Sochi's Top Trending Twitter Rumors: Fact or Fiction

Tim Morehouse Olympic medalist and commentator clarifies Olympic myths swirling on social.
3:00 | 02/13/14

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Transcript for Sochi's Top Trending Twitter Rumors: Fact or Fiction
We are now one week into the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics lots of rumors. Flooding social media so we ask the pro Tim morehouse he's an Olympic medalist and fencing an Olympic commentator. To clarify what is fact and fiction. Hear how the -- Great -- -- I'm glad to have made it in today I mean I've donated home in the snow but I was it was Olympic feat getting here now wasn't it was an Olympic -- Yes so -- isn't what was happening on the field but there's always lot of fun things happening off and this Sochi games there is no shortage of viral stories and really Anderson rumors that are out there are some heard about Greg Oden itself many himself many of them some of the some of the best ones are approved and I think most of them are false and fortunately okay. There is one. About who in his shirtless picture -- hotel rooms that -- -- that is an unfortunate not real action would have loved that I'd done a surgeon added I'm sure it was -- in my room. There was one of course that ever remembers the malfunction opening ceremonies of the fifth the rings that there was the story was actually all over my FaceBook and social -- -- -- -- had been killed. A guy who didn't get the fifth ring right like there's one guy to mess that up and I and he was killed. That was unfortunately that was all -- -- without one spread like wild fire look there is this account -- -- one of the articles there was this account from one of the cops on the scene. And the accounts -- something like you know he was covered in bruises and knife marks but. He could've maybe just fallen -- -- night for -- it was something along those lines so it seemed. Unlikely but and I thought well maybe there's a translation -- here and I think it's not real. -- really read articles anymore I think they like headlines and pictures yeah -- and then when your source of information is your FaceBook friend. -- that that leads -- a lot of false rumors being spread around. How about Clinton's girlfriend is she actually carry the Olympic Torch she did carry out -- Olympic Torch I'd still rules and Olympia. But she says she was an -- so to be fair to Dotson who now and is not rumored girlfriend she's she was an Olympic champions you do when a bronze medal so there was it was like she's is that you know just like a model that he's been dating -- carried. The torch but it was a little suspicious for everyone now not ever happens again mentioned that as they are walking out a little and nepotism -- but. Vladimir Putin he's in Russia and -- -- that he wants. Apparently cat -- -- -- Johnny grant. Yeah eyewitness he really stuck in the elevator so he had his of that one of the find near epic stories -- -- to go to. Barzani got stuck in his room in his bathroom which was actually happen to -- once at a tournament. He broke through his door and tweeted that and that went viral you know tens of thousands of people sharing that story and in the very next day he got stuck in the elevator. It just one -- one -- after the next a funny sidebar to this is captain Kirk William Shatner. And up with a very funny Twitter conversation with and just tweeting at him about the doors and stuff so. You love all these great stories that are -- -- nice story aside all -- -- -- shadow that's my favorite part of Asia and although I say the Russians are getting a little bit offended now there is hash tags energy problems and an appetite twitters that you probably actually has. Ten times more dollars in Sochi Olympics. -- accounts they're feeling like we're a little unappreciated and some years athletes not actually started to tweet out we really appreciate all the work that. -- -- what is it 51 billion dollars 51 million dollars and you're getting stuck in bathrooms and elevators and now. And yeah but but so far the games on the field and in Hungary and that's you know the US has been bringing home some gold -- that's. Which is what we also -- Yuxi here. The Olympic gold medalist in -- style is it true that something happened there with him. So yes the State Capitol -- -- great story no one really expect him to win the gold medal sort of came out of nowhere. And then he's been out of breath of fresh air and that his comments are really not what you expect -- -- Olympic champion so his big Condit was he has not worked out since September right -- Which -- gonna have to go it is this came straight from him so what he does do yoga though which admitting count as a work around my what my wife would count I don't necessarily count of the polar but if it's it's -- script out. So and then also you know he said that the trick that really won him -- golden -- as first time ever doing this trick. I would have a hard time believing that the guy won the gold so we're and take his word for. -- -- -- -- Yes so it actually by the way -- Miro like tweeted yes. After earlier this morning she was literally it was like some frozen during that she was enjoying in -- tank top. They're calling -- a mixture of like Miami or something and now an LA out there. And -- fighting so in 2012 New York City bid for the summer games and perhaps fisherman bidding for the winter games as we are buried in snow and and so tonight as -- sixty degrees Fahrenheit this week. Which by the way so prior to the Olympics I said oh my gosh it's gonna be so -- in Russia. And all of these people that know actually so she doesn't get that school so this isn't like it came out of the blue. So -- is a warm part of Russia. Yes so she's a warm -- -- actually who can actually bought tons of us know. The -- is games pop culture is snow whatever they needed a hot. So it's really the for the athletes and little difficult at the -- been a little bit wet in the huge and slow slow -- -- some accidents that you're seeing out there but that. I think got people in New York remind you better off and so -- and what is it it with the speed skaters. Yes so that we love a good wardrobe -- on. So. The speed skater she won and then -- As he was going up next are zipping down our student initiated forgotten that there is nothing underneath -- -- -- -- there is no that's -- it was no exposure. But it would just that story went viral and and breaking news there was AM us here yesterday who lost his pants -- -- skiing. So that's -- that -- pants. -- he was jumping in -- -- -- on his underwear but they came down -- that that of course is going -- right now we we love a good it feels like. It. I don't know I think I don't believe you plan that when you're going down a mountain that your. And I can't not to come and he's probably got to have a million pounds in his lifetime. I don't know what happened get. Get tighter weekend. Snow pants -- what I the moral of the story here is out wardrobe malfunctions -- ratings and viral stories though you know. If we have one right now we can probably does not millions of people's -- Can't -- -- my darling yeah. Good luck getting home to yes and I may still be here later in the day it's your friends -- and not a -- I that would I don't see -- we -- about slam home and I make me mad over that I can deliver the out of healthy food here government is doctor -- yet definitely looked at -- -- really appreciate you joining us and good luck with everything and come back and -- and awesome absolutely well and -- team USA written them down more eagle USA. -- that out -- you so much for joining us for real this until next time that this is Rebecca Jarvis from a snowy new.

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