Painted Jeans Make A Comeback

Rialto Jean Project CEO says she's turning around America's fading fashion trend.
4:46 | 09/12/14

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Transcript for Painted Jeans Make A Comeback
Our local blue jeans fading -- sales are down 6% this year as popular yoga pants. Take center stage but my next guest says before you assume -- is gone totally downward -- Consider this genes are making a comeback and it's not just any genes take a look at these Rialto -- projects heavily painted Jesus. They were the talk of the town during New York city's Fashion Week. And guess what we've got the woman who creates them Aaron -- -- she is founder and designer -- -- project and he joins us here now it's so nice to have you with us and and you're -- -- and you're the creator of your outfit today I am. I painted it and that so how -- look -- us. Well I moved to Venice. California about five years ago. And you're just kind of immersed in. That artists world. And I was very inspired about like watching all the people walking down the streets just naturally with -- -- -- -- genes. And I actually spent some time with a friend of mine who is an artist in the years. In the studio at -- and watched kind of the process -- from Canada -- to the gene and how they -- the precious. And it just kind of naturally progressed and taking the enemy using that as best and you -- -- project because -- why. Because a portion of every sale the teens goes to support art therapy programs. At Children's Hospital. We support the children's hospital Los Angeles. Back west and New York pastor Terry and childhood services here. Which is incredible because I'd love to see that so many people in the fashion industry these days and this one of the reasons why we wanted to do the show today. There are a number of people in the fashion industry who -- using fashion to help others like you're doing. What do you think -- in terms of this trend a painting genes do you see it going more mainstream. Oh absolutely I think it allows people just -- have individuality. -- I watched the whole process when they come to the star. We just recently that a pop up during passionately care down South Street Seaport and the experience that when these women or even men try to -- done. Day you know that it speaks to them colors that they choose their nobody else has -- like. We use vintage -- so we are -- on everything from vintage Levi's by the lions' final five's. To a recent collaboration we just -- with brother -- and so -- able to kind of appeal to all body types you know all personalities. If people want loud colors in Africa you know neutral -- Earns. Hearts and temporary. Rose this rose's but what every -- you -- make it happen with our -- out their -- I I I am also interested in the fact that there's really no waste here as a result because. You're resuscitating an and I see this a lot more to in the fashion industry there's more and more of that focus on. Let's not waste let's not just because we worn something a handful of times doesn't mean it can't be used as something new. Absolutely and -- ups I've actually found that. Because we use those that did stand on it actually fits people -- their mark come after all they're -- and so you know when I hear you say that -- is on the decline. You know people are going to yoga pants I think that I have found that. Women especially. You know day. -- -- Trying on -- that they can't. But it's always a really easier experience when they come in and they try -- our -- just because they've been -- and you know they're they're -- differently than a brand new piece of. And these are only in America all made in America which had to be. I understand it's a great goal but it is not always easy now how -- you make this happen. Well. -- -- make -- mom in America -- I actually -- every single parent myself. And that was actually very important. -- I -- that was pretty hit hit and rather it's time portion of it which takes it I'm sure a lot of time what what what do these -- its costs. 240. Dollars each work of art yes how much time does it take you to make one it. Anywhere. I have card to a couple weeks you know just. Just depending on my mood. You know how -- -- kind of deals on the -- sometimes they stop them back to -- you made a thousand for parties in three months I heard. Well I mean. A little over 505. Days. Five days because it was parties calling it -- are it's how you make whatever happens happens I pretty -- -- not to make whatever needs to happen well. Best wishes being asked them luck with everything again the proceeds are going to benefit the Children's Hospital the art projects there fantastic and so nice to -- wearing his NI CU that left without paying you.

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{"duration":"4:46","description":"Rialto Jean Project CEO says she's turning around America's fading fashion trend.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Business","id":"25469916","title":"Painted Jeans Make A Comeback","url":"/Business/video/real-biz-painted-jeans-make-comeback-25469916"}