Wine Grapes: The Next Big Secret to Beautiful Skin

Founders of Skincare Line Caudalie reveal their beauty secrets to make you look younger.
3:00 | 02/25/14

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Transcript for Wine Grapes: The Next Big Secret to Beautiful Skin
Speaking of wine you heard this saying a glass of wine a day keeps the doctor away but did you know that wine grapes could be the next big secret. To radiate younger looking skin but -- didn't -- trying Tomas developed a luxury skin care line could delete. Which uses grape -- to give you a younger look so hello Wellcome. -- -- Siegel group how did you come up with the idea for -- Well it was long time ago. My family has a vineyard in bulk -- -- south of France. And that's always my college boyfriend hit and maturing visiting -- -- -- a group of researcher from the university of pharmacy. And -- -- that -- that and one professor asks stopped in front of the big bat would upgrade scenes. And he told us that we're throwing away treasures he told us that in the -- There -- the most powerful antioxidant. Produced by nature. He said oh by the way you can make a lot of money with this stuff you're throwing out. It and you said okay tell us -- and you came up with could only. Which is the skin Caroline that is based off of these seeds -- tell me what is it that they contain that -- special. It's antioxidants so your lifestyle and you know environment generates lots of free radicals is called to oxidation process is very popular now everybody's talking about this. And -- you -- protect yourself from it is true radicals and so all products contain. Lots of -- -- free radicals and protect your skin from 80% of the aging process. And what is Monday. What is the name clearly -- Could that he is an analogy term used by professional wine tasters it's the units of measurement of the -- of the -- and mouth. Like that -- -- and how yes you can impress -- from your friends at a dinner. -- -- -- -- -- -- It'll take everything that's in your kitchen cabinet break -- out -- show that explain what it is getting it -- a for a huge for any beauty skin care products company. How did you do that because they think there -- a lot of skin care companies people who are starting up -- saying that's the holy Grail how'd you break it. We stop it will receive bomb in 2000. And that that time and it was not that hard to get into so -- In -- -- that younger company yes let's competition yet -- -- thoughts positioning has always been to. And introduce on the market new products highly innovative products. And so we were coming from friends and we were exactly what's the -- I was looking for so it was a very good stops. I think the biggest challenge is to stay at the thought because -- -- so many innovation coming in that at and. -- it's everywhere. And one of the ways that people in your market standout is by celebrity spokespeople. In magazines you open up a magazine and there's. XYZ model or -- from Hollywood representing the brand. -- hasn't had that would you ever consider it. It's organic we have many senate -- is coming to our beautiful spot the plaza in Manhattan or in -- friends vineyard. And with -- percent of the keys and make it thought he's using out -- -- here. So. It happens naturally we -- for -- even better than you've worked paint it out yet another product offering. If -- think it's -- less expensive again and you're definitely the money and the money person in this business. The Whitney thing about it that the Oscars are coming up. Next -- and a lot of celebrities around Oscar time get a lot of free goodies. How does -- market to celebrities around Oscar time do you send them free products. Well we're going to do even better we are going to open a boutique stop in LA right after the Oscar. So they'll be able to come in the rest after the big party and we are going to fight -- Best 12. Facials crabs besides -- -- Very nice -- the paparazzi will be camp that ran outside that. Rather the way -- and how much in terms of -- Italy and the future what do you envision the brand becoming. We need to be innovative we need to be one step ahead of the times we don't have all the marketing -- they have so it can't it has always been Austrian as a -- and we've always take more risks and and then and then. And so we're working on -- molecules that allows next here patented money -- and that although it is to always -- -- the aging process of this case. And I want to hear from both of you and I'll give you a chance to think about this but I want to hear from both of you. Outside of Kotelly what is your number one's skin care secret for anybody who's watching right now what can they do -- -- younger today outside of college youth group and it's not about it's not about necessarily a product it's about habit or things that people can do with their daily lives. I have a great do it yourself mask for the basic fuel to go for the Oscar for the red carpet. -- -- Some very liquid honey we some fresh lemon juice and you put that on your -- for ten minutes and you rinsed and I promise that's going to be used in the sounds like a great idea irate I will be doing that tonight thank you so much that candidates in -- -- -- thank you.

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{"id":22666083,"title":"Wine Grapes: The Next Big Secret to Beautiful Skin","duration":"3:00","description":"Founders of Skincare Line Caudalie reveal their beauty secrets to make you look younger.","url":"/Business/video/skin-beauty-secrets-wine-grapes-big-secret-beautiful-22666083","section":"Business","mediaType":"default"}