Open Your Hotel Room Door With Your Phone

Hilton CEO Chris Nassetta reveals his $550 million new technology plan first on ABC's Real Biz.
6:20 | 07/29/14

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Transcript for Open Your Hotel Room Door With Your Phone
Some good news for all the travelers out there especially for anyone who travels a lot you know the drill. You arrive at the hotel exhausted if you're traveling for work or excited if you're traveling for fun but either way. The last thing you want to do is wait for your room only to make it to the door key card in hand and then. The dreaded red light the door won't open the cards inactive invalid who knows what so it's back down to the front desk you go but. Not anymore Hilton is testing a new technology to make sure none of that ever happens again and I want to welcome to the show. Christopher and is -- he is president and Chief Executive Officer for Hilton worldwide it's so nice to have you with us Christopher. Thank you it's great to be here really -- to -- here to talk about some very exciting things going on at the company. And if somebody I travel all the time for work in fact it's it is weeks and as soon -- real business is over I'm off to the airport for my next things. So my -- travel as you might imagine I travel a lot for what I do as well so so how does a new technology work. So here's what it is it's a lot more than technologies offer for us -- about revolutionizing. The way that we interact with our customers. In every step of the journey from this from the first time they dream about taking vacations when they book. Or or any type of travel to when they book to pre arrival. Two while there with -- -- -- stay. And post arrival it's about really giving them what I think they have in every other aspect of their life which is. Unprecedented choice and control and being able to do that in the palm of the hand. So. What we launched this week where it was an -- -- a lot more that map that is going to allow. Very quickly so by the end of this year you check in. -- all of our hotels around the world -- the biggest in the -- that's 4200 hotels around the world. In the first in a first in the industry it's can allow you to pick your room so if you like to be by the pool or by the elevators or wherever you wanna be. We actually have room maps that you can select from we have pictures of the rooms. Once you've picked your room from that that that room man you can then go forward checked in. Ultimately you can check out you can you can do upgrade you can select. Things that you want delivered to your room pre arrival and then ultimately starting next year. With proprietary technology that we've tested over the last really five years. We're going to allow UN -- for the -- across our whole system over the next couple years to use your iPhone and android whatever digital device you have. To go straight to your room without ever having to go undetected -- -- at the front that. Sixty -- using that's essentially as the key to your room this is that yes there. That is the key it's more than -- -- -- room it is -- it is the way that you can interact with us if you issues. Through every step of the journey you can dream about it you can book with us you can check -- electorate -- Select upgrades you can order you can use it as your K you can use it to check out you can use used to give us feedback. So the idea is to really change the entire way. That we in -- interact with our customers but. Again -- first in the in the industry do it on a global basis. I think it sounds like a fantastic efficiency as somebody who travels all the time but I think. The first question that -- comes to mind is is it safe if I'm using my phone which we've all heard about hackers getting into people's phones. Is that something that you can control against when it comes to opening the door to people's. -- absolutely. As you can imagine we've -- a huge amount of time on safety and security and reliability it's got to work and has got to be safe and secure. With a technology that we've developed vis a vis the traditional key lock systems we actually believe that it is enhanced security from. Current -- like systems that are in use around the world today. When is going to be the best time to book your hotel room and give in this technology for example if I want. What I would perceived to be the best room next to the pool are looking over overlooking the beach -- after book a lot of time in advance to get. Well using gaps and using the maps you'll be able checked in and select your room starting at 6 AM that day before arrival. So I would always say that. The sooner you do it the better because you know them more opportunity they'll be more more choices that they'll be. But more importantly I'd say make sure that year help matters member make sure they're staying with us frequently. And the -- you move up and and the bigger than the more these stay with us -- more priority that you get -- -- -- So it sounds like you're structuring this in a similar way to -- rewards programs that you see on airlines which enable those customers who frequently using your -- to choose their seats. Ahead of -- -- Here's well they'll be able to -- is in the same time that are our highest level of honors members. Get priority and upgrades to. A higher level rooms and suites and the -- so. That that opportunity you will -- not identical airlines but set but similar. The world is changing so fashion world is to. Changing and I thank them the -- this thing is every other part of your life is. Being made easy and fun and you have a lot of choices and a lot of control. In our business around the world that's what we're trying to do is make it a little easier to stay with us and a little bit more fun in the process. One of those things everybody is concerned about is what they're gonna pay for that hotel room Christopher so. What would be your secret to booking the room the -- for the least amount of money. I think again going back to -- -- inside recommend everybody enjoying a loyalty program I think in you know obviously I'm partial to the Hilton honors program. You can earn points or indeed men get discounts on rooms and get special offers. As well as ultimately being able to trade your points injury -- -- so I think. Unity the loyalty programs really are the best route to ultimately getting. The best deals. You heard it hear first from the Hilton CEO Christopher thank you so much. Thanks so much really enjoyed being on the show. Great having you.

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{"id":24757297,"title":"Open Your Hotel Room Door With Your Phone","duration":"6:20","description":"Hilton CEO Chris Nassetta reveals his $550 million new technology plan first on ABC's Real Biz.","url":"/Business/video/open-hotel-room-door-phone-24757297","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}