'clock in the morning until 8:9 o'clock -- night. -- single parent -- -- need to create a certain amount -- time but it also allows me to put my children's school. Until with a certain lifestyle. We're not going off to bargain -- for vacations and -- But don't it's -- even that flow of energy exchange but it's helping you pay the bills and you believe it. I bottle works the fact of the matter is I would be out of business if it didn't work and in doing this for 35 years. I think that I'm a symbol of what this -- 66 years old I have twins. Rocket and growing at 5 o'clock in the morning I don't -- -- pocket night. They're both -- different schools people that have been killed in New York City know it that is liking of the nightmare getting them here. You know PTA this and that whenever I'm in and live it so I can help people with anything fertility situations. Which -- really really saying. We we really it. She company and -- at saint James thank you so much for joining us. Also congratulations. Two twins and -- that and beyond and I. There weren't and best wishes to that to you as well -- -- -- give or sandy -- our producer -- strike outlook report coming up trying as well one of these days -- looking -- -- theater and by the way. Anyone who watch as -- as we'll see that as well what's like what they get a chance to get back -- I think mainly much. It's -- again because you know you came into all of this very skeptical yet I'm -- -- like this would have made -- -- I'm assuming here but something like this who would have made you feel a little skeptical if the very first thing that use was that the crystal for example. -- and I in my view on this is when I see things like crystals and finger cymbals I run for the hills I mean that's that's just me. That doesn't mean it doesn't work for some people. I don't I don't think it should be outlawed. But I don't I think you as I said before it leaves a lot of people out of the conversation. Who won a little bit of humor who don't wanna have a drum bank over them want something that has the -- you know really hard science to it and that's where -- come down right and by the way -- on them on the money front. I I do think it's -- pay teachers there's no question but. Meditation is free and portable there's nothing to join is no special outfit to Wear nothing to believe in first day and I would just. Think carefully before you spend your letter because I -- you can learn for free and you don't have to pay them money that isn't to say that people aren't getting a lot -- -- but. This should not be something that you're spending tons of money -- -- not some expensive self help. Seminar.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Watch Dan Harris and Aleta St. James debate the ways you can clear your mind.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Business","id":"23178076","title":"Meditation Goes Mainstream: The Skeptic & Energy Healer Faceoff ","url":"/Business/video/meditation-mainstream-skeptic-energy-healer-faceoff-23178076"}