6 Secrets to Snap the Best 'Selfie' to Hilton's New Keyless Entry Technology

Rebecca Jarvis reveals what you need to know first on Real Biz 7.29.2014
20:30 | 07/29/14

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Transcript for 6 Secrets to Snap the Best 'Selfie' to Hilton's New Keyless Entry Technology
Hello and welcome to rid -- is I'm Rebecca Jarvis here in New York City and here's what's on our radar today he's built. One of the most successful most well reviewed restaurant empires in the world so what would Danny Meyer do you. If he was just getting started today his advice to any aspiring -- or who also loves food. Plus did you know that you can now use your phone to open the door to your hotel room the CEO Hilton first here on real this with RJ with the -- -- And the world is obsessed with self -- yes we are. So we brought in a top photographer to teach you how to get that money shot each and every time. No more do overs after this one. But first he is one of the most popular most respected names and food Danny Meyer was just 27 years old when he opened his first restaurant. Union square cafe right here in New York City but now nearly three decades later. He's created some of the most beloved eateries in the world. From shake -- to blue smoke to New York City -- -- now and Gramercy tavern and his restaurants and chefs have earned an unprecedented 25. James Beard awards. And top it all off he's also -- best selling author and an advocate in the fight against hunger and I want to welcome Danny -- he is founder and CEO. -- union square hospitality -- it's so nice to have you with us it's great to be here thank you you have such a huge rats and he really. Over the last three decades you've built all of this but I did wonder after all of that time. What would you do if -- -- starting out today for any of the inspiring people out there who say I want to be the Danny Meyer of the future what's that first step they should be taking. I would say get a better career path look at. Act actually I think that if you start off. Looking at a big big big big goal it's less likely to happen and I think the first thing you need to do is to ask yourself why am I in this business in the first place. I've always found that the restaurant business is great for people whose greatest pleasures making other people happy. If you can look yourself in the mirror and say I love food -- loved -- but more than anything else -- love sharing that passion. With other people I think it's a great career. And it's all about having this is sending up what you making your books this is a point that you have made over the years customer service. Is so important. And you run so many different eateries strip the world after this you're leaving to start and you shake shack in Orlando. How do you keep that throughout all of the different franchises throughout all of the different eateries how do you keep that work. We didn't excuse me we have almost maniacal focus on hospitality. And we really differentiate hospitality from service service is critically important. If you order your your meal you do you expect to get the right food delivered to the -- -- -- kind of stuff. But hospitality -- a whole other war which describes how did we make you feel the process. And whether we're serving burgers are -- Ricky were black truffles and a modern -- say it. I think all of it that way we really try to hire people whose greatest pleasure is making you feel even better than you felt when you came to the restaurant. And we are we -- justice focus on that as we are and how great the food tastes. If you look back on the building that you've done here. If you could go back in time and with -- hindsight that you have now read you something do it differently what would that it be. Well that's a great question that I I think I look for an all time -- you know I remember the first ten years of my career I have one restaurant union square cafe. We're in the day and age when everything happened so quickly and everybody is expected to expand you know the minute they open a new restaurant very very same morning in -- rolled out somewhere else. I don't think I would change I love the fact that for the first third of my career. I did one thing and so are really learn the business very very well I wasn't in rush and as a result of that I think that. We were able to you know attract better talent over the years. And I think better opportunities for a restaurant. It's no secret union square cafe is moving sadly closing its doors in union square because the red hot so -- you broke the -- -- about it. It's more difficult do you think to start a business in today's climate than it was when you began. I don't think it's any more difficult -- in fact I really believe that one of the great things about the restaurant business -- to understand and appreciate that restaurants and real estate. -- really the exact same thing. So thirty years ago when I made a bet on this up and coming neighborhood action was -- up and coming thirty years ago union square. It seemed like a big big risk and eight dollars a square foot. Turned into. Something more like 300 dollars a square foot over the years and you cannot continue to offer great. Guest value when you do that. So what's. My advice for somebody is make a bet on -- on a neighborhood that you think has potential. See if you can get a more urgent by the building so you're not in the same boat I'm in thirty years later revived real estate if you can but if you can buy the real estate can make a bet on yourself. You get to not only ride the wave of helping to make the neighborhood better. But you can and cash in for your investment in that neighborhood later which we've not been able to deal with union square cafe. You have some new restaurant openings coming up in addition to the shake -- that people see in Orlando you also had its -- and porch light. Yes were opening march in a month and market is going to be a Roman pizza treachery and we're so excited this is our team from -- -- And we always look at the market and we say. What is it that we love that. -- we've always had to travel four but maybe we could bring to new York and have a great time with and Roman style pizza. We're just sort of like Neapolitan pizza but it's not pick on the edges it's just -- and all the way through. Is one of my favorite things on earth I cannot wait for. Porch -- is going to be. Our first ever bar with food we've opened a lot of restaurants -- bars and supports light is going to be a southern accented far and we're really excited about that you. Always ask this of people in the food industry and that is what do you think is the next KOK Ellis kind of the big thing and having its moment right now what's next. My gosh yeah. -- do that if I knew that I make a big -- I used to hope it was Meyer lemons but I have lost that that tipped the balance work out -- with your name. Danny -- thank you so much we really appreciate it thank you are my best wishes and Orlando things. Some good news for all the travelers out there especially for anyone who travels a lot you know the drill. You arrive at the hotel exhausted if you're traveling for work or excited if you're traveling for fun but either way. The last thing you want to do is wait for your room only to make it to the door key card in hand and then. The dreaded red light the door won't open the cards -- invalid who knows what so it's back down to the front -- you go but. Not anymore. Hilton is testing a new technology to make sure none of that ever happens again and I want to welcome to the show. Christopher in -- -- he is president and Chief Executive Officer for Hilton worldwide it's so nice to have you with us Christopher. Thank you it's great to be here really great to -- here to talk about some very exciting things going on at the company. And if somebody I travel all the time for work in fact it's -- it is weeks and as soon as real business is over I'm off to the airport for my next things. So my -- travel as you might imagine I travel a lot for what I do as well so so how does the new technology work. So here's what it is it's a lot more than technology offer for us it's about revolutionizing. The way that we interact with our customers. In every step of the journey from this from the first time they dream about taking vacations and when they book. Or or any type of travel to when they book to pre arrival. Two while there with -- -- -- stay. And -- arrival it's about really giving them what I think they have and every other aspect of their life which is. Unprecedented choice and control and being able to do that in the palm of the hand. So. What we launched this week where it was an -- -- a lot more than -- map that is going to allow. Very quickly so by the end of this year he checked in. -- all of our hotels around the world where the biggest in the -- that's 4200 hotels around the world. In the first in a first and industries and allow you to pick your room so if you like to be by the pool or by the elevators or wherever you wanna be. We actually have room maps that you can select from we have pictures of the rooms. Once you -- your room from that that that room man you can then go forward checked in. Ultimately you can check out you can you can do upgrade you can select. Things that you want delivered to your room pre arrival and then ultimately starting next year. With proprietary technology that we've tested over the last really five years. We're going to allow you first for the -- across our whole system over the next couple years to use your iPhone and android whatever digital device you have. To go straight to your room without ever having to get a check it taken at the front that. Sixty -- using that's essentially as the key to your room this is that yes there. That is the key it's more than -- -- room it is it is the way that you can interact with us if you issues. Through every step of the -- you can dream about it you can -- with -- you can check -- with us electorate -- -- Select upgrades you can order you can use it as your -- you can use it to check out you can use used to give us feedback. So the idea is to really change the entire way. That we interact interact with our customers but. Again -- first in the in the industry to do it on a global basis. I think it sounds like a fantastic efficiency as somebody who travels all the time but I think. The first question that would come to mind is is it safe if I'm using my phone which we've all heard about hackers getting into people's phones. Is that something that you can control against when it comes to opening the door to peoples -- Act absolutely. As you can imagine we've spent a huge amount of time on safety and security and reliability it's got to work and it's got to be safe and secure. With the technology that we've developed vis -- the traditional key lock systems we actually believe that it is enhanced security from. Current -- like systems that are in use around the world today. When is going to be the best time to book your hotel room and give in this technology for example if I want. What I would perceived to be the best room next to the pool are looking over overlooking the beach -- after book a lot of time in advance to get. Well using gaps in using the maps you'll be able checked in and select your rooms starting at 6 AM the day before arrival. So I would always say that the sooner you do it the better because you know them more opportunity they'll be more more choices that they'll be. But more importantly I'd say make sure that year and help matters member make sure -- staying with us frequently. And the -- you move up. And and the bigger than the more these stay with us the more priority that you get -- -- -- So it sounds like you're structuring this in a similar way to the rewards programs that you see on airlines which enable those customers who frequently use -- -- -- to choose their seats. Ahead of the other. -- well they'll be able to -- isn't the same time that are our highest level of honors members. Get priority and upgrades to. A higher level rooms and suites and the lake so. That that opportunity you will exists not identical -- airlines but set but similar. The world is changing so fashion world -- to. Changing and I thank them -- get this thing is every other part of your life is. Being made easy and fun and you have a lot of choices and a lot of control. And our business around the world that's what we're trying to do is make it a little easier to stay with us and a little bit more fun in the process. One of those things everybody is concerned about is what they're gonna pay for that hotel -- Christopher so. What would be your secret to booking the room the past for the least amount of money. I think again going back to -- -- inside recommend everybody enjoying a loyalty program -- -- in you know obviously I'm partial to the Hilton honors program. You can earn points or indeed -- get discounts on rooms and get special offers. As well as ultimately be able to trade your points and very pretty -- so I think. Unity the loyalty programs really are the best route to ultimately getting. The best deals. You heard it hear first from the Hilton CEO Christopher thank you so much thanks so much really enjoyed being on Russia great having you. Opening hotel room doors as one way to use your phone of course you can policies -- take yourself fees they can't technology will now Susan Sarandon is claiming on Twitter that she and Gena Davis invented the southeast with their iconic photo in the classic film Thelma and Louise. And what a difference a few decades makes today. We're posting over one million yes one million -- you today on social media. So what exactly is -- secret to snapping the most flattering sell -- for that we turn to a professional. Photographer -- asked Zito who takes masterful -- With her camera and her -- welcome -- much rotten Rebecca so you -- it both ways you do with your I mean let's be honest you're probably using this let's that you're using your real -- and this is very. Oh yeah I actually if -- question a lot because obviously -- in a -- -- where social media is huge is popping up everywhere and so. Just kind of some tips and tricks you be able to take the best self he's really. Most flattering angles always holding whenever mark from using over your head on its well about your body pulling out. About your -- a little bit about the brown line up -- out absolutely it just given more swimming at -- when you're looking down the -- what else on the next thing has a lot of people forget to do this but your background is everything a lot of people focus on themselves the subject you know break police out. But I -- all the time people are in their bedrooms and they're gonna get -- the day and they're looking at themselves like him you know I think it's healthy. But unfortunately -- forget all the dirty underwear it better and that's in the background of the photos and media last -- -- that's on the nightstand and we don't need to see that now nobody -- -- -- -- that's not that went out of facial expressions do you have recommendations. Well obviously. Duct -- has been huge on its -- -- a phenomenon that has completely sweep the country. On the teaches on I don't really not really big advocate of the -- -- but just. Any expression that you feel like you looked back into really work that angle as we're shooting down on ourselves we're should be I focused -- On -- -- obviously if you're shooting down I should be looking in the land you shouldn't necessarily be looking at yourself in the reflection of the phone which I don't meet Natalie re yeah it's a -- up pretty you wanna make sure that you're looking in the -- of Obama -- would be if you were -- -- real camera how do you feel about people looking off. Not it just it's it's it's. It's funny to say I don't think it looks nationally it looks like you're trying a little bit too hard. Just always -- -- in the camera on -- what you're trying to do one of those cool Smith -- Israel can -- into the -- Saturday that they think that pretty much the only time hours. You've probably as a photographer taken some of those photos of people looking up into the distance especially on their wedding day oh it's so huge gap and especially we just briefly talked about the backgrounds yourself -- -- kind of -- -- right into photography specifically weddings. I'm just making sure that you're subject. Is also part of your background as well the -- -- complement one another. Now everybody is a professional -- you see this at weddings all the time to. It used to be sometimes people might leave out on the table -- disposable camera and -- collected few shots now. There's weddings where everybody has their -- out the entire time. As a photographer is that difficult for your is now on some printed is when I am often she -- ceremony and I looked down -- seconds before the brightest let's make her big -- -- It kind of looks like a bit of the TV while like best -- where everybody is pulling up their big iPad denial that I had to quickly run down -- the necessary but you know I had -- so funny yeah it's it's pretty incredible I'm excited as the iPhone iPad and we know that other Smartphones that are very large on in congress on they also can stick and into the -- But another and -- fining or running into asked about Allen is an -- that -- call over anything. A lot of people think that the more you practice the photo and you turn your skin purple and orange the more artistic and creative it -- and it's really more so about bringing it back to basics and really keeping the national media support in so for that's -- No filter on did not. You know -- they're just tried the rule of thumb is to always make your skin tone of -- when you go to moving see a movie there's into his flesh colored it's not purple not green and much of the -- But I -- that we its most flattering to get as of the pledge to you -- possibly so then it what's the best light it. For taking -- well the best wedding has always going to be about a light on if you are not experienced photographer and you're not sure what how to properly -- yourself up or light -- -- subject on the belt light is always -- it's always the most flattering on a tip that I would like people to try and use it if you you need to -- -- to do that side Levy's friend and have them turn their flashlight -- on on the phone. And shine it on your show of faith need a little bit further back but enables you to shut the flash talking your phone so you eliminate that entire black background that's behind you when you take yourself. As a photographer. Who's making -- in a difficult business. What's your recommendation -- people who want to get started in this who think of it as a job and an it business they'd like to create. Well first inform -- they think a lot of people mistakenly -- the photographer just takes a photograph on the we are really -- director of the day we are. Really controlling everything manipulated situation calling the shots. And you're sometimes a counselor -- sometimes that ever hit -- hot you're you're an event planner at times and your time manager so you have to be able to flow with the events of the day and sometimes really -- -- them will be so there's so much more than just taking the photograph what's the craziest thing that happened behind the scenes at a wedding you've shot ahead of the craziest thing that happened behind the scenes at a wedding -- that. It would probably have to be that the writing room decided to we are out of place and the bright and decided to jump in the fountain. On -- apple menu obviously there's probably a little bit I would encourage involved -- that -- well they weren't that there are allowed to but there's been some pretty crazy things happen for sure but I think jumping in the fountain and trashing -- on the day at your wedding it's probably the crazy. I hope you've got the shot as she was on her way and -- not just what you mean do we get it all we don't have any -- -- What is your advice then Q people who want to choose a wedding photographer it's a difficult task it is incredibly difficult when I would say is at just as well as talent import and be able to capture photo is important it's also important. To be able to five with a photographer and have a -- -- because. One thing that -- sometimes forget is that you are with you photographer out of all of the vendors the longest so if you don't like them in the meeting marking feel like your personalities don't jive so well. That's -- person that's going to be with your entire -- need to make sure that your friends. It's a really good point at my wedding I loved my photographers at my wedding in Minneapolis. And and they were fantastic and we did spend and I think about it we problems Alexander like -- the at -- -- yapping at. It may even more time in my eight right exactly what are the top three questions then that that every bride and groom should be asking if their hiring talk. First well I would absolutely for some opponents say that you need to me you -- -- shooter prior to booking -- -- use. On again this kind of just -- saying you have to know them you have to love them have to want them with -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- another huge questions that people should ask also if they need to see a full portfolio an entire wedding because. Sometimes speaking at lucky as a photographer and grabbed one good shot at an -- seem possible anything's possible alligator wedding and -- You have to see entire full portfolio of the entire and before you make any -- your decision as well. Yes Dziena thank you so much for joining I have really great information I appreciate it everyone enjoyed taking yourself if they have -- -- -- -- Make you so much for joining us for Elvis we have a question for you have you mastered the perfect -- -- we can show us what you got. Tweet -- at reopens with RJ and we'll share your masterful picks. Right here on the show of course keep it classy until next time this is Rebecca Jarvis from New York have a great day.

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