'Ocean's 16' Powerball Lottery Winners Speak

The lucky winners from Ocean County, N.J., discuss the major payday.
23:28 | 08/13/13

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Transcript for 'Ocean's 16' Powerball Lottery Winners Speak
This is a special report from ABC news. Level and -- definitely over this ABC news digital special report and what you're seeing on the podium there sweet sixteen lucky powerball winners from -- -- New Jersey ready to reveal -- big plans triggered jackpot wins. They are known as the -- 1616. How workers added -- campaign between three point eight million dollars after taxes let's listen in. As Iraq stepped forward. In my. Outside. And I just wanna say things about this group. We at least this right. Senator -- Early Saturday program. That you Jersey lottery. You run the lottery law he worked hard to get -- lottery. I remember when he did that he was nice that there. He's going to beat us now and obviously you and what better place and smile on his daughter. -- -- Brown's daughter was one of his like sixty. I couldn't believe that I said to myself if we were trying to have a list proprietor write the story. Up sixteen hardworking people in ocean county many of whom suffered its -- storms and I had. A lot of damage to their homes -- and she suffered from store. And that one of the winners was the daughter of the man who wrote a lot there's not it would I was going to say they say it's not true. But it is true to of those tickets sold right here in New Jersey and wanted to -- this. People want to introduce. Tell you who they are. We have lost jobs aren't. Right here. -- -- -- -- Yeah. It's yeah. -- -- -- You know. Yeah okay. Okay. Sixteen people came into the lottery yesterday and chartered bus. And broaden executive Brian McCarthy brought the ticket and he's -- spokesperson for the group. And we have -- -- arguments I'm -- To be validated. And -- security officer -- opted instead that's the winning team. -- -- -- -- -- -- Pat is there I've seen -- a long time and I didn't need more thrill. Two best friend right. And come up here and I speak a little more than. In look at this group of people here I couldn't. I couldn't think of anyone else leave it -- Awesome group we're truly blessed from what we receive. And it's just -- great thing I speak for all of us and thank our director mr. James -- Quickly others if the -- that we winners there was little little little roller coaster ride and his leadership and direction really kept us all focused. Kept us protected for everyone out there that we really -- want to see right away and but we're just we're really -- -- -- thank god thank you have role as a poor families everyone else out there. On a personal note I -- -- personally thank you. -- -- -- gentlemen I used to work with -- he -- -- the Air National Guard I want to thank you for inviting me this opportunity. To be at this point my career right to be eager to give these special people. Thank you cheers everyone. But I want to introduce someone else is here today when he introduced the manager of the acme store -- -- he'd like to say public works. Great job -- to look more disease happy. -- associates it's been busy the last -- is that a lot of fun it is longer and longer but importantly. Under winning ticket enabling act in a Latin markets to get that communities. Not that you -- the food bank Upton and a local organizations that we've been donating to the last couple weeks have been the real winners but. Being in -- company for 32 years in the company -- -- 47 years. And -- -- patent suits from states India last year it couldn't happen to a better group of people. So congratulations. That's the -- -- last night. -- -- college winning powerball -- and that means it. Thousand dollar bonus. Commission. This in response. I received anything -- -- -- It made an announcement last week that they were using funds to support their favorite charity. And it's nice to hear that not only does the lottery do good works that the revenue it -- to support state education and institutions. But even our beneficiaries of our our retailers continued his good works so -- -- Vanessa Iverson right. There might be some questions that you might want to ask. Some of our group I know one question that everybody less -- buying a ticket at yeah. We can you tell us why don't want to yeah probably didn't -- them. And everybody and you -- bottom -- At an all time. I don't remember him. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Check -- -- chickens because I needed to pick up his prescriptions. From an organization. If things for dinner and so -- -- Not always -- -- -- Clearly we Atlantic jackpot today. -- And -- sensors. Clinton years. I'm six. And a. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- the same group. And he had just mentioned that. I spoke -- Brian McCarthy get a day. And talked about the school. I asked him and about -- members as we always get advice. That people should know who's in the glittering -- now make copies of the front and back petitions -- they're before the draw. And -- everybody knows. How many tickets were purchased and what tickets they are and Bryant -- that's exactly what they do. -- did everything right they knew was in -- -- they had a list. They all have copies of the tickets so they were able to check right away -- winners. -- Okay. Yeah. -- -- -- Just -- -- going shocking even after 3040 years and almost retiring last year. This happens. I'm not -- talk a little bit I think finds. It is. There. And I don't want my parents in a very short period of time -- 2 years the jets. When. This when we actually hit the lottery -- not in my mind and -- remember my father was the father of the lottery. And when -- calling this its policies at home. Mark that is just smiling down just that it's his lottery and I -- Because your mind is just. Everywhere else that -- I was bigger than life he was always my hero -- couldn't. They asked for a better dad and I wish she was here -- the only thing I want him to do -- next morning's meeting of the and call him -- -- and -- feel -- -- -- that. Absolutely. And it being you. Have. -- These programs. -- us learn where a lot of tears -- them out. Just what kind they isn't. Brings it together -- I can't explain it some people executives -- -- and I believe. I think -- remembers going wanted to save. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. OK. And. And it. Did my best out of you'll notice that this is not. The area tornado went through -- -- this courtroom and I was fire truck -- Little League game here. And I -- -- floor. And I lost my mom the cancers in my -- going through right now and it that's was the first place where it stops pops how's. Start crying and room until -- We're. We're happy but -- group that we're very happy happy happy. Our friends would say. We've got -- Great candidate because it is campground and -- the right -- Hi this is gonna continue watching NASCAR race on Sunday immediately -- -- Paul Kavanagh multiple acres away. -- Yeah. It's the news. -- Everybody's business. Overwhelming to hustle and it's. -- challenges -- anybody. -- Is anyone winning yeah. -- -- Yeah victims of hurricanes -- -- at property damage. -- -- -- -- -- RI CC I am. And we -- And we will never pioneers -- my daughter. -- so now I do my father forgive my hands and got a little. Senators -- it is. I -- my daughter home and bring my dog back home. I -- words to explain things. I don't doubt -- line and his desire speechless. Like -- -- I have nothing more than just to see me you know we just didn't and it. -- -- -- It is and an extremely -- Here soon and just me but I didn't let me blustery. As well here but -- never -- -- -- and helping them. So he's a great feeling coming. -- -- indirect threat yet. And theories over. Gave me. I have my house. I think. I have anything -- and -- -- City. And -- guarantee you won't really. -- Analysts who was when this -- -- later. -- -- I can't -- and I got up. -- usual morning name was Hamlet cup hockey. I. Looked -- Winning lottery numbers. I saw that number 32 -- power currently 32. I knew that we had thirty to four different times it is really had. Been -- count how many different powerful combination he had. -- -- -- -- Don't think it's got a rude. Here. Let page -- -- second page. She's 32 are looking. Now and I immediately just start shaking. I'm just staring at and I didn't let him. Now I got that -- -- -- -- -- -- and equipment or. No longer more. April center. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- evidence that it -- light on and I just. I think don't. I think we want a lottery nineties and double check me as I was shaking -- -- that -- -- he looks Easley. Oh my gosh. I think I -- I want. Everybody you know but I just. I wanted to be positive. I. Send that text message to my supervisor -- And she packed winds that there was a little bit too early in the morning to meet -- -- OK. I don't think. Yeah. No kidding right. Jay-Z I agent double -- me in the meantime I get television are you ready for work. And then she comes back with -- I don't happen within its -- desk. -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't think -- our return messages. I don't get literally take pictures of the photocopy of tickets. And -- said it Taylor. She just comes back but. And it GE. And it's okay. Get ready for work and I had -- marriage. -- -- We and motto that -- jurors astronomers. Storm. We've actually. Lottery ending mono masters -- on the Jersey lucky. Since January. A multistate lottery jackpot prize. Want in New Jersey so we really are. I felt -- island lottery -- on -- -- started to meet people like this. The greatest -- of people in the greatest winners. Effort that. And Iranian crisis will take them. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I have -- I hit parts of the things that it. -- -- In my husband friendly. Seeing. Yeah. Times -- name me. And and closing -- -- OK well let me. Keeping all me. -- running every minute and a stop. -- Witness. Yeah yeah -- -- And -- may 26 dollars. And tickets cost two dollars. Six dollars. I. This Italy here. Thanks. Stephen. Another god almighty dollar you know it is that exists. That. All -- Really mathematician and. -- it's always call me. Okay. -- -- -- Still aren't -- cynical already has made statements to the present. -- don't -- any other volunteers. -- She feels fortunate that you popular. -- Sixteen big winners sixteen. Big smile I think theater at the podium. The ocean sixteen as they're known lucky powerball winners of -- -- Talking about how. That day unfolded and -- all share in that jackpot three point eight million dollars each after taxes. Eight -- all working at the DMV. And of course one of three winning tickets that were sold last week one was claimed by the ocean sixteen. A seconds yet to be revealed also from New Jersey and then that third winner was home life and Minnesota. All three winning tickets spread over that 448. Million dollar jackpot evenly and -- -- just. Found the identity is of those sixteen newest millionaires from the state of New Jersey of course New Jersey. Now changing its lottery -- to Jersey strong and Jersey lucky interestingly enough one of the sixteen is the daughter of a late state senator of New Jersey. That actually propose legislation to start the watery. In New Jersey so that -- a full circle for that lucky winner. The complete report on abcnews.com. That won tickets still out there that winner is still to come forward. For now on -- and that's our New York with a CBC news digital special report. This has been a special group. Report from me.

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