'Real Biz With Rebecca Jarvis': Kimbal Musk, co-founder of the Kitchen

ABC News' Rebecca Jarvis interviews Kimbal Musk, the brother of Elon Musk, during the Brilliant Minds entrepreneur festival in Stockholm.
12:15 | 06/09/17

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Transcript for 'Real Biz With Rebecca Jarvis': Kimbal Musk, co-founder of the Kitchen
Hey guys I am Rebecca Jarvis the ABC news chief business technology and economics correspondent and I am coming to live. From Stockholm Sweden we are here for the brilliant minds symposium this is a conference that brings together. The most brilliant minds in technology. In food. And you're gonna meet some really interesting guests here we have. Call this segment a family affair we have with us maim us she is a model and a dietitian and Kimball musk. And Kimball is trying to do for food. And change for farming what his brother Eli has done in outer space with the kitchen and so you're trying to change our entire concept of what is food. What do we consume and make the world a healthier place. That would be great. Welcome to both of you name it it's it's great to chat with both of you so Kimball taught me about your picture up what you hope to achieve in this world with. Sure Aaron are up at the kitchen is to create a world thriving on real food and realty is simply the debt we trust to nourish our buddy. That we trust to nourish the farmers and we trust and ours to plan. And how you do. Why does start with with with quite a few places of so we saw with kids that we build learning part of the school's. He's beautiful outdoor environments that are permanent outdoor classrooms with kids and science is growing of food. So they're test scores go up in their next defeat becomes you know I'd real. And then we work with that kids at vocal advocates against young adults aged eighteen to twenty full square roots. When we treat train and be on foreigners bite by growing. Food in a storage containers and an urban farm literally in a parking on Brooklyn. When ill will grow about two acres of Colvin parties in their storage container. That's the same ministers continues in the back ships. Yet critical and and and Iran for one year's time animal. Finding new news AT treat funeral will take over the business. And retreated much material skills but also real background feud so when they graduate from the program that become real you don't opener. And then we have our restaurants where we we will with local farmers to Springfield local follow local due to the community. As well as next door which is out more affordable restaurant where we we hope to bring. A gathering place for. You back to American to Wear people sit down meal eat real feet together in. In two wonderful prices. You were up in South Africa. Went to school in Canada may you have model now fifty plus years at this point and your a dietitian by business with Kim all. Interested in food as a kid was he thinking about this world in this way well as a dietitian and really and aids scientists not. Nyad did too much of science degrees. I'd be redeemed at this times of it and I'm not changing people's eating habits and Max teaching and I've been teaching him to eat real food in my kids always had real heated. Motto is and about color on the plea. Play so important callers on the play just having color does this page views as meat and potatoes to battle. Doesn't cut it needs to be. Some greens orange and completely gently and he that are. We knew where in school in Canada where you putting Tyler on the plate even as college students struggling to sit it out had. Any money similarly confident feed people or forty cents a pop what color is rob yet that. I have dinner at the time with with with via sausages and vigilant people that. But he is as you know as it I'd go to older and so did appreciate vegetables. Everyone here with those people. And I and society. And Kimbrough to be a shift the course. And they're really dead cook. Adds is to it and we figured it out in his pocket picked up a green and his. I. Didn't he text me and Kirk conducting south. And it is. Tell you. But it's tendered for real it's twelve. Looking who else is well again. Thanksgiving is the reason is skiing today an image it's been in the. Sitting at a Turkey Turkey is not easy there to cook now and so virus few who is very unusual says it's. A brine it for 48 hours. And I do middle part which is celery onions and carrots benefit but the truth upside I've rose to 500 degrees. And it almost institute in and I flip it. And Ira continue to roasted 500 and says that kind of advanced. Way to cook tricky but it keeps it moist and happy you know it's done right. When you when you coax enough. The just. For everyone and as for everyone else I had her here at its. Internet is as records law I had to learn how to do that I didn't grow up with accepting it drive white meat he has acknowledged he's been without. Colombia are. Speaking of inspiring and inspiring temple to eat healthier and cute become a shaft and care about food. A lot of people would look at your family between Campbell and Elon and you and talk I don't Alaska. The the incredible things that this family has done what's almost every other camp Shane how did you inspire that in them as children. I just whipped up its act and a bit from which is day. I just in time to bury it and. Mama's parents by anxiously she's much better she can't honestly from imports of working hard do what you love. Her father grandfather was and its foreign Africa and that we evident Jeanne to just be explorers in whatever children and Burkhardt. Do good things. Out there is good to people. Of frustration. It out. And now my kids doing good things and then they say. In Mina to teach something in the tank at practice something opium. But they had the ideas that they will good. All. That added I don't well. If they Canada. And I'm happy they do you. We're interest in business as well you just blow for business. What was initially. Interest and it's actually quite funny sight either excited about investment banking rubles things yes I lie that's making selects John I didn't Chris Iannetta. I think that's one of the best in whereas Summers of Africa than I don't. Right and a and in it. His very inspiring in the eighties to use to see Wall Street and so what I just quite excited about it mine too. Does this collection I campus on Africa to Canada and two business coolant and I did I was at its student. I threat gotten an but I didn't actually get into university so I had to sit outside the dean's office for days until eventually let me into the schools so. It was one of those bizarre experiences of kind activities can go back and snow. Yet then that's going into investment banking and for summer and that that was not for me and when there's suddenly come in unfair and back. What can people do who. You talked here at brilliant minds about the work you're doing and arming. And I think that one of the things people ran into is the problem seems so march any of these questions that we're talking about here brilliant minds are big questions so what's your advice. To the people out there listening who want to make a difference. Weird and they began. But think that. It's just start festival to start that done trying get too much information because it's paralyzing getting too much information published on his partner you wanna have. Just enough ignorance to get started because if you if you have too much committees to what do it. And then don't start to make this dispute started something that at a scale if you can can. Can achieve yet so even Oscar's top earners those businesses and not big businesses there maybe 100000 dollar a year businesses. But for a nineteen year old that's that that's actually quite except to take. So. The key is just do what matches would you which are able to do right away rather than. But it often of the day then uses direct. And and I've traveled the world speaking due dietitians. Couldn't have backed branding and business. And asked if you're a perfectionist in UH they believed to be perfect before you start your business through an advocate adding you have to just talked. And game unit unit image again and you do make mistakes but they've not. She can just change things and you'll think things. That use you can't wait for everything to extend to Iraq before. And domestic sat thinking about Cuba elsewhere is that. The main thing people do not news or eat to stay healthy it's based. They don't giving up faced with improved in and he's doing it for the young kids who can share it with the parents and maybe that's a good way for families to changing. Its pretty and eighties. His name opening republic Tara McGrath whose time. The tale of his time it's it's delicious treat it. We've we get to emails from we you know some parents were built tennis and emails saying what is Cahill. Mike my child asking for that I just don't know even the at this stage are even our parents don't know real it is. So it's agree powerful way to reach communities by going through schools and and doing what we're no opportunity thousand kids every school day to underneath aren't. And it's me you raise a good point because. If as a child you Paula here at out of Akron I remember I won't hear it you have an eight and fresh and I thought that was fine print my mom who what I was that it would give my sister and I and she would call that obstacles but they were actually keys that she would freeze and she didn't give as you call them pops yeah they respond to eat so. Part of adapting those healthy habits is about having especially the kid having it be fun and playful yet. I think that's the key press beast we we used to get kids connected to real good which is healthy for them we never used it would helping these would tasty. Reason refineries aren't you use that was magical and that's really what gets kids excited. You. Learn together start your first company. Right out of college is it to you. Do you see yourself or even the whole family ever reading something new. Another company all of you together. Super busy. Things can. It's nothing that they'll stop it remember I'm I don't is just starting a new company court action pics and this is full Wilmington man. And movie based on basin. And says she's being original content in the in seeking to have respect for recent with the heads at movies that have been and it cost packed pages that we. We remain it's happy endings in the woman and I think you're. And have she's into FP meant that it is as well with these new that excess. You know these matching of equipment and drizzle supported in the news new reporting on net and you know opinions of him through this fiscal pension fix passion flicks is and people can find it online and you can get cash from Phoenix dot com if that I aches and and asked again thank you so much main Kindle for joining us I really appreciate it and I hope you enjoy the rest of your time it brilliant minds and McCain are running scared. And thanks to all of you for joining us again I'm Rebecca Jarvis you can find more of our brilliant minds contact here on ABC we also. Have our brand new brilliant minds podcast they just launched on Spotify you can go to Spotify and just look it up brilliant minds. And these two fabulous people sitting next to me are in one of the upcoming episodes of stay tuned for that we will posted on FaceBook as well you can find it there have agreed to everyone in a nice weekend take care.

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{"duration":"12:15","description":"ABC News' Rebecca Jarvis interviews Kimbal Musk, the brother of Elon Musk, during the Brilliant Minds entrepreneur festival in Stockholm.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Business","id":"47939432","title":"'Real Biz With Rebecca Jarvis': Kimbal Musk, co-founder of the Kitchen","url":"/Business/video/real-biz-rebecca-jarvis-kimbal-musk-founder-kitchen-47939432"}