T-Mobile CEO Talks Future of Wireless and Content

T-Mobile CEO, John Legere, shares his outlook for the future of the changing wireless and content industry, on "Real Biz with Rebecca Jarvis."
6:01 | 01/11/17

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Transcript for T-Mobile CEO Talks Future of Wireless and Content
The world has gotten to the point with a mobile Internet is the inner. And it needs new rules are only selling it ice from here on out. What you make at this in the last four years. It's got to the point where over 80% of the access to the year and it is mobile. 9% of FaceBook 75% of all shopping now you know it's done on the Internet. And the Internet was meant to be unlimited and you know that's the position we take and in general what we do. Is we force the industry to change our goal beyond carries goal. Is to get everybody else to change and that's our you know what we've been all about and we we hope. And we expect that we'll get everybody kick in its agreement to go down this. So much that consumption is video. How much it that the idea that we are all enjoy watching contact how. Whether it's on it traditional TV if wore a laptop or. It's now I agree also work well. It's strange. We still defined industries. By the type of infrastructure that people build. Cable company. Wireless companies Internet company. And people don't care. People want to pick up their Smartphone. In watch everything they want wherever they are. And they want everybody to get together and stop with the artificial barriers it figuring out and that's kind of you know what what we generally do. It's not been passed those questions why. Actually created what was called manifesto. When I started during four years ago it was kind of a statement of who we are. And knew what we what we decided. Is that the world doesn't need another AT&T. If it needs somebody to question and I understand that there are Smartphones have become were the most important. Things in your life and it needs it needs to be different. So. This T-Mobile and the world in this case the world is watching him. The contest that they're bitching now or you know it is what's interesting is I always have the statement I said that. All content we'll go to the Internet. In all Internet will be access mobile if you understand that continue. You can understand how things will come together right and I changed that today. Because now that the Internet is all mobile it's all content is going to the mobile Internet. And so what what really if you think about it I have. 72 million customers. That I've now selling to them. A monthly subscription. To the Internet. In what I can do now is on hand if you have content. I can help you. Get access. To seventy million and growing people that sounds like from yours you're looking for more of the partnerships. With the content creators as opposed to creating. An in the wait for all. Your competitors prize is trying to contact. These tub out that goat ninety's they have a now more interest thing let's think about this so AT&T. Is in you know famous attempt to vertically integrate by you know Time Warner and they also created something called DirecTV now. And it's an ability to take your debt DirecTV over the over the top content and then you know. Download and watch it on your Smartphone. So what I announce the day after they it is heading. You know what if you bring your DirecTV now desire to T-Mobile I'll give it to you for free. And you can stream it on T-Mobile free. And it's simply the economics work out everything we do sounds crazy. But we're the only wireless Camry with revenues on the server side but it growing. And you know behind our craziness our economics that make tremendous sense including today. You guarding knocked sprint out yet isn't so I'm hearing you right. You're not really trying to compete with the traditional TV game you're not trying to be in the content business. You if I'm hearing you right. Wanna be the biggest carrier you want everyone I'm tea no hot. What I don't know I've never understood. Why do you have to fail. Or erode in one line of business just an Varnado. So think he would he wants to go into the content that's why don't they have to die. In the in the phobic but want what kids should do well and then secondly one of the most important things that I've got that you can't miss this on us our brand. Means something it stands for you know eat it too young or it stands for change. And ultimately let's suppose the cable industry wants to go and a wireless. Brands horrible. People hate cable companies more than they paid AT&T and Verizon so I've got a brand. And I've got to he is very young employee population it's just different and route so as industries come together. You know T Mobil's got huge shelters. It sounds like your doors opaque. Doors or why don't listen it's all coming together the good news is that we are growing tremendously as a standalone business. But we the consolidation. Especially anymore. A less regulated and Bible it's pretty clear that would heading towards the new administration. It's going to be it's kind of be crazy. Cable guys are coming in to wireless get Google Amazon FaceBook. You know these these guys with tremendous cash apple. They're all moving towards the same thing I'm excited about being a piece of it.

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{"duration":"6:01","description":"T-Mobile CEO, John Legere, shares his outlook for the future of the changing wireless and content industry, on \"Real Biz with Rebecca Jarvis.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Business","id":"44711359","title":"T-Mobile CEO Talks Future of Wireless and Content","url":"/Business/video/mobile-ceo-talks-future-wireless-content-44711359"}