6 Photography Tips Everyone Needs To Know When Snapping a Selfie

Celebrity photographer Gina Esposito shares secrets on capturing the best shot.
7:16 | 07/29/14

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Transcript for 6 Photography Tips Everyone Needs To Know When Snapping a Selfie
Opening hotel room doors as one way to use your phone of course you can -- -- -- take yourself -- they can't technology will now Susan Sarandon is claiming on Twitter that she and Gena Davis invented the southeast with -- iconic photo in the classic film Thelma and Louise. And what a difference a few decades makes today. We are posting over one million -- one million -- you today on social media. So what exactly is -- secret to snapping the most flattering sell it for that we turn to a professional. Photographer -- -- Zito who takes masterful picks. With her camera and her TO welcome think my track and Rebecca so you -- it both ways you do with your I mean. Let's be honest you're probably using this let's that you're using your real cat and this is very. Oh yeah I actually -- -- question a lot because obviously -- -- a teenage where social media is huge is popping up everywhere and so. Just kind of some tips and tricks to be able to take the best -- -- really. -- -- most flattering angles always holding whenever mark from using over your head on its well that your body pulling out. About your -- a little bit about the brown line up -- out absolutely it just given more swimming at -- when you're looking down for sure what else on the next thing has a lot of people forget to do this -- your background is everything a lot of people focus on themselves the subject you know regularly -- But I -- all the time people are in their bedrooms and they're gonna get the day and they're looking at themselves -- -- you know I think it's healthy. But unfortunately they forget all the dirty underwear -- -- in that's in the background of the photos and media -- -- that's on the nightstand and we don't need to see that now nobody -- -- -- -- that's not sexy -- a facial expressions do you have recommendations. Well obviously. Duct -- has been huge on -- -- play a phenomenon that has completely with the country. On the teaches on I don't really not really big advocate of the decades but just. Any expression that you feel like you look -- -- into really work that angle as we're shooting down on ourselves we're should be I focus -- On -- -- obviously if you're shooting down I should be looking in the -- you shouldn't necessarily be looking at yourself in the reflection of the phone which I -- penalty -- yeah it's a -- -- -- you wanna make sure that you're looking in the lens on the -- like you would be if you were -- -- real camera how do you feel about people looking off. Not it just it's it's it's. It's funny to say I don't think it looks natural it it looks like you're trying a little bit too hard. Just always look direct in the camera on how -- you're trying to do one of those cool Smith photos are looking -- into the sun Saturday that they think that agreement the only time hours you've probably. Lee as a photographer taken some of those photos of people looking up into the distance especially on their wedding day oh it's so huge Jack and especially we just briefly talked about the backgrounds yourself be -- -- kind of -- that right into photography specifically weddings. I'm just making sure that -- subject -- is also part of your background as well the people complement one another. Now everybody is a professionally you see this at weddings all the time to. It used to be sometimes people might leave out on the table a disposable -- -- collected few shots now. There's weddings where everybody has their -- out the entire time. As a photographer is that difficult for your is now on some printed is when I am often -- a ceremony and I looked down -- seconds before the brightest let's make her big grand debut. It kind of looks like a bit of the TV while like best -- where everybody is pulling up their big iPad and -- like to quickly run down if necessary but you know I have had -- so funny yeah it's it's pretty incredible I'm excited as the iPhone iPad and we know that other Smartphones that are very large on in -- on the -- -- -- into the aisle. But another hot issue on fining or running into as -- Allen is an -- that -- call over anything. -- a lot of people saying that the more you practice a photo and you turn your skin purple and orange the more artistic and creative it looks and it's really more so about bringing it back to basics and really keeping the national media support in the so for that's -- No filter on did not. You know Phil they're just tried the rule of thumb is to always make your skin -- -- -- when you go to moving see a movie there's into his flesh colored it's not purple not green and much of the -- -- but I think that we its most flattering to get as -- to pledge to. Sit and it what's the -- light it. For take -- as well the best -- has always going to be about a light on if you are not experienced photographer near Nashua Hudson properly light yourself up -- light -- -- subject on the belt light is always key it's always the most flattering. A tip that I would like people to try and use it if you -- your cellphone there to do -- that -- as a friend and have them turn their flashlight app on on the phone. And -- on your -- -- a little bit further back but enables you to shut the flash talking your phone so you eliminate that entire black background that's behind you when you take yourself. As a photographer. Who's making it in a difficult business. What's your recommendation -- people who want to get started in this who think of it as a job and an it business they'd like to create. Well first and foremost I think a lot of people mistakenly think the photographer just takes a photograph we are really -- -- the day we are. Really controlling everything manipulated situation -- shot. And you're sometimes a counselor your sometimes -- -- hit -- hot you're you're an event -- at times and your time -- so you have to be able to flow with the events of the day and sometimes really -- direct them will be so there's so much more than just taking the photograph what's the craziest thing that happened behind the scenes at a wedding you've shot -- the craziest thing that happened behind the scenes at a wedding -- that. On it would probably have to be that the bride and -- decided to we -- out of place and the bright and decided to jump -- the mountain. On at the venue obviously there's probably a little bit I would encourage involved -- that as well they weren't that there are allowed to but there's been some pretty crazy things happen for sure but I think jumping in the fountain and trashing Madras on the day at your wedding is probably the -- I hope you've got the shot as she was on her way and not just what you mean we get it all we don't have -- -- -- -- what is your advice then Q people who want to choose a wedding photographer it's a difficult task it is incredibly difficult when I would say -- at just as well as talent import and be able to capture photo is important it's also important. To be able to -- with a photographer and have a -- chemistry because. One thing that clients sometimes forget is that you are with you photographer out of all the vendors the longest so you don't like them in the meeting marking feel like your personalities don't -- so well that's -- person that's going to be with your entire base need to make sure that your friends with them. It's -- really -- point at my wedding I loved my photographers at my wedding in Minneapolis. And and they were fantastic and we did spend and I think about it we -- -- like -- in the data out today yapping at. It may even more time in my eight right exactly what are the top three questions then that that every bride and groom should be asking if their hiring talk. The first well I would absolutely for some opponents say that you need to me you -- -- shooter prior to booking whatever -- you use again this kind of just -- saying you have to know them have to love them have to want them with -- -- -- -- -- -- On another huge questions that people should ask also if they need to see a full portfolio an entire wedding because sometimes speaking at lucky as a photographer and grabbed one good shot at an -- seem possible yeah anything's possible alligator wedding and especially. You have to see entire full portfolio of the entire -- before you make any of your decision as well. As you can thank you so much for joining -- really great information appreciated everywhere and enjoy taking yourself it's definitely let.

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{"id":24757669,"title":"6 Photography Tips Everyone Needs To Know When Snapping a Selfie","duration":"7:16","description":"Celebrity photographer Gina Esposito shares secrets on capturing the best shot.","url":"/Business/video/photography-tips-snapping-selfie-24757669","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}